Minutes from the May 2010 Annual Parish meeting of the Eaton Bray Parish Council.
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Eaton Bray Parish Council

Below is a summary of the minutes of the Eaton Bray Annual Parish Meeting of 10th May 2010.

A full version can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF):

PDF: Adobe Acrobat Format Download Full Minutes for 10th May 2010

Summary of Minutes - Monday 10th May 2010

Chairman’s Review of the Past Year and Plans for the Coming year

The last year has been busy. The Parish Council has completed the major project which was the Skate & Ride. The project was led by Cllr. Margret Hawkes backed up by other councillors and members of the public - both young & old! This was the largest project since the restoration of the Coffee Tavern back in 1994!

The Cemetery improvements continue to be led by Cllr. Joan Conner. Indeed we are now looking to extend the ground we have.

Much restoration of the Conservation area was achieved led by Trevor Moxey. Trevor has had to leave the Council due to health problems but we now have identified work which will be continued in this new year.

The Allotments led by Cllr. Alan Garofall now have such a demand we are working to re-introduce the old allotments at the top of School Lane.

The Website this year with the help of Parish Clerk, Heidi and Theo Gray; the Parish Council Website has become truly live – indeed I have been told that it is one of the best Parish council Websites!

The Churchyard Flowerbeds – These has been completed by a team from the Parish Council, School and a member of the Public.

Last but not least The Coffee Tavern Trustees have worked very hard and the building has had more improvements the biggest being the Stair Lift, which you saw and maybe used on the way here. Cllr. Marion Heyland has retired as a Trustee recently, and we thank her for her work.

I have named just a few Councillors - but ALL of the Parish Council has worked very hard as a strong team in the usual support activities such as Roads, Footpaths, Planning and Streetlights.

This year we have lost Rick Brand and also Trevor Moxey who continues to help from the sidelines. We have welcomed Cllr. Gordon Johns.

We need to remember none of the above work would have been possible without the support we receive from our excellent Parish Clerk, Heidi Head.

I would like to record my thanks to the whole team.

Cllr David Marriage,
Chairman of Eaton Bray Parish Council, 10th May 2010

Next Council Meeting

Monday 7th June 2010, 7.30pm, in the Coffee Tavern.

The Parish Clerk can be contacted using the details shown on the Eaton Bray Parish Council home page.