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This site contains all of the existing information regarding the Eaton Bray Neighbourhood Plan.

The Referendum on the Adoption of the Plan will be on 3rd October 2019

Introducing the Eaton Bray Neighbourhood Plan

The Government is encouraging town and parish councils to set out Neighbourhood Development Plans that demonstrate how communities would like to improve the villages and their surroundings in the future. It will also help provide some protection to Eaton Bray when it comes to unwanted over-development and support the need for infrastructure improvements.

The current plan is the outcome of three years of research and consultation. Thank you to the steering group, our professional advisor and to all those who have taken part in previous consultations.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan? Put simply, it is a document that describes the desired plans for a village over a 20 year period and contains the areas that village residents feel are important and specifies what the majority wants. It covers topics such as housing and development, amenities, environmental protection, transport and highways, to name but a few.

Once a majority support the plan in a referendum vote, it must be adopted by the local authority as part of the policies and guidance that they use in determining planning applications.

Neighbourhood Plan

For the final documents, please see

The public consultation ran from Friday 11 May 2018 until Friday 22 June 2018.

Previous News Articles can be found below.

The Pre–Submission Plan was published on 11 May 2018. The public consultation is now over.

Consultation Period Ended

The closing date for comments was Friday 22 June 2018

Eaton Bray Parish Council

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The Consultation Period is now over.

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