Minutes from the March 2010 meeting of the Eaton Bray Parish Council.
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Eaton Bray Parish Council

Below is a summary of the minutes of the Eaton Bray Parish Council Meeting of 1st March 2010.

A full version can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF):

PDF: Adobe Acrobat Format Download Full Minutes for 1st March 2010

Summary of Minutes - Monday 1st March 2010

Recreation Ground Improvements

The Parish Council are looking at getting ideas/views of the local school children on the type of play equipment currently available within the play areas at the parish recreation grounds and what they would like to see.

Central Bedfordshire Representative/s

Ward Cllr Marion Mustoe attended the meeting and confirmed that the council tax bands for 2010/11 have been finalised.

Police Report

There have been 7 recorded crimes in the parish, many of those being vehicle related and the police ask all residents to be aware of car crime and take necessary precautions. The police are aware of young people hanging around the bus stop at the corner of Moor End. The police have been regularly checking these young people, by officers passing the location, for possession of alcohol and other substances and for any related anti-social behaviour which have been dealt with accordingly.

Miscellaneous Items

  • Visibility Concerns – junction of Dunstable Road and Bower Lane/Harling Road – the Parish Council contacted Central Bedfordshire regarding residents’ concerns on the poor visibility for road users at the junction with Dunstable Road and Bower Lane/Harling Road. The report received back states that currently this road junction is classed as low priority and therefore at this time would not be pursuing this further. However, they did state that they would review this problem again when determining priorities for future years’ funding.
  • Dog Fouling – Once again the Parish Council are having to remind all dog walkers/owners it is an offence for any person in charge of a dog to allow the dog to foul a footway (any public place) or grass verge. Failure to clean up after your dog will incur a penalty. PLEASE USE the dog hygiene bins situated all round the parish.
  • Allotments – the Parish Council has looked at land available within the parish for additional allotments and has now drawn up draft proposals for additional allotment space. The Parish Council are happy in principle to this land being used for additional allotments and are now looking into the suitability of this land for allotment use.
  • Cemetery – The Parish Council are looking into the introduction of cemetery markers for all plots at Bower Lane Cemetery, a marker situated at the beginning of the line of plots (rather than for each individual plot) and are looking into the options available. Due to a few enquiries, the Parish Council wished to reiterate to all residents that the Parish Council do not offer a service for reserving burial plots within the cemetery.

Next Council Meeting

Monday 12th April 2010, 7.30pm, in the Coffee Tavern.

The Parish Clerk can be contacted using the details shown on the Eaton Bray Parish Council home page.