Minutes from the May 2008 Annual Parish meeting of the Eaton Bray Parish Council.
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Eaton Bray Parish Council

Below is a summary of the minutes of the Eaton Bray Annual Parish Meeting of 6th May 2008.

A full version can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF):

PDF: Adobe Acrobat Format Download Full Minutes for 6th May 2008

Summary of Minutes - Tuesday 6th May 2008

The public were welcomed to the Annual Parish Meeting and updated on events raised at last year's Annual Parish Meeting on 8th May 2007 with an update of projects ongoing for this year in the parish. This included the opening of the new section of the Bower Lane Cemetery and the tidying up of the old section with additional improvements planned for this year.

It was reported that the new village sign, obtained by the Chilterns Grant Scheme last year was now ready to be fitted on site, this being the green area outside the village off-licence.

The Allotments are now in full use with all tenants taking an active interest in their plots, there is even a waiting list now for allotment plots!

There also appears to have been an improvement in the speed of traffic on the High Street since the appearance of the VAS (vehicle activated signs).

A number of suggestions were raised as improvements for the village:

  1. Kerbstones being put around the three corners triangle at the High Street/Bower Lane end of the village in a hope to stop vehicles parking/driving over the grass area.
  2. Improving the pathway by the dual carriageway at Wellhead to make is safer to walk along.
  3. Improving the pathways within the village.
  4. To look at placing weight restrictions on Lorries entering the village.
  5. Tidying up the village gateways and attaching a sign to the gates as a welcome into the village. A suggestion was using the 'hemp mark' of Sir Reginald Bray.
  6. The cleaning of signs in the village and tidying around those obscured by trees/bushes.

The Chairman thanked everyone for coming to the meeting.

Next Council Meeting

Monday 2nd June 2008, 7.30pm, in the Coffee Tavern.

The Clerk requests items for the Annual Parish Meeting Agenda by Thursday 22nd May 2008.

The Parish Clerk can be contacted using the details shown on the Eaton Bray Parish Council home page.