Details of the St Mary's Church Eaton Bray Roll of Honour WW1 WW2
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St Mary's Church Roll of Honour WW1 WW2

St Mary's Church Eaton Bray

St Mary's ChurchA list of names from both wars (WW1/WW2) with the original document hanging in St Mary's Church.

It is not known who compiled this list but there are some new names and some old ones ommited.

WW1 - Roll of Honour

Detail from Roll of Honour displayed in St Mary’s Church, Eaton Bray.

   Explanatory Notes
Archer, JohnCamb. Regt.
Archer, FredDriver R.G.A. Royal Garrison Artillery
Asbury, E. J.R.H.A. Royal Horse Artillery
Ashwell, GeorgeWarwicks.
Bates, FredNorfolks.
Bates, HaroldBeds. Yeomanry.
Bates, JimR.A.M.C. Royal Army Medical Corps
Bates, MarkLce-Sergt 27th Training Res.
Bates, StanleyDriver Beds Yeom’y.
Bird, HarryA.S.C. Army Service Corps
Bird, ArnettR.E. Royal Engineers
Bliss, David S.Herts. Yeom’y.
Bliss, Arthur R.Cpl. Aust. Imp. Force. Australian Imperial Force
Bodsworth, F.Driver M.G.C.
Bodsworth, Arthur H.Beds
Bodsworth, FredBeds.
Bodsworth, HaroldWarwick
Bodsworth, WilliamEast Surrey
Briggenshaw, EdwardR.W.F. Royal Welch Fusiliers
Briggenshaw, AlbertA.S.C. Army Service Corps
Brinklow, George
Brooks, GeorgeCorpl Beds. Yeom’y.
Brooks, SydneyBeds. Yeom’y.
Chanin, Charles16th Lancers.Killed in action, March 1918
Chanin, George3rd North Hants.
Cheshire, E.Border Reg’t.
Clinton, HaydnR.N. Royal Navy
Cook, AlbertCpl A.V.C. Army Veterinary Corps
Cook, CharlesLce-Corpl. Beds.
Cook, FredSergt. Beds.
Cook, H.J.C.Q.M.Sergt. Beds. 5th
Cook, JohnBeds.
Cook, WillisBeds.
Costin, EzraBeds.
Costin, FredBeds.Killed in action, April 1917
Couchman, Victor4th Service Coy. R.G.
Couchman, HaroldW. Tyne Electr. Eng. Tyne Electrical Engineers
Deeley, JohnBeds.Killed in action, July 1916
Deverell, SpencerA.C.C.
Emerson, EzraKent Cyclists.Died in France, November 1918
Emmerson, FredR.P.
Farnham, GeorgeBeds.Killed in action, August 1915
Farnham, JohnBeds.
Farnham, JosephCpl. Wilts.
Fountain, A.Beds. Yeom’y.
Fountain, AlbertDrummer 2/4 Glos.
Fountain, Ernest7th Res. Middlesex.Killed in action, October 1917
Fountain, FrankRoyal Sussex
Fountain, George29th Middlesex.
Fountain, Jeffrey6th Beds.
Fountain, John7th Yorks.
Fountain, Harold1st E Surrey.
Fuff, ErnestA.V.C. Army Veterinary Corps
Gadsden, WalterLabour Batt’n.
Gadsden, WilliamLce-Cpl. Beds.Died in France, October 1917
Groom, EdwardQueen’s R.W.S.Died in France, March 1917
Groom, William3rd Beds.Killed in action, November 1917
Groom, WilliamSignaller 8th Beds.
Gurney, AlbertA.S.C. Army Service Corps
Harris A.B. PercyR.N. Royal Navy
Hawkins, F.Serg’t Maj. R.G.A. Royal Garrison Artillery
Hawkins, Fred B.RMLI
Hawkins, Victora.s.c. Army Service Corps
Hazzard, Bert29th Middlesex.
Hazzard, SydneyQueen’s R.W.S.  Queen’s Royal West Sussex
Hebbes, Alfred G.Serg’t Canadians
Henley, FredGrenadier Guards
Henley, WillR.F. Royal Fusiliers
Holmes, Walter J.10th Beds.
Holmes, Charles141st Lbr. Coy.
Holmes, Alfred G.49th Canadians
Horn, A.W.1st Beds.
Horne, Arthur6th Beds.
Horne, Fred W.Dragoon Guards.
Howlett, GeorgeD.C.M. Sergt. Beds.
Hucklesby, G3rd Grenadier Guards
Impey, Frank3rd Glos.
Impey, PercyDriver R.E. Royal Engineers
Jackson, Arthur3rd Beds.Killed in action, April 1917
Janes, FredEssex.
Kefford, H.R.G.A. Royal Garrison Artillery
King, Arthur H.4th Queens R.W.S.
Lugsden, AlbertBeds.Killed in action, July 1916
Lugsden, AmosDriver A.S.C.Killed in action, July 1918
Lugsden, ArthurT.R.B.Died in France, September 1918
Lugsden, FredEssexKilled in action, March 1917
Lugsden, JesseCpl. R.F.A. Royal Field Artillery
Meakin, CyrilBeds.Died in France, April 1915
Miles, AlbertDriver A.S.C.  Army Service Corps
Neville, WilliamM.G.C. Beds. Machine Gun Corps
Osborn, HarryR.N. Royal Navy
Paddock, Frank2nd Lieut. R.F. Royal Fusiliers
Pratt, Edwin
Pratt, JohnBeds.Died in France, August 1916
Proctor, FrankR.F. Royal Fusiliers
Proctor, StanleyR.H.A. Royal Horse Artillery
Roberts, William Died in France, January 1918
Rollings, AlbertLeicesters.Killed in action, March 1918
Rollings, GeorgeEssex.
Rollings, HaroldM.G.C. Machine Gun Corps
Rollings, HoraceLce-Cpl. 3rd Norf.
Rollings, Mark6th Beds.Died in France, May 1917
Rose, S.Corpl. A.S.C.Died in France, September 1917
Ruffett, CharlesBeds.
Ruffett, FredBeds.Killed in action, March 1918
Sanders, HaroldRtn. K.R.R. King’s Royal Regiment (?)
Sear, WilliamQueen’s R.W.S. Queen’s Royal West Sussex
Sharpe, WalterBeds
Sharrett, AdamQueen’s R.W.S. Queen’s Royal West Sussex
Sharrett, GeorgeLce-Cpl. Sher. Forest.
Sibley, JohnDriver R.E. Royal Engineers
Smallbones, HaroldQueen’s R.W.S.Killed in action, September 1917
Smith, GeorgeQueen’s R.W.S. Queen’s Royal West Sussex
Stearn, F.Beds
Stocker, L.A.A.S.C. Army Service Corps
Sutton, William M.Major. Som.L.I. Somerset Light Infantry
Sutton, Basil E.Lieut. A.S.C. Army Service Corps
Sutton, Geoffrey A.Lieut. Irish Gds.Killed in action, November 1917
Tearle, RobertBeds.
Thorn, GeorgeA.S.C. Army Service Corps
Thorne, GeorgeR.A.M.C. Royal Army Medical Corps
Tomkins, W.Gunner R.P.A.
Tooley, Fred2nd Lieut. K.I.R.
Weedon, A.H.Cpl. M.M.P.
Weedon, ErnestR.F.W.Died in France, October 1916
Weedon, FredLce-Cpl. 6th Beds.Died in France, April 1917
Weedon, GeorgeGunner R.F.A.
Weston, CecilSergt. O.+ B. L.I. Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry (?)
Wildman, Alfred9th SuffolksKilled in action, November 1917
Wildman, Albert1/4 Devons.
Woodcraft, Ernest 
Woodcraft, George
Woodcraft, Harry Killed in action, February 1917

Brethren, Pray for us

07 November 2005

WW2 - Men & Women Of This Parish, On Active Service

Detail from reverse side of the Roll of Honour displayed in St Mary’s Church, Eaton Bray

  • George Archer
  • Douglas Ashwell
  • Reginald Baldwin
  • George Bartle
  • Joseph Bartle
  • Joseph Bates
  • Leonard Bates
  • William Bates
  • Percy Blake
  • Reginald Blake
  • Ronald Blake
  • Bernard Brigginshaw
  • Edward Brigginshaw
  • Reginald Clarke
  • Albert Cook
  • Edward Cook
  • Gerald Cook
  • Derek Couchman
  • William Crees
  • Arthur Day
  • Eric Day
  • Reginald Day
  • E. Elms
  • Derek Fountain
  • Gordon Fountain
  • George French
  • Bert Gadsden
  • Elvin Gadsden
  • Hedley Gadsden
  • James Gadsden
  • Richard Gray
  • Aubrey Hardy
  • Stanley Hardy
  • John Henley
  • David Hopkins
  • Ronald Horne
  • Wilfred Horne
  • Vera Howlett W.A.A.F.
  • Joseph Hughes
  • Bert Jacob
  • Ernest Janes
  • T Janes
  • Kenneth King
  • Lilian Line A.T.S.
  • Fred Lugsden
  • Alec Maunders
  • Basil Maunders
  • Maurice Maunders
  • Owen Maunders
  • Harry Mead
  • George Meakins
  • Alan Moore
  • Francis Moore
  • Jack Noah
  • Southam Oates
  • Dennis Piggott
  • Cyril Pipkin
  • Edwin Powell
  • John Pratt
  • Albert Proctor
  • George Prior
  • Edgar Reeves
  • Samuel Ritchie
  • Cecil Rollings
  • Cyril Rollings
  • George Rollings
  • Harold Rollings
  • Horace Rollings
  • Stuart Rollings
  • Stephen Rose
  • Basil Ruffett
  • Eric Ruffett
  • Maurice Saunders
  • Arthur Savings
  • George Savings
  • Harry Savings
  • William Savings
  • Gaius Scott
  • Jack Sear
  • Gordon Sharpe
  • Leslie Sharrett
  • Violet Sharrett V.A.D.
  • Edward Sibley
  • Eric Sibley
  • F. Simmonds
  • Fred Smith
  • Jack Smith
  • Ronald Snoxall
  • E. Strong
  • L.G.Taylor
  • Basil Tearle
  • G. Thame
  • Jack Thorne
  • Jesse Thorne
  • Maurice Tompkins
  • Peter Tooley
  • Alan Tribbeck
  • R.E. Tritton
  • N. Wheatcroft
  • Dick Wood

06 November 2005