Minutes from the May 2006 meeting of the Eaton Bray Parish Council.
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Eaton Bray Parish

Below is a summary of the minutes of the Annual Eaton Bray Parish Meeting of 8th May 2006.

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Summary of Minutes - Monday 8th May 2006

Public Open Forum

3 residents of the parish were present.

Mr Willis, a resident of Medley Close asked about the possibility of a stair lift at the Coffee Tavern, he was advised that this is being looked into with regard to fire safety, and costs involved, and that a decision would be made soon.

Neville Johnson the Community Police liaison officer then addressed the meeting:

He advised that his job is to liaise with the PC to help solve problems within the Village.

Since his last report in February, 32 offences had been reported.

Nuisance youths were still a problem, but after a report submitted by him to SBDC a dispersal order for the whole year will soon be coming into force.

This will enable the Police to arrest youths if they persist in anti social behaviour.

A recent Environmental Action Day which involved the Police, Fire Service and the District Council had positive results.

After a recent spate of burglaries crime reduction packages were given to several residents.

The Chairman thanked Neville for his continued excellent support.

Mrs Griffiths asked the PC why it seemed that only negative comments were published in Focus Magazine.

The Councillors felt that usually residents only attended the meetings with complaints so these had to be reported, and they would be happy for any interested residents to attend and provide a summary for Focus.

They then replied that these comments would be further discussed.

Traffic Calming

The cost of speed indicators is being further investigated by Cllrs Beal & Marriage who have spent a great deal of time on this.

Policing Levels

The level of Policing in the Village is excellent with all problems reported investigated speedily. Residents are advised that they should report all problems however small and ask for an incident number to ensure that these levels do not fall.

Rye Sports Pitch Verti- Draining

Cllr Marriage will liaise with the Sports and Social Club and ascertain when this will need to be undertaken.

The Rye / Totternhoe Road Junction

An application for funding to improve this area was made to Rotary Environmental Awards, unfortunately this was unsuccessful but alternative ways to fund this will be considered.

Invoice for dog bin emptying

No invoice has been received to date.

Projects completed and ongoing

  1. The Rye car park barrier is now in place.
  2. Litter bins Wallace Drive and The High Street in place.
  3. Public meets the PC has been encouraging these will continue 3 times a year.
  4. Traffic Calming is ongoing the PC look at this monthly and are continuing to look at measures to improve this.
  5. 21 Allotments are no occupied out of 26; the installation of a new water tank has helped.


Cllr Tribbick has put a lot of work into finalising these and the Councillors had been issued with copies for review.

Cllr Tribbick will complete the annual return form with the help of Cllrs Beal & Marriage.

The balance in the bank looked high, but play areas which were recently inspected in line with safety regulations needed a large sum spent on safety matting.

The Coffee Tavern gives a small profit annually so therefore this will be utilised by redecorating the building and checking the roof flashing.

No questions were asked with regard to these accounts.

Cllr Beal thanked all for their attendance and support.

Next Council Meeting

Monday 5th June 2006, 7.30pm, in the Coffee Tavern.