Minutes from the January 2008 meeting of the Eaton Bray Parish Council.
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Eaton Bray Parish Council

Below is a summary of the minutes of the Eaton Bray Parish Council Meeting of 7th January 2008.

A full version can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF):

PDF: Adobe Acrobat Format Download Full Minutes for 7th January 2008

Summary of Minutes - Monday 7th January 2008

Public Open Forum

Mr Brian Webb gave an update on the situation regarding the planning application at Dyers Road.

Mr Woolridge asked for an update on the situation at Mill End.

Cllr Beal stated that he and Cllr Pearson had carried out a site visit and had noted the piles of wood, it was still undecided whether this area would require a security fence or be developed as a public amenity (see item 9) Mr Woolridge stated that in his opinion the state of the ground surface made this area unsuitable as a public space.

Cllr Marriage reported that the village handyman had been instructed to repair the fence to the left of the bridge.

Cllr Beal reported that the legal representative of the owner of the adjacent land had instructed the council to obtain estimates for the work which needs to be done. Cllr Beal stated that

  • the pruning of the hedge in Middle Path was in the April 2008 precept and work would be authorised after this date.
  • the GP meeting had consulted the Byelaws and horse riding was not permitted on the greens around Mill End Close. The Byelaws would be displayed in the village notice board in that area.
  • there was no objection to the erection of a gate providing certain conditions were met - see GP minutes.

Cllr Brand stated that there is no record of who owns the piece of land located between the Deeres and the Worrels the land registry have been contacted but were unable to offer any help.

Mr Woolridge asked if the Ransom strip was council owned logically would not the three access points ( in the original plans to give a right of way to resident to enable them to reach the back fence) between the houses also be council owned'? District Cllr Janes stated that SB's will have a site plan of the estate from when planning permission was given. He would obtain a copy and pass to Cllr Beal. Cllr Brand reported that some residents were unhappy about the hedges being trimmed and were stopping access.

District and County Representatives

County Cllr Piggot had sent his apologies

District Cllr Janes reported that

  • Bedfordshire is still waiting for a ministerial decision regarding the proposed administrative changes to the County
  • he had visited two Traveller Sites recently, at Chiltern View he had accompanied SBCC representative to look at rubbish clearance.

District Cllr Janes reported that more provision for Travellers is required in the county. SB have fulfilled their required responsibility however Mid, North and Luton have yet to fulfil their obligation.

Police Representatives

Viv Dady presented crime statistics for the year:

  • 160 in total giving an average of 13.25 per month
  • June and November had the worst crime figures
  • May and August the lowest crime figures.

Three highest incidents were:

  • burglary from buildings e.g. Houses, garages, sheds, greenhouses etc.
  • damage to motor vehicles
  • theft from motor vehicles.

Viv advised constant vigilance - report anything suspicious, security, especially to outbuildings and locking cars when unattended and not leaving valuables on show. Cllr Beal advised that police contact numbers will be displayed in the new village notice boards.

Future Plans:

  • Josh is continuing with the 'Caps' securing of number plate and will advise when he is in the area.
  • Surgeries dates for these are still to be decided , Viv requested that one Cllr should also be present.
  • Two speed checks are planned for the next three months.

Viv asked about the progress of the Youth Shelter. Cllr Marriage advised that a meeting with Laurent was planned (21-2-08) to discuss the exact needs and the way forward. Viv would be asked to make a contribution when more details were known.

Election of Vice Chairperson.

It was proposed that Cllr Marriage be elected to the position of vice chairperson. Carried Unanimously.

Court Appearance

The date for the case has been moved from 9-1-08 to 20-3-08. The cost of the damage to trees in Eaton Bray School Lane rec. was £300 It was proposed that Cllr Beal be the official Council representative at the court.

Items for the February agenda to be requested no later than Friday 25 January 2008.

The Parish Clerk can be contacted using the details shown on the Eaton Bray Parish Council home page.

Next Council Meeting

Monday 4th February 2008, 7.30pm, in the Coffee Tavern.