Minutes from the October 2007 meeting of the Eaton Bray Parish Council.
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Eaton Bray Parish Council

Below is a summary of the minutes of the Eaton Bray Parish Council Meeting of 1st October 2007.

A full version can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF):

PDF: Adobe Acrobat Format Download Full Minutes for 1st October 2007

Summary of Minutes - Monday 1st October 2007

Public Forum

The council were asked again about the Flagpole. Cllr Marriage stated this may be erected in the Church Yard. Cllr Marriage to advise Mr Willis.

Chairman’s comments and correspondence

The following items have been received:

A letter from Eaton Bray Lower School confirming Sue Hounslow, Headteacher, would like to take up our offer of attending our November meeting to request funding for new nursery building. Also a new School Council has been elected and they would like to meet again with the Parish Council.

Invite from South Beds for Planning Training on 4 October.

Letter of Introduction from Laurent Martial new Community Development Officer, Rural Areas.

Email from Viv Dady detailing crime statistics.

Letter from Kay Lichfield.

D Granger contract due for renewal soon, passed to GP Committee.

Youth Opportunity/Capital Fund passed to GP Committee.

Replacement play mobiles, passed to GP Committee for recommendations to PC.

Chairman advised he received call Inspector Steve Barrett would attend in place of Viv Davy. Chairman reminded all councillors of:

  1. Clerk contact times. Emergency calls only outwith these times.
  2. Agenda items to Clerk one week before meeting. It was unanimously agreed new item 17(a) would be added to this meeting.

Police Representative

Inspector Steve Barrett introduced himself as being responsible for Leighton Buzzard and surrounding rural areas. He manages our community officers. They are here to provide a service and he is aware of EBPC issues. He is confident he has the right people doing the job and stressed how important community policing is. Cllr Marriage expressed concerns of staff leaving with no real local knowledge handover, Steve Barrett advised new “village profiles” being created so when officer leaves the knowledge remains for passing on to new officer.

Cllr Heyland requested the Wellhead area is not forgotten about. Steve Barrett to task Viv Dady with meeting Cllr Heyland. Steve Barrett also advising Viv Dady we would like the problem of speeding within the village addressed.

General Purposes Report

  • Skateboarding - Cllr Gallagher to liaise with Cllr Crace.
  • Traffic Calming - signs going up in October.
  • Mill End Close - Cllr Beal to consult with D Granger re ransom strip.
  • Registered Keyholder Scheme - Clerk to write to resident concerned.
  • Town & Parish Highway Representative Scheme - Cllr Marriage is point of contact.
  • Byelaws and Villages Noticeboards - Byelaw now agreed and relevant forms to be completed and returned to Government for seal. Noticeboards - Cllr Beal advised GP Committee recommended purchasing 3 small boards and 2 sets of posts.
  • EB Lions Goalposts - phone vote agreed by Cllrs Conner, Heyland and Windmill.
  • Allotments - notice and rent letters sent. GP asked PC for budget of £160 to purchase lawnmower. Unanimously agreed. Cllr Marriage to progress.

Mill End Close

  • Fencing - clerk to arrange meeting with Aaron Fencing.
  • Cllr Brand expressed concern over certain behaviour and graffiti at Mill End close.
  • Cllr Brand advised he has communication from 11 years ago. Cllr Brand to provide photocopies for GP Meeting on 16 October.
  • Rubbish - the P3 Committee along with John Hopwood to clear this away.


Cllr Heyland expressed concerns over food being left in cemetery. Cllr Conner to display A4 laminated sign on gate stating no food to be left in cemetery.

The tarmac path will be laid late October/Early November.

Trees Adjacent to Church

Meeting to be arranged with Cllr Marriage, Cllr Pearson and D Granger Landscapes.

Village Signpost

Cllr Marriage to consider how to move this. Cllr Pearson to think about moving it with his tractor.


The clerk advised the Audit for year ending March 2007 has been signed off. The annual playground equipment inspection will be carried out on Thursday 4 October.


The following planning application was considered:

  • SB-TP-07-1048: 20 Park Lane, Eaton Bray
    Erection of single storey extension.
    No objections

Items for the November agenda to be requested no later than Friday 26 October 2007.

The meeting closed at 21:45.

The Parish Clerk can be contacted using the details shown on the Eaton Bray Parish Council home page.

Next Council Meeting

Tuesday 6th November 2007, 7.30pm, in the Coffee Tavern.