Minutes from the January 2007 meeting of the Eaton Bray Parish Council.
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Eaton Bray Parish Council

Below is a summary of the minutes of the Eaton Bray Parish Council Meeting of 8th January 2007.

A full version can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF):

PDF: Adobe Acrobat Format Download Full Minutes for 8th January 2007

Summary of Minutes - Monday 8th January 2007

Public Forum

Mr. S. Willis addressed the council with reference to the planning application for land adjacent to 23-25 Bower Lane, and supplied a copy of a letter received from the Campaign to Protect Rural England outlining objections to the application. It was agreed that Cllr Heyland as chairperson of the Planning committee attends a meeting with SBDC planning dept, along with Mr. Willis. The Clerk was asked to request an extension before this application goes to the District Planning Committee.

PCSO Josh Tonkin gave the crime figures for December 2006; 1 burglary, 2 violence against the person, 6 criminal damage, 2 other burglaries, and 3 thefts.

Chairman's Correspondence & Comments

A complaint that the new school sign obstructs the pavement. Clerk to contact highways.

A letter from Mr. S. Roberts seeking information about leasing land adjacent to Bower Lane. GP committee asked to follow up.

A letter from Mrs. S. Hounslow, Head of Eaton Bray Lower School concerning the granting of permission to use the School Lane car park and constructing a new path & gateway from the park to serve the proposed new nursery. The use of the car park is not expected to differ from the current situation as some parents already choose to use it, and the school car park would accommodate the expected maximum of 24 additional vehicles. The new path and gateway are required as the new nursery would be fenced off from the school, and the current gate is a long way from the proposed nursery site. Parents for the nursery would be arriving after the start of the main school day and it would be disruptive to have them walking across the playground or through the school, and unacceptable on health & safety grounds. Clerk asked to acknowledge reply.

The Chairman had received a request for the parish council?s contribution towards the cost of producing a village booklet. The council asked to see a proof copy before authorising payment of funds.

G.P. Report


Agreed to form a joint team of parents, children, and councillors (Cllr. Gallagher & Cllr. Brand). Information is being collected to be progressed at next GP meeting.

Voluntary and Community Action questionnaire

This has been completed. To be returned.

Hedge at Mill End Close

This has been looked at and needs action. Clerk asked to contact contractor.

Waste bin for School Lane Rec

Cllr Marriage presented advised the council that it had a choice between a plastic and a more expensive metal bin, and showed catalogue samples of each.

The council voted 4 votes to 3 in favour of the plastic version Clerk was requested to order a green plastic bin from Glasdon UK Ltd.

Traffic management

Mr. B Jackson of Beds CC. had attended the December GP meeting and discussed his role in traffic management. The GP committee presented Mr. Jackson with the results of the recent traffic survey for the use of his engineering staff.

Mr Jackson supported the methodical approach of the Parish Council, and will attend the January 2007 GP meeting when PC Smith will also be in attendance.


Mr. A Trantrum representing the local St. George's Day Society gave the history and reasons for approaching the council with the proposal to donate a flagpole to the parish council to be sited in the village, to fly the St. George flag.

Three Corners Green has been identified as a possible site. Cllr Windmill suggested an announcement should be placed in "Focus". The GP committee will canvas residents in the area of Three Corners Green, and research the feasibility of this site.

Coffee Tavern Cottage

Cllr Heyland in the role of trustee, requested permission to obtain quotations for flooring in the cottage. It was unanimously agreed by the council as trustees of the Coffee Tavern Charity that quotations should be obtained from Angliss Carpets of Dunstable, and Janes of Edlesborough. Keys to be made available.


Cllr Conner & the clerk have now gathered the current information and regulations and will present a draft proposal for updated regulations at the February meeting, together with a proposed layout for the new cemetery area.

School Lane Recycling Bins

The Chairman has received complaints about the new recycling bins in School Lane. The noise of the metal bins is causing a nuisance to local residents and people using the park. It was also noted that the bins had not been properly anchored as promised. It was generally agreed by the council that the School Lane site is probably the most convenient position for the bins. The Chairman will continue his conversations with SBDC to try and resolve this problem.

Next Council Meeting

Monday 5th February 2007, 7.30pm, in the Coffee Tavern.