Details of Eaton Bray Parish Byelaws.
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Eaton Bray Parish Council


Byelaw Changes - September 2006

Eaton Bray Parish Council hereby give notice of the following proposed changes to the byelaws in respect of pleasure grounds, public walks and open spaces of Eaton Bray, Bedfordshire.

These proposals to be advertised for a period of twelve weeks prior to submission to the Department for Enviroment and Rural Affairs.

Any representation regarding these proposals should be addressed to The Parish Clerk.


This currently reads

  • 19(1) - No person shall in the ground intentionally light a fire, or place, throw or let fall a lighted match or any other thing so as to be likely to cause a fire.
  • 19(2) - This byelaw shall not prevent the lighting of a properly constructed camping stove or cooker in any area set aside for the purpose, in such a manner as not to cause danger or damage by fire.

The changes are to delete the original para 19.2 and add words from the model byelaws 12(2)(a) and is now to read:

  • "Byelaws shall not apply to the lighting of a fire at any event for which the Council has given permission that fires may be lit."


This is a new rule reading from the model byelaws para 35 and reads "Golf prohibited. No person shall drive, chip or pitch a hard golf ball."


This is a new rule from the model byelaws para 26 and reads "Skateboarding permitted but must not cause danger or annoyance. No person shall skate, slide or ride on rollers, skateboards or other self-propelled vehicles in such a manner as to cause danger or give reasonable grounds for annoyance to other persons."


This is new rule recommended by the GP committee to be inserted after the vehicles section (para 2) the following words to read "There is no bridleway on this land and the riding of horses or ponies is prohibited".


This is a new rule from the model bye laws Para 9 "No person shall without the consent of the Council, turn out or permit any animal for which he is responsible to graze on the ground” followed by the words recommended by the GP committee “unless by licence of the Council".

Dated 11th. September 2006,
-- Clerk to the Parish Council

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