We are under attack, over the past month or so developers have made Planning Applications (or indicated....
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Neighbourhood Development Plan - October 2018

Posted on October 1, 2018

This article was published in October 2018. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

We are under attack, over the past month or so developers have made Planning Applications (or indicated to the Parish Council their intention) to build houses at various locations in Eaton Bray - namely off Northall Road, on the recently closed Rye Nursery, in Bower Lane opposite Café Masala and of course behind School Lane off Eaton Park. Also, as many of you are aware, the garden roadside wall bounding Old Ley Farm was partly demolished (removal of this 'listed' wall will enable development of the land behind). Demolition was only stopped when residents called the police and CBC's Planning enforcement team - our local MP Andrew Selous is supporting reinstatement of the wall and written to CBC on our behalf.

Our Neighbourhood Plan proposes (amongst other things) the following:

  • To protect the Green Belt on existing boundaries.
  • New housing should be sustainable and compatible with the heritage and character of the village.
  • New homes should be 2 or 3 bedrooms, be suitable as starter homes or downsizing with sufficient off road parking.
  • Avoid 4 bedroom executive houses.

Please support our Neighbourhood Plan, which when made will help protect our village and support appropriate development.

For more detail please see the Consultation documents which are still available to be downloaded from the Parish web site www.ebpc.uk

Thank you for supporting our work over the past 3 years, the Neighbourhood Plan is nearly complete. Final proof reading and editing is underway and consultant's reports are finished. We will soon be presenting the Plan to the Parish Council for approval before passing on to CBC and ultimately the Inspector. If the green light is given a referendum will be held.

We hope that you found this update useful, this and other documents are posted on the Parish web site www.ebpc.uk and follow the link to Neighbourhood Plan.

Send your comments to the Parish Clerk at www.ebpc.uk

Thank you.
Glenn Wigley – Chairman EBPC NP

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