A proposed new Lions Club representing Eaton Bray, Edlesborough, Northall & Dagnall.....
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Posted on May 1, 2011

A proposed new Lions Club representing Eaton Bray, Edlesborough, Northall & Dagnall.

This article was published in May 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

A proposal to launch a new Lions club in the village of Eaton Bray has been raised by a local resident and current Lions member.

Local residents are invited to an open evening being held on Wednesday 1st June at 7pm in the Eaton Bray village hall. Here you will be able to meet some Lions members of other clubs to find out more about the worthwhile activities that Lions partake in, including youth campaigns, diabetes research medic alert, speech, sight and hearing, and our famous message in a bottle campaigns to name just a few….

You will also be able to hear first hand about the fun Lions have as members of this international organisation including dinner dances, quiz nights, club outings etc.

So why organise a new Lions club here?

Our motto is ‘We Serve’. We have more volunteers in more places than any other service organisation in the world and since 1917, Lions clubs have offered people the opportunity to give something back to the communities they live and work in and to help those in need. Whenever a Lions club gets together, problems get smaller and communities get better. That’s because we help when help is needed both in our own communities and around the world with un-matched integrity and energy.

Over the years as community needs have increased, Lions have also broadened their focus towards humanitarian efforts. Each Lions club is autonomous and is free to choose projects and activities that fit the lifestyle of its members and impacts the community the greatest.

So come along and meet with us at 7pm on Wednesday 1st June to find out more about the work Lions do, the proposal to launch a club in your community and to see how you can get involved.

For more information, please contact Rachel on 01525 229 656.

Source: Focus, May 2011

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August 20, 2011, A Jones says:

This will be a great benefit for the community in general. Looking forward to supporting this club

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