Someone asked what happens at Cafe Community so I thought I should try to explain. What to expect at....
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Eaton Bray Methodist Church

Posted on May 5, 2011

This article was published in May 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Someone asked what happens at Cafe Community so I thought I should try to explain.

What to expect at Cafe Community.

A warm welcome to our Church.

A table host who will take your order for drinks and light bites.

A selection of Teas, Filter coffee - Black or Frothy, Cakes and Biscuits.

Light Bites - Jacket Potatoes with Cheese or Tuna Mayo. Sandwiches - Bacon, lettuce and Tomato.

A chance to chill out and look through the Newspapers.

An Activities table where the children are welcome to join in, while you keep your eye on them.

An opportunity for discussion with the folk around the table on the monthly " Chat Menu " topic.

"Chat Menu" for Saturday May 7th.


Starter : What comes to your mind when you think about Samaritans?

Main (dis) Course : What examples have you of self or others being like a Samaritan?

Dessert : How might the world be different if the spirit of Samaritans spread?

Our next Cafe Community will be on Saturday May 7th from 11-00 am until 1-00 pm, you are assured of a special welcome.

This years Sunday School Anniversary will be held on Sunday May 22nd at 10-30 am and will be led by Mrs Jacqueline Stamp and members of our Sunday School.

Cafe Worship will continue on Sundays during the Summer but Cafe Community will take a break on Saturdays after May.

Date for your Diary; Saturday June 18th from 12.noon GARDEN PARTY at Chestnut Lodge. Leighton Rd. Gt. Billington. to raise funds for Help for Heroes.

There will be Ploughman's Lunches, Games and Stalls, Fun for all.

Source: Focus, May 2011

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