It appears that a number of people have received calls from someone claiming to be from the International....
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The International Routing System scam

Posted on July 26, 2010

This article was published in July 2010. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

International Routing SystemIt appears that a number of people have received calls from someone claiming to be from the International Routing System. This company does not exist, and the caller is trying to scam you into either installing infected software, or else to give them your credit card details.

Either put the phone down immediately, or else laugh at every statement they make as it is pure fiction.

Source: The International Routing System scam

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August 16, 2010, Douglas says:

I just got a telephone call from someone desperately trying to get me to go to a certain web page because my computer was infected. He said that he represented microsoft and that the information was from the International Routing System. I did a quick internet search on the International Routing System, and found your article before I went to the webpage he referenced. Thankfully.

August 17, 2010, Richard Folwell says:

I just had one of those too. The first caller was struggling a bit with basics, and his supervisor took over. Somewhat intrigued, I followed instructions until it got to the bit where we were looking at the Application area of the Event Viewer, and he said that all of the entries there indicated that I had a virus infection! (This was without even asking for the content of a few samples.)

Suffice it to say that the call ended very shortly after that.

This is worrying, many users would be completely taken in by this dangerous nonsense.


September 6, 2010, Dave says:

I'm from Australia, and I have had two calls like this (both Indian callers, one female, the other male). They both claim to be calling to help with support for Microsoft Windows products (Windows 7 specifically), and the second caller (male) seem to have a fair bit of information about me, name, address, email, phone number, date of birth, etc.. and he claimed that it was all from the International Routing System whenever I click on the Send Error button in Windows. I went along with this guy to lead him on to see where this call would end up...

(bearing in mind I am a qualified computer technician, I use an Apple Mac *dur*, and I know for a fact that NO personal info is passed on to Microsoft when an error is sent)

It ended up me asking him for his phone number, and proof that I am who he claims I am, and he hung up on me!!!

Rather scary that I merely exist at all on the net, yet criminals have a lot of my personal information and could potentially gain access to much unauthorised services and credit claiming to be me!!!

September 20, 2010, Simon T says:

Yup, just got a call about this myself from a pakistani sounding person.

Smelling a rat, whilst he was chatting and asking me to fire up my laptop (which was already on, but he didn;t know that) I googled this page and it confirmed what I already suspected.

September 27, 2010, Liz M says:

I also got a call today caller ID read "212" An indian lady called and asked for me because my Comp had a virus. I asked how do you know that?? she answered " your area has been infected" I said that's impposible I don;t even have internet, And she asked me to turn on my comp so she could guide me and show me the virus. And i Asked " where are you callin from" and she answered "international routing system" claiming to be tech support for Windows 7 specifically.
Than she asked me to confirm my address and i asked "why" and she said that their were going to mail out info on the virus. So I finlly told her i wasn't home and I couldn't turn on my comp, Than mumbled something and than she hung up on me.

September 30, 2010, ms d says:

Shocking! A very persistent Asian male just called informing me i have a virus on my computer. I'm running more than one PC/connection and he couldn't tell me which one he was referring to! I was suspicious straight away and come across this article. Before hanging up i asked him a few basic questions about the company to which he kept replying that it was urgent that i visit their website right at that moment. He caught me off-guard but thankfully i know enough about computers to know he was full of BS!! I'm livid, the cheek of it!

October 20, 2010, Dave says:

these people have got my phone number and they keep calling me, even though I have got to the point four times where they just put down the phone on me. They originally said they were calling from Windows Support about error messages on my PC. now they have changed to saying I am getting viruses and they have this information from International Routing Support and that my Secure Sockets layer has expired. All this is bogus. What they try to do is to to take remote control of my PC, presumably to steal some personal information. They have heavy Indian or Pakistani accents and now say they are calling from Califonia.I asked me for their web address and they sent me to, which also looks bogus. Do not let them take control of your PC

October 22, 2010, Alex Perkins says:

I have just right this minute had that same guy on the phone. Stating he is from the "International Routing System" company, I was sat downstairs and he said i had a virus on my computer a very serious one. So i knew i hadnt so i asked him to call me back in 5 minutes while i urgently start up my computer to get rid of it... i then went to this official website of this scam where people like on here can comment and tell people their stories. I made such a fool of him is there anyway he can be stopped though? cos your obviously gonna get one person that isn't all there with computers and falls for it :/

November 23, 2010, Rohen Sewdarsen says:

I received similar calls from indian sounding people who tried to sell me antivirus software and insisted I examine the event viewer. I told them I will call back, knowing they were conmen. They insisted that their customer support did not have a phone number, but i could contact technical support who would not be able to help me though. After confirming that customer support could not provide any support, I hung up, only to receive another call saying that they would not take responsibility form my computer should it die. Heheheheh.

November 23, 2010, Rohen Sewdarsen says:

I would also like to add, that these people who called me said that they were from TechE4PC, but that they received my information from International Routing Systems. They said that they were an association of MS Windows.It may be that TechE4PC are also crooks, after all, the tech support number they gave me did belong to TechE4PC.

November 26, 2010, steve says:

Just as the previous posters have said, he read the script beautifully and wasn't about to take the, "That's funny, I've been doing a lot of work on the computer with no problem today" comment. It's fun to hang up on folks like that.

November 28, 2010, John says:

Got the same scam call here in London 24 November 2010. Indian "gentleman" from the so-called "International Routing Department" told me he had been informed by my ISP that my computer had infected files and he was calling to help. I work in IT and nothing that he said made much sense at all. I asked for his name and company number so that I could call them for authentication. This indian said his name was "Alan Black" and gave me the numbers 18883135119 and 3255153544926. The arrangement was he would call back in 20 mins after I had called his organisation. I didn't call the numbers and he didn't call back. But I did call my ISP who already knew of this indian "gentleman's" reputation and confirmed it was a scam. My ISP said that had things continued the aim of the scammers would have been to infect my computer themselves and then charge money to fix it. BEWARE!!! They're still out there!!!

December 4, 2010, Lindsay says:

Got the same call in Adelaide Australia 4 Dec. 2010. Indian man with awful accent claiming that I had corrupted files and malware on my computer. He also said he was from the International routing system and had a lot of my personal information. This is bloody scary stuff especially so if you don't know much about computers. So I let him walk me through the stages of showing me the error problems in the event viewer, after this I asked how my registry could be fixed he said he could do it by remotely accessing my computer, I said I don't think so give me your number and I'll call you back, to which he replied only his supervisor could give out the number and he was busy at the moment helping other people (suckers) with their computers. He then said that he would call me back. Well I'm still waiting I'll let you all know if he ever does. Just beware people and be careful, thank God we have forums such as this that people can come to for advice.

December 6, 2010, Terry says:

Just got the same call myself (Dec 6, 2010 - 3:30pm, Melbourne, Australia)! They gave me a scare - and cause for suspicion in equal parts. They did sound like they had an Indian accent. I asked where they were calling from and they said NSW. BTW, when I persisted in asking for a contact number, the caller said he would put me through to the supervisor. Same story about 'International Routing System', etc. I persisted in asking about who he was and his company, eventually he kept saying "Hello? Hello?" as if he couldn't hear me any more. Probably so that I would stop asking questions and start doing as he was asking :) Eventually I hung up and immediately searched the 'net and found this forum. Now it all seems kinda funny, except that they are probably scamming lots of vulnerable people - which is very sad.

December 8, 2010, Steph says:

Tonight at around 7:30pm I recieved a phone call from a man, with a very strong Indian accent claiming he was from an International Routing System in Sydney, he was very persistant in getting me to connect to the internet and follow his instructions, I asked him what the company name was and he kept saying International Routing System, I asked him what his name was and he told me Stephen Rozaro which is obviously a European name and thats how I knew he was full of shit, also he pretended he couldnt hear me. Caution: this scam is still happening and some people may not be aware of how serious this is, they will destroy your software system and corrupt all your files and also try to access all your credit card details and rob you of your hard earned money, its disgusting and we have contacted authorities and hope all will do the same that have had this call to STOP these assholes because its a dog act and it has to be stopped they make me sick and have no right to f*** people up this way, tell them to f*** off and get a real job and do things the right way not come to our country and rob us of our hard earned money and f*** us around!

December 9, 2010, JRosey says:

I live in Adelaide and I just had a call from Brian and George at teche4pc support. My poor Mum nearly fell for their scare tactics as they told her our computer was about to crash because the International Routing System told them so. She couldn't understand either of them, so I grabbed the phone and started questioning who they were. Conveniently, I happened to be in front of my computer so I Googled their name as well as "IRS" and this forum appeared. I cracked up laughing, knowing exactlty what they were trying to do. I decided to give them a taste of their own medicine. I went along with what they were trying to get me to do. Over the course of about 4 phone calls they quoted 2 different scam websites, "" and "" they couldnt tell me where I lived or exactly how the IRS gets my information. They also presumed we had Microsoft Windows. I questioned everything they told me and annoyed the absolute crap out of them and wasted as much of their time as I could without giving them any of my personal information. Eventually I told them I knew they were scam and threatened to call Today Tonight! And I agree, it's so sad and frustrating to think people can easily fall for calls like this. Just hang up people, hang up!!!

December 15, 2010, Helen says:

Had 2 calls this morning - on the 2nd he put his supervisor on to assure me they were genuine - stated they were based in London - both handler and manager wer asian and tried to be very persuasive saying I had a virus and they could cut off my internet if I did not do what they said !!

December 23, 2010, Jan says:

I had a call this morning they said they were from windows international support service and were based in London...I managed to shake him off for 5 min then found your site,he phoned back so I told him politely what I thought of his scam..thank you!!

December 29, 2010, rick says:

I wish I read your site before I got stung by these pricks.I am a novice to the IT world and really thought i had problems since the call was from "windows support services",long story short and $120 lighter in the pocket but what I really want to know is how much damage can they now do

December 29, 2010, Theo Gray says:

Hello Rick & anyone else worried that they have let these people do something they shouldn't to your computer,
To be on the safe side I would suggest running F-Secure's free online scanner and if you don't already have any antivirus software installed on your machine, you should get Microsoft Security Essentials which is a free antivirus package from Microsoft.

December 29, 2010, rick says:

Thankyou you've put my mind at ease

January 4, 2011, Belinda says:

Thankyou for your forum. I just got the same call as from PC Tech support - International Routing System and thought it sounded off so I googled them while on the phone to them and got this forum page which confirmed my suspicions. So I let him know I found it to be a scam and hung up. Just annoyed I waisted time talking to the low life.

January 5, 2011, Steve Jones says:

I just got a call today on my company mobile from an Indian chap claiming to be from "Windows Service Centre". I had a similar call about 2 weeks ago on my landline at home. He was from "Microsoft Service Centre". He was claiming that he had some information from the International Routing System that my PC was downloading corrupt files from the Internet and that he wanted to fix it for me. He then asked me to turn on my computer (it was already on). He asked if I was sure it was on!! He then hung up. Fortunately, I smelt a rat and looked up this site. You have confirmed my thoughts. How would these guys have both my home landline and mobile work numbers. Are they just calling numbers at random?

January 12, 2011, Tony Hall says:

Same basic story yesterday in UK but in addition to quoting my ISP and International Routing System for the source of his information this one quoted operating out of melbourne and gave a uk tel no. for their customer support dept (44 02081234372) yes it rings but there is no-one on the line. keep all such callers on the line as long as possible but DO NOTHING that way you maximise their call charges and minimise their success rate.

Tony H

January 15, 2011, Gab says:

I just had pretty much the same call today in Darwin Australia. The caller said he was from a company called Technotronic based in Victoria and that my computer had downloaded malicious software. As I was on the computer when he called I immediately searched for this company and couldn't find it.When I asked what malicious software I had downloaded he only repeated that I had downloaded malicious software and that my computer would stop operating in 20 days. When I said I would get our IT department to look into it he hung up on me. I then came across this website and learned that this scam has been going on for months and all over the world. One can imagine how easily someone with little IT knowledge could fall for this trap.

January 17, 2011, hi me also says:

yep and now New Zealand, an Indian fellow got to me and wanted me to allow remote assistance... I asked him to prove who he is.. he hung up Int. phone no.? to New Zealand 9-1676 nothing else.. if this helps...

January 18, 2011, Keemps says:

Im based here in Sydney. Same thing happened to me a few minutes ago. I smell fishy what the Indian/Pakistani sounding guy, so I made a lot of questions and asked him how did he get my number and he is always telling me it is from the International Routing System and he is based in Victoria Australia. After a lot of questions, he gave up and hanged up the phone after saying some Hindi words.

What bothers me is that he knows my name and looking for me after picking up the phone. They must have access to the phone numbers database that telemarketers used. My phone is registered with Do Not Call database of the Australian Government.

A big warning to all. This is a big scam.

January 18, 2011, David says:

Yeah, just a few minutes ago like Keemps. The only reason I humoured him so long was he had so much personal information: our address, phone number, email address...

Seriously worrying.

January 18, 2011, David says:

We're on the Do Not Call register too, by the way. It seems to make little difference these days.

January 19, 2011, Pauline says:

I am in Adelaide, my mum almost got stung, but she let me speak to this guy who said he was from IRS and was calling on behalf of Miucrosoft, soon as I got on the phone I said to him"phew I am glad that you called, Iwas just about to call you ," he sounded pleased until I said" I was wondering if you realized that your company has accidentally downloaded 'The Mealyworm Virus"(a totally bogus virus..LOL) and it has corrupted all of their companies computers,& it causes computers to spontaneously combust once infected" he started panicking and asked me "how do we get rid of this Mealyworm virus" I ended up having to hang up, cos I could not stop myself from laughing!

January 20, 2011, June Cameron says:

I am in Perth WA

I have had this call twice today 1st indian man I fobbed off by playing really dumb and he got fed up of me, Second one was really nasty, I told him I did not have a computer and he said he knew I did as it was on his database! I told him to stick his database where the sun don't shine. My neighbour got the same call this morning, and told them to piss off.

January 21, 2011, Blooie says:

Same type of call - asked how they knew it was my computer. Apparently, "the data that goes to IRS contains all my personal data" which "due to privacy legislation they cannot devulge" until I give them data that proves my identity.

These guys are getting more sophisticated - this about the 20th time in the past 6 months. I was "impressed" that they wanted to take me directly to a remote control app.

I'm trying to think of a good defence. If I have the time, I like wasting theirs. If they are calling international or STD good. I have noticed that there is usually a long pause before you hear them speak.

My daughter had a good defence "it must be a XP bug - my friend has urging me to upgrade to W7. This is an XP bug?" "Yes!" "Oh that's right, Dad upgrade to W7 last week". They hung up.

How does this sound? "You are not connected in any way to my ex-wife Rita? (change as appropriate)." "no" "that's good, she's psycho and the police have advised me to record all conversatations as they can trace the caller and where she's hiding". I wonder ow long they stay on the phone.

Good luck all.

January 21, 2011, Amanda says:


happened to me aswell --Perth Western Australia last night --stupidly I thought they were associated with windows cause id been having issues with my internet service providers security package--OMFG - I let them have control of my computer-----sighs awaiting outcome ...

February 2, 2011, Guy says:

Jesus...its relentless. 15 calls from John and Paul in India claiming initially to be from Microsoft Head office stating that i have downloaded a virus. When i said that i would hunt him down, the line goes dead. There is no such thing as an international routing system and i wish they'd f***off and leave me alone.

February 4, 2011, Wayne says:

As above all the same stuff was said to my wife then they rang back first a guy then the female supervisor, after me questioning for five minutes, all they wanted to do was sell some virus package their number in Queensland is 07 56414494, so watch out

February 10, 2011, Jann says:

I, too, had a call from john in Melbourne. First time he rang the line was bad and I hung up. We HAD been having trouble with computer, so was unsure if I had somehow let someone know about it.He rang back the next day and tried to continue conversation. I had trouble understanding his accent and asked how he had got information he said he had. I asked for his number.He said I would need a client number to be able to talk to anyone. He would give me this after we had done all the stuff on computer!! After a few minutes I said that I didnot trust him. He said to hang on while he got his boss. I hung up on him. I didn't think to look up IRS on internet until today, a few days later. Thanks for tip! Next time I will have

February 13, 2011, Kelly says:

Basically the same as all the above - I have had about 4 calls from the same people with slightly different script each time - last time I pretended to go along with the instructions after 30 mins on the phone we finally get to my run box where he wanted me to type in and then type in 6 digit number - when he asked me what had happened and I said 'nothing' he started to get fed up and passed me to another 'Microsoft Technician' - this chap gave me another number to input - I said the same - I then said I have only 5 more minutes as by this time I had been on the phone for about 40 mins - he said it would take an 1 hour and a half and that he was trying to help me! I said I don't have that time and someone should have said at the beginning of the call that it would take that long - he said 'go to hell' - I said pardon? He said 'I was asking you if you have a Dell' - they have added some comedy to their routine - sadly he then rang off.

February 27, 2011, Willi says:

I have sent a system automated error message to microsoft and recieved a call from these indian sounding people from tech support. I was of the belief that they were contracted to microsoft. I helped them to gain remote access to identify the prob. (Big mistake)When they started offering me a product for a price, to help correct my system, I told them I had no money. They reduced the price by 50%. I told them I had no money. They dropped the price again. I hung up. What Indian or Pakistani would haggle downward?? None That's how many.

March 1, 2011, sophie says:

We have these people on to us about our computer for the last couple of weeks. They have been 3 times today alone. They were very rude i told them to ring back later when my partner was home they simply hung up. Next time I will just put them on speaker and not say a word and see what they say. morons.

March 3, 2011, Cheryl Davies says:

My dad in England just got one of these calls from an Asian man pretending to be from Apple. I think they must have contacted him before about PC's and he's told them he has an Apple so they've remembered. He said that the sending and receiving of emails from my dads laptop was causing problems. For who I don't know. My dad asked for his telephone number but he wouldn't give it out. I told my dad to tell him that he knew it was a scam and to hang up. As we all know, Apple macs are very virus resistant anyway. These people make me so angry as there will be many people out there who do not know much about computers and so will believe these conmen.

March 7, 2011, Djoshan + Podmore says:

Yes we were contacted by this company a few days ago. Luckily when my boyfriend told me i thought this is a scam.

We first of all thought we would do the usual to a persistant sales call- ie. keep them talking for a few mins then (without putting phone on cradle to disconnect call) put phone on table and continue with our day .... ie leaving for work and shopping.

However these people are persistant - as you will find out in our story.

The next day at c.8.30am they called again (woman with indian accent) asking about error messages we had via internet. We played along with this for a few mins - ie her instructions on going to start menu etc (without actually doing this - we just kept saying yes when she said " can you see this screen etc...)

Then we commenced our performance (and I've got to say an award winning performance from my partner Biz!)

Fake a knock at the door (while they are still on speaker phone) and with the help of a Starwars sound toy pretend you are being attacked by Darth Vader himself!!

We did indeed receive another phone call the next day - to which my partner said that "Mr ..." who they asked for was not there anymore.

Very strange that after hearing a potential attack on someone they did not decide to call 999.

They then changed there tactics re internet error messages and started to enquire about our BT line line (ie our phone and internet provider)

Again my partner pretended that he was someone that had taken over our place of business and identified himself as John Smith.

The next day they calledback again and, again, my partner said he was John Smith taking over the business and that Mr "my partner's name" would not be returning.

Again, the next day we had another phone call from "IRS" (same person - we recognised her voice) asking about out internet service provider.

Again my partner said he was John Smith and would be taking over the business.

... the next day .. we did get yet another phone call asking for owner of the BT(ISP)landline.

We did try a response with ie - the person you are trying to contact is now dead.

guess wot folks -yes they phoned us again!

Best advice i cn give to you all - keep em talkin -dont do anythin on yr pc - then ........ luv all - let me know .....

March 11, 2011, chettina hobson says:

i had a call today from a man who had a pakistan accent, he told me he was from some internet company and that my computer had infection that an antivirus protector cant detect!! he was very pushy, was making it all sound very urgent! he told me my home address and said that they had traced it, and to put things right he would help me! and that i was to get to my computer urgently so as he can talk me through stuff i needed to do, like i said he was pushy, he asked me why i couldnt get to the computer, i told him i was in the bath, he said he would call back, and did, i told him to hang on a minute, let him run up his phone bill lol, worrying though, i bet he got some poor trusting people today!

March 16, 2011, Louise says:

I googled 'The International Routing System' whilst on the phone the phone to the Pakistani-sounding guy who called me up with the same old story about my 'infected computer' ....I actually read the statement on the page about the scam out loud to him and he still tried to get me to type in the magic numbers to my laptop!! VERY persistent. I have had this call loads of times over the past few months but this time when I told the guy I didn't want any viruses on my laptop he told me to F**k off! What a cheek. I know they'll still call again though!!

March 19, 2011, Sum says:

Had this call two times in last week. First time I was puzzled, but knew it was a scam and hung up. After reading about it on this forum, the second time I was better prepared and wanted to send the scammer in a wild goose chase.

I played along initially. He gave me instructions to open eventlong and see system errors. He claimed these were serious errors ("Oh my goat....your computer is totally corrupted)".

Then asked me to go to some site and enter a unique key. This web tools allows them getting remote access to my computer. I spent about 20 minutes 'mistyping' the url and telling him that "Page not found" errors. Then I slipped in "Internet connection timeout. Please retry after 5 minutes" errors and got him waiting on the phone. Then I faked some "blue screen of death" errors.
So, this process pretty much went for 1 hour. In the end, he gave another site and asked me to buy "5 year warranty" on my credit card, so that he can arrange a technician to visit me. Then I said that the site shows me a warning saying, "stealing is bad". He replied that "You think you are smart? f** idiot" and hung up.

March 25, 2011, T says:

Thanks for the warning. People have been ringing my wife for the last few weeks (Gold Coasy, Australia) and she's been saying "Ring again when my husband's home. I'm not altering our PCs without him present.' They rang me today when I'm home and its the same spiel. I Googled them while they were giving me this spiel and found this site.

Things that seemed to throw them off

"Which computer is it? I have three."

"Oh, any computer registered to you name, sir."

"Which ISP? My wife and I use different ones."

"Oh, all ISPs come through us, sir."

"Push the Start button" (I thought "What start button? I'm using 7.)

"So my ISP gave you my details? Then what's my name?"

"Oh, we only have your phone number, sir."

"Well, that's some good news at least. (Laughs, hangs up)

March 28, 2011, dana....QLD says:

From looking at all these coments i think i am the only idiot that didn't pick up on this scam of QUICK SOFT FIX the only thing they fixed was my bank balance after paying us$156.34& it cost me $3.91 in bank fees. I was told that his name was James Martin from New York than I was also given a Melbourne phone number if i wanted to contact him. I told my husband (after i made the mistake of paying)he said he had never heard of a indian or pakastanie with the name of 'James' before.This all started on 25/2/11 & is still going on. I am expecting a call tonight from the lovely James or one mates or one of his rellies maybe, wont they be surprised by my unlady like answer to them. They have also told me that my money that i paid through on line paying(Quartz-pay)has been lost & they have not received it. They also asked if i could pay it through another online payment lucky i said no to that. I aiso sent an email to the on line pay & got told that my credit card was stolen, i then contacted my bank. I am glad that i looked this site up thanks to you all. good luck

March 30, 2011, Peta says:

LOL!! These people have been ringing me without fail every week!! This had been going on for about 2 months now!! After listening to there story the first time I was stupid enough to believe them. But in downloading there info we realised that they only run through PCs and not for Mac computers. Thank goodness. I didnt pay a cent either so have not been sucked into the money scam. Now I laugh and hand up or if they catch me in a bad mood they usually get the not so polite me LOL :-)

April 8, 2011, JJ says:

I have received many calls like this (all indian too) some I act dumb and lead them on for 5 or 10 minutes before saying to them "Do I need to have an internet connection to do that" then they just get angry and hang up. Or another time I said "oh I'm so glad you called because I sure as heck want to get rid of those nasty viruses, then I said I don't know much about computers cause I just got my first one and asked them to describe to me what a keyboard was because I didn't know" If they waste my time with this nonsense then I'll waste theirs too. Sometimes if I want them to get off quickly I'll just say "Have you heard of the stop call list because I'm on it and you should have checked it before calling me" that makes them hang up real quick. My most recent call from them I asked for his name and number and he said it was "dean rozario 02 8003 4478" and he was from "The windows support service centre" and he got my details from the "international routing system". I continued asking him many questions about his company and he was getting really agitated and said "now can you go to your computer" and I said "look, my husband is a detective so I'll just get him to run this info through the system and if it all checks out ok then I will call you back" needless to say he hung up on me.

April 11, 2011, Margaret says:

Had phone call from Asian lady who I had trouble understanding. She told me that my computer had a virus and she was my server. I said Microsoft doesnt call you like that. She gave story that my Windows program was out of warranty & would cost me $229 for 2 years renewal. As I was in a hurry and had to go to work I was going to pay the money but realized I didnt have any money in Visa card account. So they arranged to call me Monday 11th April at 1.30pm SA time as they said they where in WA. Over the weekend I thought this isnt right. Checked site & what did I find but it is all a scam. Thank god they didnt get my money. They did ring me but I told lady in no uncertain way what I thought. She tried to say oh no this isnt true. I thought what a dummy I was as I have had computers for years and never have I had to pay for anything like this

April 13, 2011, Ian says:

I also had call from an Asian man, he said he was from FULL PC SUPPORT and eventually gave his me phone number 0208 1234373. I thought it was a scam but he was most insistent that I should switch my computer on and he would show me some file that were more dangerous than a virus and I could buy some software that would remove them! I said I couldn't get to my computer at present and he asked when could ring back.

April 14, 2011, Ajay Rana says:

It is so bizarre to have someone call to bamboozle you in the security of your own home/comfort zone.

It annoys me to comprehend how easy a target the old folks are who are not computer savvy.

Hope everyone spreads their concerns to family and friends to bring awareness to this issue.

April 14, 2011, tami says:

I just got called by one of these. sounds scammy. their phone is 02 61008129

April 14, 2011, Bastynitch says:

I have just come off the phone with them yet again, same company asking for someones name that doesnt live here but that doesnt stop them. They phone my home phone approx six time a week and today was an indian woman and i asked to speak to her supervisor and she came back with a higher pitched voice which sounded hilarious and i burst out laughing. She said she would remove my number from their list , but i wont hold my breath as ive asked for this everytime before.
Oh and the only way they can of received my home number is BT as i have changed it twice because they keep giving me pre-used numbers and this number was previosly a woman called Mrs Mills and thats who these people keep asking for when they ring me. As its an international number everytime will BT block this number for me, seeing as they were the ones that gave it out ? ? ? And i belong to the telephone preference service !,! Wat a joke they are!

May 3, 2011, Adrienne says:

I received a call similar to those mentioned above just last night. It was from an Indian man who was very insistant that I had an issue with the security of my computer. I then asked him which company he was from (I think he said quicksoft - affiliated with Microsoft), and I said that I had never heard of that company. He then said he had been sent the info from Microsoft. All through the conversation he seemed to be getting less patient with me and kept almost ordering me, "could you please be at your computer maam". I finally told him I was entertaining guests and could not go on to the computer now. He said he would call back tonight, although I think it's a slim chance, because at the end of the conversation I asked him what the name of the company was again, and he hung up. Any advice would be well received, in case he does call back.

May 3, 2011, Brian says:

Just had the call here in Devon, England. "We are calling from Online PC Solutions. You PC is infected." They said something about the Internet Routing Service (or something like that) informed them of the problem on my pc.
I asked for the address of their company and the Box Number for post to be sent......they didn't like that much. The woman then passed the call to her supervisor....He tried to steam roll me with "tech speak" no avail as I just hung up!!

May 5, 2011, Michelle says:

I have just had a call from "Jenny" with an indian accent, who is apparently in Sydney as she gave her supervisor's number as 02 9037 2906 where I could ring to verify this - she initially said she was calling from microsoft as I had error reports being submitted & got me to the website but I refused to click on the live support link until I had more info - this is when I got the no. but she also then said that they were not connected with microsoft at all & mentioned the International Routing System had forwarded them these reports - I asked if I could look this up & she kept repeating info, even when I said it said "scam" everywhere, she stated that others have their details & could be running scams but she & her company were not - they were very persistent, she said it was my choice as to whether to continue - but I said I would prefer not, thanks, & hung up.

May 6, 2011, Bo says:

just got a call from this outfit. (International Routing System ) talked to hime for a while. Said I was retired rcmp and tracing the number after which I was going to come to their place in burn it down with them in it.

May 6, 2011, Robbo says:

I almost got stung today, in Newcastle, Australia by a company called "Online Pc Solutions" composed of atleast two male indians and one female indian.
They told me my computer like many others in Australia had "infections", and had rang to help me fix it externally.
They sucked me in at the start because recently my computer has had a lot of trouble in the past few weeks (freezing or struggling to turn on without restarting itself constantly) so I guess they got lucky calling me at this time.
I let them on my computer and they showed me some random files in a windows folder that they purported to be infections, and when I opened a program on my pc called 'Event Viewer', they revealed a list of things that said 'error' and 'warning', evidence of these viruses getting in but as to the details of the errors I had no clue what they were.
When it came to paying though I pulled out.

It was rly well done subtly too, like you could hear other ppl in the background making the same 'routine' calls, and the female supervisor was very persuasive and helpful and kept repeating things like 'Don't worry Mr. X, we will fix this problem'. Kinda creepy. :3

May 11, 2011, John says:

Like Dave last September, I'm from Australia. My call from the polite gentleman (?) with the pleasant Indian accent told me that he acquired the (mis)information about me and my computer from the World Routing System. So it's no longer merely multinational, it's Global! The trouble is that some people will be seduced by this villain's friendly manner.

May 14, 2011, Lewli says:

Just had a call from a very Indian sounding "fella" by the name of Alan Plant. Said he was from Quicksoftfix and working with Microsoft. I went along with him, examining my PC's Event Viewer and naturally there was the odd Warning message or two as there always will be (Microcrap). Anyway after I wasted enough of this turkeys time I questioned his name, and suggested to him that his name was more likely Bobby Naidoo or Arnand Sigh, then speaking to him in an accurate Hindustani accent, (I do impersonations) told him in a number of four letter words what I thought of him and what his mother was, before hanging up on the idiot.

May 18, 2011, Tim Stanko says:

Unfortunaely, I'm not as smart as everyone on this thread. I'm dangerously ignorant re all things computer. I realized it was a scam but not until the supervisor shrieked that my computer could crash and be totally destroyed any second. I said unfortunately because I realized after the fact that I had given them control of my computer for their phoney demonstration. Are they now free to enter my computer any time they want? Anything I can do to protect myself.

May 18, 2011, Theo Gray says:

To Tim & anyone else worried that they have let these people do something they shouldn't to your computer,
To be on the safe side I would suggest running F-Secure's free online scanner and if you don't already have any antivirus software installed on your machine, you should get Microsoft Security Essentials which is a free antivirus package from Microsoft.

June 21, 2011, Emma says:

First thank you for all the posts on this blog - I am not alone. UK's turn today. Was called by these people this afternoon stating that the computer had been infected and they could sort it out for me. Was hoping that they would go away after I answered the phone and asked to speak with "Mrs .....". My directory listing doesn't state sex and usually when I say no to the "Mrs" (stubbornly keeping my title of "Miss") they go away. The heavy indian accent made it really hard to understand and so that I could understand what was happening (not the most up to date with computing and how it all works) had to ask him to slow down and spell the words. He stated that the problem was flagged up through the International Routing System. When I asked him how he got my telephone number he said that my father had given it to him. This set the alarm bells ringing knowing that my father wouldn't do this (he has a good relationship with his local computer fixer for getting rid of the viruses). After trying to get the address of the company and a telephone number to call to verify the company the caller told me to "Go to Hell"!

Have subsequently called BT to find out more. Nice man said they have more than likely got the telephone number from Online Directory so have now got BT to remove me from there. Hopefully this will stop some of these calls. If I get them again I will let you know!


July 2, 2011, Mark says:

I had this call about 6 month ago, and again tonight (Darwin, Aust), last time thought it a scam, this time I found this forum, kinda confirms my thoughts.

I demanded to know their compand details before doing anything on my PC (they couldn't provide an ABN, and a search of found no trace of them).

They said they were Quicksoftfix and mentioned links to the IRS, and that they were flagged by an error report from Windows (lol 4 computers XP & Vista & 7, they had no clue how to identify which one).

They gave me the follwing details: Temple Tower, 15 Collins Street, Melbourne, Vic (nice if someone near there can check on this building).

Phone (03)90087998, I called it back and they answered, however suspect a phone diversion (Telstra should get them disconnected).

They were asking to go to the Event Viewer, but I just told them I will have our IT department contact their technicians on Monday (this will not happen).

Now I'm working up a good, creative way to mess them arround.

Ultimately, these people sound like crims, so need to be shut down.

July 2, 2011, Mark says:

Australians should register with "DO NOT CALL" Register.

also read this notice in their website:
Consumer alert: Computer support telemarketing calls.

July 4, 2011, Melissa says:

Hi All
Just had another call from an Indian (woman this time). After receiving calls nightly at about 7pm at our last house I had our ISP block international calls. As we have just moved house (3 weeks ago) and have got a silent number now, I am a bit disturbed that they are on to me again. This time the woman said she got my number from the "world routing system/service". She started to tell me that my computer had a virus etc. etc. and I asked her where she got "my bloody number" to which she replied "it's not a bloody number maam". Funny. I'll now do the DO NOT CALL register however, I get the feeling that once they get you on the phone, that's it, they won't stop. Seriously people, when a silent number doesn't even work, what will??

July 4, 2011, Dave says:

I got a call from these scammers on Saturday, decided to string them along, also managed to record the last 8 minutes of there call.

I've written a blog post about the call and also included the recordings -

July 16, 2011, Chris says:

In the UK here, been called several times by people (usually my wife has picked up and told them that she doesn't know anything about it).

They're really persistent - even after I told them I was a software developer and laughed at them they carried on, at least until they got fed up and hung up.

Today they actually threatened me with being put behind bars - he really got quite upset when I kept laughing at him...

July 19, 2011, Eva says:

I just had a call like this, in Sydney, 10 minutes ago. The lady sounded Indian and said that my computer was sending messages to the International Routing Department and could crash at any moment! I told her that I was not in front of the computer so needed her number to call her back. She gave me 02032866214 which not surprisingly is not connected!

July 21, 2011, colin naraine says:

This happened to my mother-in-law who is not computer literate. We were on the phone earlier trying to access her Skype as she recently lost her husband whom she had known for 50+ years. So when she got a call from she was at a loss as to what to do. She rang me and I told her not to discuss matter any further and to have them contact me.

I tried later to get her on the phone but her line was engaged. She later called me back and was exasperated by how long "Annie Scott" from "Windows" had her on the phone. She was trying to get my mother-in-law to log onto some website.

I rang this person back on 023-239-7020 and was surprised how quickly I got through to someone.
I am afraid to say it as well but the male person was Indian and the female person was also Indian. And by the way, whoever heard of an Indian person called "Annie Scott"!!!

Please note that there are genuine IT support people who work in the industry who ARE Indian and do an extremely excellent job, but it grates on my nerves how there can be unscrupulous persons who give Indian people a bad name!

When I spoke to "Annie Scott" she bombarded me with techno babble and she said it in a fast manner. Now I am studying IT and am CompTia A+ certified which is to say that I think I know a little about pcs but even I was having a hard time keeping up with her, not to mention an elderly person of 70+ years.

I was livid. I told her off for putting my mother-in-law through all this bother. She tried to calm me down by directed me to the company's website and stressed that they were legitimate. I asked her how she can know that my mother-in-law's pc was infected. She said that her computer was listed with Microsoft and that my mother-in-law Windows OS was infected. I asked her what OS she had and she incorrectly answered XP. Then I was convinced. I asked her again to explain who she was and how is it that a company can ring up an individual. She began to speak techno babble in a fast manner which I quickly stopped and demanded that she speaks to me as if I knew NOTHING about pcs. The line then went conveniently dead.

Unperturbed I rang the number again, and got through straightaway again, to the same male person who had put me through to "Annie Scott". I demanded how such a company can put my mother-in-law through so much distress. He kept trying to answer my question with a question. I admit, I should have ended the call much sooner but my blood was up. Suspicious how quiet his office was, I asked him to explain why this was. He said that he didn't work in a fish market. Very professional, don't you think? I demanded that he put me onto his manager. He said who do I wish to speak to, as if I would know the name of the manager. I became even more infuriated and said put me onto to his manager as I am not satisfied with him and that I wish to make a complaint. He said that he will put me through to someone who will "satisfy me". Again not the type of language you would expect from a professional company.

He then put me onto "Annie Scott" again. I asked for her manager and then got cut off.

Do not let these sods get away with it!

July 22, 2011, T.Walker says:

I just got a call from an Indian woman trying to run this scam at me,when I told her that I didn't have a computer she asked me are you sure? Which gave me a few seconds to search out her company and sure enough as I suspected it was a scam? So I asked her "do you have a conscience" to which she replied yes and then I asked her do you believe in "karma" and she said yes at which point I told her I know that this is a scam and played with her head a little more before I hung up...c'mon get a life and do something more productive with your life!

July 22, 2011, handroc says:

On 22 July 22 2011, I too got a call from a man with an Indian accent named Jack Wilson (employee number E315). He was calling from Microtek Company (which does exist) and said that the International Routing Department said that I had downloaded something to my windows operating system that was infected or corrupted.

I asked him if this meant that I had a PC and he said yes. I immediately knew that this was a scam as we have a MAC (but did not tell him that I had a MAC).

I kept on asking him how he got my information as this is a privacy issue and he said the International Routing Department gave it to him and I asked how did they get the information and he did not know.

I got him to give me information about his company. He said that his phone number was 315-352-4665 and the address was 44Y3 Park Street DOC Building Floor 23, Room 45 New York City. When I asked for the Zip Code, he hung up on me.

I also was really suspicious as I live in Canada so why would someone from what he claims was New York City be phoning me. I am also on a DO NOT CALL registry in Canada but was told by the Canadian government that if the call comes from outside Canada, that registry has no effect.

Colin Naraine who posted something on July 21, 2011, said that his mother-in-law received this scam when trying to access Skype. I got this call the day after I used Skype for the first time so I wonder if there is a security problem with SKYPE.

August 8, 2011, Chris says:

They are still trying it on - just had a call from Ian who sounded very Indian and struggled with basic English!

August 17, 2011, Simon says:

Mr Gray,

Unfortunately I let them remotely access my laptop but after scanning the computer and removing the remote access software it appears there has been no damage. Has there been any reports of people in my situation having their computer compromised, bank details stolen or anything similar?


August 22, 2011, craig says:

just got a call from a indian guy who knew jack about computers telling me to click the website to put an address when i was already on it said i had a corrupted file which i said was wrong because i scan my pc every day he said he wanted to take control of my pc telling me to run files in stead of saving them which i told him no he wasnt and told him there was nothing wrong with my pc and he said bye i am from the uk

August 31, 2011, Tony says:

Just had an overseas sounding lady (English clearly not her first language) telling me my computer was infected. When I asked "Where are you calling from?" she said "International Routing Systems". I replied "Thats WHO you are calling from not WHERE". As I chatted i googled the name she had given. "Ahh, the International Routing systems Scam. I see," I told her. Give me your number and I WILL ring back.

She rang off. The best way to deal with these people is to keep them talking and take the mickey out of them. Costs them time and money.

September 2, 2011, Indian Death says:

09/02/2011 - similar scam caller.

Indian named Brad, representing Microsoft. The "Global Routing System" yada yada, broadcasting traffic, yada yada.

TOTAL SCAM. Ringing CO residents from (comcast *69) 052147252

September 17, 2011, Jason says:

Hi, ok I have a question about this scam, I've also received a phone call from an Indian guy today. The line was poor, delayed and with an annoying echo on the other end where I could hear my own voice. I'm not IT boffin, in fact, I know very little about computers. He went on to explain that I had malicious files on my computer and if I don't get rid of them it will cause my PC to run slower, crash, kill the motherboard and eventually die. I can't remember who he said he worked for. When he instructed me to sit down at my computer and press a number of keys on my keyboard I put the phone down on him. He never even stated my name, address or how he obtained my number.

My concern however, is that my Internet connection had failed on me about 20 minutes prior to the call so it did worry me slightly.

Also once I had cut him off I received pop up messages from my antivirus (Commodo) telling me that unknown files had been found and placed in the "sandbox".

Now my question, is there any way that this Indian chap could have influenced these events? The Internet death and the "unknown files"?

If it is of any help my network provider is Orange and there is a ADSL status update that says: PPP server is down.

If anyone can help that would be excellent! A step by step fix or something would be a great help.


October 12, 2011, aron says:

I've had two calls, both from India and knowing immediately it was a scam. I asked if he sat around all day and monitored the worlds computers. I like to ask where they're based and listen to the crickets in the background as they rack their brain for a well known city. uuuuuuhhhhh Washington, DC......then I said Oh Washington, that's right near New Mexico isn't it? LOL I love when those little bastards call...good times.

November 29, 2011, Guy says:

A lot has been written already on this, but just to say that as of today, 29 Nov 2011 they are still trying to scam people. I've just had them on the phone this morning. I know more than most about routing so I questioned everything they told me leading him done the 'garden path'. When I finally revealed I was on an iMac rather than a Windows machine the indian sounding chap got quite abusive. I just laughed at him but it is a shame they pray on those more fearful of computers and the internet. Please beware, they are still active.

January 3, 2012, Kyla says:

They are still at it. I got a call from a "Kevin Richards" saying that my computer was infected and that I would lose valuable information and files if I didn't follow his instructions. He couldn't tell me what specifically was wrong with my computer and gave me a fake call back number. Please be wary of any cold call tech support!

January 9, 2012, bob says:

my dad just got the same call except we use mac but the guy on the other end kept insisting that we have a windows in our house :)

January 9, 2012, bob says:

it was actualy kind of fun once I said "oh windows ay we have windows i mean it would really dark in here other wise "

January 10, 2012, Chet says:

Just got a related call. Caller ID on my phone showed VERTEX at 318-599-9211. As expected, a reverse phone number search showed no results. The caller was a female with heavy East Indian or Indonesian accent. The connection was very noisy with static, buzz, and fading, but she said the call was from Oregon. The message was that a “DLL virus” had been detected on my computer by the International Routing System (IRS), and I should take immediate action to remove it. Since I had three computers on line at the time, I asked which computer? No response. The line noise got worse and disconnected. I have a full suite of active anti-virus software and firewalls, and nothing has been detected.

March 2, 2012, sheila says:

The scammers often use the name of the last person they have called.

So if it's a small village in, say, Wales, they really struggle to say Gwenllian Llewellyn :).

March 5, 2012, m scunthorpe says:

Sombody just called me and said we are from technical support can you switch pc on please. i just laughed and hung up.

had enough of ppp and insurance/accident scam phonecall's each day both of the above ring us up.

March 5, 2012, lloyd says:

I was contacted today by some idiot claiming to be from the International Routing company and told me that I had a dangerous computer virus on my computer. I asked him which computer was affected and he responded with the one running windows XP (obviously he had no idea which computer). He then asked me if I was next to my computer. I said no but could do a remote connection to it. He didn’t seem to understand what I was saying and insisted that go to the command prompt and type the command ASSOC. I did what he asked me to do. This displayed the machine ID. At this point I said that I was quite capable of sorting whatever virus was on my machine. He seemed quite surprised and asked how I could do this myself and then he hung up. If these people are so genuine why do they ask ID related questions? The simple answer is that these people are completely dishonest and they simply have no integrity, stay well clear of them. Also this person had a heavy Indian accent and the background was very noisy.

March 6, 2012, ashman says:

There are great tips throughout on how to handle this. I came here while I was on the phone entertaining "Rick" (Indian Accent) and Seattle WA phone # displayed. The main summary was enough for me, Scam and "IRS" getting all this info. I'm a Tech Support pro and have been for over 18 years (DOS 3.3, Windows 3.11 ring a bell). Anyway, I played it up when we crawled to Start>Run...eventvwr. And when I told him I had 78 Errors in the past week = "oh my... oh my gosh". So I'm like what can we do!? Suffice to say, I told him I have to open a help ticket immediately with my company and report this. And thanked him, asking for his company name and phone to call back. Something like 'Computer Services' and he'll call me back in an hour... (sarcastically) It's so nice that the "IRS" gets this information and FW:'s it on to a company to help us out of this mess. I think when he calls back, I'll use the 'Which computer' question and prod a bit more on what they know about me. Just to see what's goes out there but I'm not afraid of Big Brother. As always, monitor your checking accounts and credit card statements every month. At a glance during BP, you'll be surprised at some of the things we've subscribed for... Take care out there!

March 10, 2012, Sam says:

Just had one of these calls myself in England.I was immediately supicious and told the Indian sounding gentleman that a good friend of mine was a computer expert working for an International company and I would get him to investigate it for me.He said he could talk me through the process of repairing the problem in the hard drive which my virus protection would not detect.
I asked the name of his company and he said it was Swartec.I have caller display and his phone number was 02138251150.I then told him thanks for letting me know and put the phone down. I then googled it to see if it was a scam.I then contacted my ISP and gave them all the details including their phone number.Thank goodness I was smart enough to suspect it was a scam.

April 4, 2012, Phillipa says:

Germany here. The Indian or Pakistani gentleman has good intel as he did his stuff in slurry English and went away when I would only talk German.

Did he know I was English, or is it a ploy to put non native English speakers at a disadvantage. I guess he stole my phone number from some internet shop or other that I have used.

The giveaway was when he asked me to "switch my computer on". Two of them are always on, the other two only when needed.
I listened at first as he dropped the "M" word and I was concerned that they might erroneously want to talk about potential minor licensing quibbles.

April 10, 2012, Luke says:

just got a similar call from a woman with an indian sounding accent, she claimed to be calling from Microsoft in london with something about error messages on my computer. im 13 but i quite fancy myself with technology and we have 2 computers in the house, my laptop running on windows 7, and a PC downstairs running on vista home premium, at first i was a little convinced but i dont use the wifi in our house with my laptop, my room on the opposite side of the house to our router so my frined next door gives me his password for theirs, so how could they have possibly obtained our home phone asking questions about error messages on windows 7, when they have no connection with the only system that operates on windows 7, we have sky broadband anyway, so they couldnt have got any of our contact details from service providers! before i came across this thread i had told her to ring back in the evening, im going to make a complete arse of her! ;)

May 9, 2012, Bo says:

Some indian guy... would not get to the point, just some blabber about my computer infected... Kept him on the line for a while, repeating periodically to "State the nature of your call!"...

For fun, tried to get him to provide me my MAC address, my IP address, even my name...

Wish I had seen this post earlier... I would have had a ton of fun... as it was, figured it was just spam crap and gave a bit of a hard time... wish I would have escalated to a manager for some more fun... Did have some fun trying to associate him with the real IRS (Internal Revenue Service)...

Eventually I was rude and hung up... I hope someone calls back again... ;-) LOL

May 11, 2012, B Robbins says:

I got a phone call last night at 9 pm from a Seattle, WA phone number from a guy with an indian accent claiming to be from Microtech Company or Services name Charles Lamb. I knew he was a scammer from the getgo because when I kept asking questions, he was responding with different information each time. I asked him for his phone number and he gave me an incomplete number...only 9 digits vs. 10...I told him I was going to check with our IT Manager to make sure it was legitimate and call him back. He told me that my computer has been infected and he was calling to help me. BS!!!!!! In the end after questioning about the short phone number, he hung up on me.

May 17, 2012, Joanna says:

Bless the Internet. Got a similar phone call. Some rubbish about infected computer and International Routing System. Typed that into my search engine and got this website. I started to read back to him some of the posts on this forum. Sadly he only gave me the first few digits of his phone number before hanging up!!

May 22, 2012, Jim Miller says:

I recieved a call from I guess our Indian friend stating he was from world routing computer and my computer was sending malicious information. If I would let him he would log on ans show me where it was. He could not provide IP Address or mac address. He asked when would be a good time to call back. I told him 3:00 am. He said that was not accepteble. I said tough that was the earliest I would be available. Wish I had seen this first I would have had some fun with him.

May 30, 2012, Phil says:

Today's version: caller claimed to be from Microsoft, and stated that Windows was infected with a virus and it had been picked up by the "Global Routing System".

Caller id withheld. Accent: I don't know how to tell apart Indian and Pakistani, but either would be a plausible description.

June 12, 2012, Charles Cardile says:

isn't there a way we could all jump their website at once and crash their system

July 13, 2012, johnson bestwich says:

I got a call from some one from the international routing system and they solved all my problems as my computer was slow fpr free . thank god

Eaton Bray says: "Johnson Bestwich" posted this comment from the IP address which is assigned to Pulse Telesystems Pvt Ltd, an Indian ISP. We get many bogus comments like this from people that obviously work for the scammers. Do not be fooled by these people, and make sure you tell all your friends to be aware of this scam.

August 10, 2012, Dany says:

Just got a call from an Indian man saying there was a problem with my Windows operating system. Funny since I own a Mac and use the MAC OS! I quickly cut the conversation short. Next time I'll tell him I don't own a computer!

August 11, 2012, Elsa says:

I have received 2 phone calls with the same story of a problem with my Windows operating system. I asked them for their phone number which is (213)221-3528 I called later and the number is correct. I never believed them, so I called the police and they told me that they could do nothing about it. Thanks for the article it is of great help!! Who could help?

August 22, 2012, suryaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

can anyone answer for my question........................... what they will earn by calling you and showing this kind of errors and connect with .................... i cant understand....................................... for what purpose they do this

September 2, 2012, Deb says:

Ok just I've had some wierd calls on my cell phone with numbers like...1408, 1313, 1417, 1304, and 1301. Until the last one, nobody would answer when I said Hello. So the last one some Indian speaking man tells me that I have an infection on my computer. I ask how can he tell I have an infection, he says thru the International Routing System, which I have never heard of and to turn my computer on. But it's already on, but I don't tell him that. So I tell the Indian guy let me have you talk to my husband who works in Information Technology. So the Indian guy tells him the same thing and that he works for Microsoft. Paul says he's never heard of the International Routing System. He asks the Indian guy for the IP address that he has and says he doesn't know it. Then he hangs up. We then look it up on Google and found this website.

September 5, 2012, Mark Spencer says:


I have gone through your website and seen many member comments. I know how you guys feel. It's funny i am textin you coz i work for a company who just doesn't seem to stop scamming people in the name of technical support.We are told to give jazz about the IRS. They are scammers and you guy's should get them. The company name is Ceylon Infotech and they are located at Delta 1, Sixth floor,Ceylon Infotech, Pune, Maharashtra, India. Any one having the number of microsoft should call them and provide them the COMPANY information so the defaulters could be put to task. N yes! Would love if my name would not be mentioned coz i sure dont want to get into trouble with these guys.

September 24, 2012, Michael Young says:

Hi & Hello All

Well looks like these guys are realy busy. I reside in Australia and I have been taken in by these guys to. It cost me about 125.00 AUD for my subscription. These guys came across as genuine. They have a fully functional website and support sevices.It was very convincing. I only subcribed to this as I travel a lot and I needed to set up something for my wife. I didn't reserch this properly!I am quite fluent with a computer and many of the things you do to keep a machine secure. I get a regular call from these guys and I let them successfully fix my machine ONCE and they did a pretty good job too, but after that they would blank out the screens and hide what they were doing.I shut them down twice after that by turning off the Router. They ask questions like how many machines use this network. They tell me I have viruses and get me to run the inf directory or the event viewer. They once tried to convince me that my IP address was compromised and tried to sell me a new one! Beware of this as this has to be a scam. I had them on the conection sharing when I was being told that these error messages were "Hacking Files" and "viruses" so I proceeded to do a virus check on the file whilst she watched she managed to stop me from running a scan on the file and subsequent directory I turned off the router, She passed the phone to her "Supevisor". During one of these sessions after I told them that they would only be permitted access to my machine if I could see every move they make. they agreed I allowed access. The Tech then ran the Command promt. I noticed that MSE had been disabled and he proceeded to ping other computers I took control and shut down the router. I received another call from them about 2 hours ago trying the same stunt with someone different. I again refused access to the machine. He asked me to run thr INF command so I went outside for a cigarette. I told him I was following his directions. He said all the files in that directory were infected. "Oh realy I said,Ive just run a scan on these files whilst talking to you. They are clean. I then told him I'd spoken with Microsoft's Tech Support and they DO NOT CONTRACT OUT THEIR TECH SERVICES. They do it all themselves (this realy makes sense when you think about it!). I then asked him to send me proof that they are a Microsoft accredited sevice agent so I could varify the information with Microsoft AUST. He politely said goodbye and hung up. I have found mention of these clowns on the IC3 website and left a similar comment there. I went to GRC.COM and run some external scans for peace of mind.I ran another external scan and also ran the resident security software as a precaution. These people do provide the service they sell however I am sure they are stealing personal information, software keys, passwords etc. I also discovered that they cant see a split screen I run 2 screens with indipendant windows.(Not in Extended screen mode, They couldn't view the secondary screen.This was quite handy to know. I could move things around such as the ICS command window ans ome of the other crap they would attempt to install and run.All this and more has happened in about 4 sessions and I have deliberately made it dificult because from the second session they started doing things I wouln't expect from a sevice here in Australia to do. Unfortunately there are no laws in this country at present to prosecute a Tech for copying your info on your drives whilst doing authorised repair and maitenancehence. So AUSTRALIANS BEWARE YOU ARE NOT LEGALLY PROTECTED.The crime is if they use the info without permission. They can even steal your photo collections according to Channel Seven Current Affairs. I could continue but read some of the posts you dont need to read to many before you get the idea.Put in the address at the IC3 website and your search will provide you with all the answers you need if you doubt the posts here. Mum always said "Where there is smoke there is fire" Something is not quite right with this Tech Spt buisiness,so buyer beware.

September 28, 2012, Dick E. says:

Just received a call from International Routing System. I Googled it while he was on the phone and read the article that it was a scam-halfway through he hung up. Thanks for the posting

October 20, 2012, Michael Young says:

Hi and hello again

Well the saga with these clowns continues so here is another update as they are trying another scam.
I have now just received a call from the "International antiscam Beureau" (Ha Ha Ha )and acording to Officer Turban (Sorry couldent understand the name due to the heavy Indian/Pakastani accent) telling me the scammers have been arrested. they are all behind bars after a deep and meaningfull confession by "all and sundry".."now could you please boot your machine and start teamviewer software as we need to see what they have done and so we can recover your subscription fees. You should have it returned in the next 48 hrs Mr Young" Sorry Cobber I told him but Ive had the machine professionally repaird and secured by a local technition, but you can transfere the funds to my paypal account ,I'll give you the details if you wish". "oh" but you need to fill in some forms to get the refund" was the reply.I said You may email it here and I shall fill it out and return it to you via the email service", I gave him a secondary email account where all the junk goes. The conversation went around in circles till I mentioned posts to this site,ICCC websites ,complaints to the FBI and the Australian Feds. Needless to say a very disappointed voice replied "Oh ok then I'll send you the form and call back tomorrow te see if you received it". He hung up. BEWARE THESE FOOLS ARE AT IT AGAIN AND THEY WILL TRY ANYTHIG TO GET ACCESS TO YOUR MACHINE.The refund for does have a requirement for you to supply your creditcard details. DONT DO IT. Give them a paypal account or similar. Word is obviously getting out and about the net regarding this group of thieves so please if you know of another site like tis please repost this post and my previous post anywhere and everywhere.

December 20, 2012, Mark Brooks says:

It seems these guys are still going strong, only this time under the guise of Global Routing System. Apparently the server on my computer was causing 40% of the Microsoft network to crash! Kept trying to give me a service number that I needed to verify, presumably on their website but I never asked. Was told they had my address and phone number, gave me a wrong address when I asked for it, was then put through to a supervisor in keeping with other accounts on here, and he proceeded to give me a load of crap about needing to get the number verified and if I didn't want to cooperate then that was fine. Asked if they had the right phone number for me - clearly, you're speaking to me on it. All very humerous really, but someone with a little less savvy could quite easily be taken in by this, so just be aware people.

January 16, 2013, Mark Stewart says:

Just had my 4TH "microsoft technician" in 2 months phone me. As my household has 2 laptops and 2 computers I always ask which OS to load. When I mention linux they start shouting down the phone "DO NOT USE LINUX". When I ask Which windows to load they just say "yes windows". Getting fed up with this so i now just politely turn all the questions around on them until they get fed up and hang up. Hopefully they might get the hint.

January 17, 2013, emma says:

I had same bogus call today and yesterday. claiming my computer was infected. Exactly the same as above posts. They were so convincing "jordon and Julie". Thank god i hung up after a lengthy push to pay he even said he would input the details for me!!!!thanks to a friend he sent me this web link as i felt so stupid for entertaining them.

March 13, 2013, Glenda McGaughey says:

they even gave me a number to call back! :) 1-855-888-5881

May 18, 2013, Richard Faust says:

I just had this call last week from the International Routing System .I was tempted to ask the caller if they were calling from a 7/11 or maybe the front desk of any number of our cutrate motels in this region.I suspicioned foul play when the caller ID came up with all the numbers blacked out. so I asked "If your calling from a reputible co. why are you #'s blacked out on my caller id". They ignored that and told me that my PC had a virus and they could help me fix it.I told the caller I was booting up. However my pc was already on and in sleep mode. I played the hard of hearing old man and asked them to speak up several times .Finally In frustration the caller yelled at me saying "listen to me and do what I tell you" I'd had enough at that point and told them "I Just purchased this computer and the first thing I did after turning it on was install anti virus ,which was all true,and I know for a fact my system is just fine and i'm not going to do what you tell me to do and I think you and your co. are rediculous" after which I hear the hang up. case closed. Who are these idiots?

May 31, 2013, Scott Brinson says:

Had the same phone call from Sylvan Bradford from Global Routing Services. I knew it was bogus when he called 6-7 times the day before looking for a Mr. Morgan. I work in a government office and we have never had a Mr. Morgan here. He used the same excuse about viruses in the computer and he was hired by Microsoft to fix the problems. We have our own IOT people, so we did what we could to rile their feathers and waste their time.

June 6, 2013, Rudi says:

Same problem.
They called and tried to tal my son in to letting them in.
After 3 day's and 5 call's i had himl
on the phone.
I am an professional network administrator and I played the game.
I hoocked off when he tried to let me give hime remote access to my pc. He told me that when i would not do that (remote access) , Microsoft would start a law procedure against me and it would cost me a lot of money.

June 14, 2013, L A Petersen says:

I received the same call from gentleman with an Indian accent who identified himself as John. He called from 202-202-1234; a throw-away cell phone. I asked for a number to corroborate his information for the agency he claimed to be calling from - A1 Tech Support. The number he gave is 646-915-1375. This is not the number of that agency. I did a reverse number check; this second number belongs to a cell phone owned by a fellow in New York City.

July 14, 2013, Karen M. Sullivan says:

July 13, 2013 got "the phone call." The message was slightly different as the caller said "International Router" instead of "International Routing System" and did not refer to "International Router" as a company.

Maybe he's in training?

I asked him to send me an email to verify he was who he claimed to be. His response: "I can't do that."

End of conversation.

July 14, 2013, Karen M. Sullivan says:

Received a call 7/13/2013 about my computer being infected from an international router.

He claimed to work for Microsoft's Windows 7 division.

I asked him to send me an email so I could verify his claims.

His response: "I can't do that"

End of conversation

August 14, 2013, ichael Young says:

Hi all
sorry to this forum site has not had an entry for over a year. It still goes on and our pollies are not doing the least to stop these scams here's the latest update to what is happening in Sth Austraia... A follow up on the last post I made. They are now trying anything and everything to get at my machine. They are now targeting my wife. I've wiped the hard drive changed security software. I was using Microsoft security essentials and changed back to zone alarm.Read the reviews, (presently MS Security is not rating well.) Killed the CC and am about to change the Ph number. Rang the Aussie FEDS and they are aware of the scam and unable to assist, but that was another scam I think these curry munchers are running.
Go here to see some of what's going on
Talk to your ISP they may be able to help. Another one now is to pose as an officer of the ATO and wanting to pay back some of your taxes . I had to laugh at that the federal Aust govt handing out cash ...yeah right our pollies are to busy filling their pockets to have time for their constituents! but this character wanted $299.00 first then the ATO would refund $4288 in a tax refund. HA! Had to go to the car park at Craigmore Shopping centre in Sth Aust then ring a Canberra number to let them know I was there.I had to be outside the post office, to which the staff were aware of the scam and advising customers accordingly When I questioned him about what dept. or office he was in he hung up and refused to take my calls. I am sure it is the same guys running the computer scams talked about here. If its not one Idea they try another. Just thought you should Know
Good luck

August 30, 2013, Mel says:

The Global Routing System scam is still happening. These guys (Indian speaking) are really persistent in trying to legitimise their "purpose" in responding to error reports to a 'server' indicating that there is a dangerous virus on my computer that is not being blocked by usual computer protection. They did the Event Viewer gag but the scary bit was leading me to the operating system and quoting my computer ID number - not sure how they do this. Company names they used included "Let's Assist", "Global Routing System" and "UTC - United Technology something". They also "put me through to the supervisor" and provided a call back number 0800 800 150. They were trying to get remote access. This was all pretty elaborate so glad to find this site that talks about this scam.

September 16, 2013, christine Johnson says:

I received the first call from Global Routing Services this morning and hung up almost immediately. Another call followed a few minutes later and this time I let the Indian gentleman talk for a little longer before telling him I knew his call was a scam and hung up. Yet another call came around half an hour later - this time from the "supervisor". He said that it had been reported to him that I had told the previous caller that I thought the calls were part of a scam. This supervisor then said that my computer was infected with a serious virus that it was not only affecting my own PC but many others in the area where I live. As a result of this all these computers were under threat of letting in a multitude of junk mail at the very least and at worst, crashing all together. He then said that he had my computer serial number, quoted it to me and told me to check it against the details on my box. I told him it wasn't convenient then and asked him to ring back in the afternoon. In the intervening time I contacted a family member who is far more o fey with computers that I am. He Googled the name Global Routing Services and came up with this blog site. So it was good to have all this information to hand when the "supervisor" rang back - as he did just now.
He said he was calling back as arranged and that unless I agreed to let one of their technicians contact me to put the problem in my computer right, they would have to make sure my computer was rendered un-useable within 6 - 8 hours!!I would also lose any stored data on it, photos, files, everything. Quite scary if you were taken in and believed him.
I told him that I had contacted various informed friends and knew his spiel was a scam and that this was the end of our conversation. He was still talking when I hung up.
I hope these evil people will be traced and given suitable retribution.

October 1, 2013, Bernie Green says:

I got a call from a person that sounded Indian or Pakistani
And told me he was from Suppot Plaza and he gave me his name, address, tel no and company ID. He said I had malware on my pc . He told me the name of the malware and where to find it. He offered to access my computer to fix it I told him I wouldn't let him do that and said I'd check it out. I was curious how they could see that there was malware on my PC and how they got my phone number so I called back. They told me they got that info thru the international internet routing system. Unfortunately when I called back I gave him my full name so I don't know if I've given them a way to get access to my stuff easier. Anyway, when I googled international internet routing system and that's when I found this site. So now I know that I am not infected. Thanks!

October 2, 2013, Bernie Green says:

I want to add to my 10/1/13 comment. When I called Microsoft about this supposed malware they didn't think I had a problem and told me to report it to the FCC
1-888-225-5322. I've tried to call them but their closed I think because of the gov't shutdown. However, I encourage anyone who has been contacted by these people to call the FCC and alert them since it seems per this site to be going on since 2010.

February 15, 2014, D. Curran says:

Was woken up early on a Saturday morning with these people. I asked for a manager and told him not to call me, that I was on the Do Not Call List and that I would be reporting him. The response to this was a tirade of four-letter insults.

April 14, 2014, Rowena says:

Hi, need some help or advice please I've just had this call and as I am about as computer illiterate at you get I just believed them and let them take contrôlée of the computer! I cout them off when they showed me this so called website and my partner found this site and stopped me.
I'm terrified they have access to my files and any of my passwords card details and accounts! Can someone give me some advice what do I do now?

May 28, 2014, LYNN says:

I just got a call at 9:22pm from an Indian lady, claiming to be from Global Routing systems, from the UK. I messed with her for about ten minutes. They are persistent in trying to gain access to your computer. She was talking to someone and she seemed to be in a loud room. Crazy people. She finally hung up.

June 9, 2014, Dave says:

Just received a call from a Technics Computing - guy said his name was John but definitely an indian or similar part of the world accent. He said he was part of Microsoft Windows Software group and that my computer is sending out virus and stuff and he got my number from the error reporting. Said he wanted me to check for errors on my computer and that he would help me fix it. be careful. The phone number that came up from his call was 976-418-7577

July 15, 2014, anonymous says:

Thanks alot for the article really helpful. I too received a call from 287-471-7730 first from an indian guy and later from some foreign guy saying that some hackers hacked my computer and they want to repair it. to my wonder they were revealing all my details including my email id, my phone number, address and every thing.

November 7, 2014, Geoff Jones says:

As above I got a call from Vincent from the 'Windows Technical Team'!I asked him for my address, he knew it! I asked him for my IP address, he then hung up. The phone number for Vincent is 01926 632060.

March 19, 2015, Anon Ymouse says:

Got the call today Came from Brian in Texas.
He sounded more like Gunga Din.
He told me my computer was infected, but didn't explain how they knew my phone number also.
You can call him at 888-577-4003.

Ever since I got Magic Jack I get a load of these garbage calls.
And it is not possible to call back the incoming phone number.
Why is that?
Why is there no agency to stop these fools?

March 23, 2015, J Good says:

Seems this has been going on for years, but why do they keep calling us ? We tell them we don't even have a computer and yet they call almost daily!!It is always a person with a foreign accent and an american name, today was Clinton. We always either just hang up so say we don't have a computer, today I asked where they were calling from and the said IRS (International etc.) I hung up again I'm sure they will call again tomorrow

September 12, 2015, Moyra says:

I have had numerous of these calls, but only tonight did I get the information about the international routing system. When I told the man with the Indian accent that I was not who he thought I was (he called me "Mrs" and I'm "Dr" and I used my maiden name rather than my ex-married name), he first became agitated but then put the phone down. I sometimes take pleasure in telling these callers that I think they are incredibly stupid to have to read a scam from a script. They hate that and often call me a variety of names before putting the phone down. One said I was going to be prosecuted for saying he was stupid, to which I responded that he was an idiot. One has to get a bit of fun out of these irritating people trying to scam money out of people. I hate them.

October 13, 2015, K Dog says:

It happened to me just now...And I just kept asking questions and he got so frustrated he hung up. So funny. He claimed to see my "PC" (which I run Mac) on their servers "flashing" and that someone was trying to access my computer from another location. I kept asking for more information, his name, where he was, why do they do this...etc... and voila!
He had big sigh and hung up!
I had no idea on this scam so I googled it like others here and bam here we are. Crazzeee.

February 4, 2016, Peggy says:

I just had the same call today. My caller ID said the phone number was 859 355 5313. How did they get my computer number and know my name and address. I hung up after a little while, but I am concerned whether they can still hack my computer. Should I report this as a scam to FBI?

March 4, 2016, v Ganderton says:

Scam is still continuing. Caller was very smooth, very polite, very patient. Indian accent from "Texas". Gave me his phone # and employee #. He correctly gave me my computer ID number- said that's how I could know he was legit. i said I had to verify with a friend before letting him take over my computer. He is calling back tomorrow. My PC is indeed running slowly - that's why I bought an Apple 18 months ago. He said that if I was using the same router for my Apple, it would get infected as well.

May 10, 2017, T Gordon says:

They are still at it. I received two phone calls today from an Ohio phone number telling me that they were from a Routing Support company and that error messages from my computer were being sent to the International Routing System.

I hung up on the first caller - claiming BS. I led the second caller on. I asked how he could link my home phone number (which is unlisted) with my computer. I know that this information is not available on an IP lookup. He danced around the question - at that point, I had enough and told him that 'his mother would not be proud of him', and hung up.

I checked with my computer's security company - and they stated that this is starting again. So, warn people!

May 24, 2017, Jeff J says:

I received 3 calls from these clowns yesterday, and was actually able to get one of them to tell me his real number (in case we got disconnected.) It is: 245-859-4186 x3864669382.

When I told him that I was going to call the police and send a complaint to the FCC, he started swearing at me, and threatening my family.

September 7, 2017, JJ says:

These guys are at it again. I just took a call from LNP Megapopnet @ 248-530-4490. It is from around Troy, Michigan. I live In Florida.

The story line is the same, as several of the above comments.

November 26, 2019, sof says:

Today I was called to Israel with the same story. Indian accent. Said they were from Seattle. Thank you.

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