There was a time when the soft velvet darkness of night enfolded you - starlight and moonshine guided....
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Salvation Sound - April 2010

Posted on April 1, 2010

This article was published in April 2010. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Salvation ArmyThere was a time when the soft velvet darkness of night enfolded you - starlight and moonshine guided your way. Candlelight lit peoples homes, then came oil lamps, then the gentle glow of gas light. Those days have long since gone. With the press of a switch we have light. Sometimes we can even be dazzled by the amount of lights in towns and cities.

In India Christian women perform a lamp-lighting ceremony each evening as the shadows fall. A song is chanted as the ceremony begins - music, the heady scent of flowers and purifying incense fills the air. The home is fi lled with light and sweetness; with it is the lingering sense of the Presence of the Light of the World, Jesus. He was the Light when He died on Calvary and rose again, and His is still the Light which guides us through the difficulties, temptations and dangers which may be encountered on our life's journey.

Whether we set out on our journey in spring, summer, autumn or winter it is important to be aware of the starting point; but we never travel alone for Jesus is with us every step of the way.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta was on her journey of life and it was said of her that her presence evoked “the beauty of holiness” - “that special beauty amounting to a kind of pervasive luminosity generated by a life dedicated wholly to loving God and His creation.”

Mother Teresa would have been the first to insist that if God's glory shines through her it can shine through all who live for Christ. This is how people should see us as Christians - bright and inviting lights in this world.

Jesus brought us out of darkness and He said that we, as His followers, are “the light of the world”. Matthew 5: 14.

Lord, let me be a shining light
In all I say and do,
May your great love be seen in me
And lead someone to you...

At 6-30.a.m. on Easter Day we will be on Ivinghoe Beacon, hopefully watching the sunrise, and celebrating the rising of The Son.

Why not get out of bed bright and early and come and join with us!!!



Source: Focus, April 2010

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