I am sitting in my office looking at the daffodils coming into bloom and thinking what a great time of....
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Village Hall Update

Posted on April 25, 2008

This article was published in April 2008. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

I am sitting in my office looking at the daffodils coming into bloom and thinking what a great time of year it is. No, I had better start again, as actually, from my office all I can see is a tiny bit of the garden and not a single daffodil, but you get the jist of my thoughts? Spring is here and like the rest of us it is a pleasure to behold the spring flowers and the garden coming into bloom.

That has nothing to do with the Village Hall except we are getting closer to the building work which we hope to carry out in June, the refurbishment of the kitchen and meeting room plus creating a disabled toilet.

This is getting us even closer to my main point. It really is a very strange way my mind works but you may just be getting used to this old man's ramblings by now!

Now where was I? Oh yes.... All these works cost lots of money so the old GI's along with our friends from the ultra fit Tennis Club are going to remind you about the Quiz.

This will take place on Saturday 26th April in the Village Hall. 7.30pm start and with an excellent supper included in the minuscule price of just £8 each. Bring you own drinks and glasses.

With my usual generosity I am offering two free tickets to the quiz for the first person who tells me on what page the Quiz advert is on (subject to the very very very kind editors putting it in!). The telephone number is on the advert.

We have run these quizzes over the last couple of years and they have been extremely popular. Do come along make up a team of 8 or if you cannot manage that, we can put smaller like minded groups together and create a super team! (Something like super food, sounds good but no one is sure if they really work).

I will babble on about the 5th Beer Festival in the next Focus but just to remind you the dates are Friday 6th June and Saturday 7th June. Make a note in your diary.

Don't forget to book your tickets for the Quiz and then keep reading those reference books so you can win a great prize and more importantly the pride of saying "We Won!"

Take from someone who has done just that. For any information just call Ross 221411.

Source: Focus, April 2008

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