I'll be honest this is going to be a very quick report as this sad old git (G I), went on holiday for....
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Eaton Bray Village Hall 4th Annual Beer Festival

Posted on July 13, 2007

This article was published in July 2007. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

I'll be honest this is going to be a very quick report as this sad old git (G I), went on holiday for 10 days immediately after the beer festival so I have got to write this very quickly or the honourable editor will not let me get it into print (if you see this then you know, as I do, that she is a very kind person).

The weather was just as good as last year and even though we did get more beer, burgers, sausages, potatoes, fillings and other alcoholic drinks along with the soft drinks we had almost sold out of everything by late Saturday and that was after a slightly quieter Friday (we think due to England v Brazil football match).

On Saturday the weather blessed us again and by early afternoon lots of families had turned up to watch the magician and then stayed in party mood 'til late into the evening.

Our biggest thanks must be to those who turned up to enjoy the Festival, but the sacrifices the CAMRA volunteers made just to make sure that every pint was up to their usual high standard were well beyond the call of duty. They did so much tasting that they had to get a taxi home each night!

Again it is the G I volunteers who also make it possible and our thanks to all of them.

With all that effort how could we fail? The final profit is in excess of £3,400. All this will be going into the work to be carried out on the toilets in the very near future.

Thank you all for your support again. We will definitely start planning the 5th Beer Festival which will take place on the first weekend of June 2008. Don't forget!

To more immediate things, our next event is a joint quiz with the Tennis Club which is to be held in the hall on Friday 5th October. We sold out last time so please book your places early. More details from Ross.

P.S. Where did I go on holiday? This is really sad but I loved it. I rode 1,600 miles around the UK on my motorbike visiting friends and family and enjoyed it tremendously. Makes coming back and writing this all worthwhile.

Source: Focus, July 2007

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