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June 2011

Cricket: Dazed and confused

This article was published in June 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

CricketSkipper Norris was left dazed and confused and later to be found drowning his sorrows as on a damp track the firsts were skittled in dramatic fashion for 37 (yes 37!!). After Ellerton (2 for 7) and Barker (3 for 9) had run through the Olney batting line up, to dismiss them for 99, the Bray were confident of a win at tea. Keeping (5 for 9) and Smith (5 for 13) did all the damage after the break and seven ducks tells its own story!

Norris was heard to mumble something about 'bouncebackability' before stumbling off into the night (leaving Kerins with the taxi bill) and we'll try again this Saturday at home to Elstow...


  • Result: Olney Town CC - Saturday 1st XI Won Batting First by 62 runs
  • Date: Sat 25th Jun 2011
  • Start Time: 13:30
  • Ground: Olney Town Cricket Ground
  • Type: League : Four Counties Cricket League - Division 1
  • Scoring: Standard
  • Toss: 1st XI won the toss and decided to bowl
  • Highlights: Crazy game, toss lost on damp wicket and Olney bowled out for 99, 7th wicket stand of 60 between Bates (27) and Brown (31) getting Olney to 99. Ellerton (2-7) and Barker (3-9) doing damage. After tea Eaton Bray all out for 37 with only Hearn (12) reaching double figures. Keeping (5-9) and Smith (5-13) taking the wickets inside 20 overs!

Source: Eaton Bray Cricket Club

Cricket: Close...but no cigar

This article was published in June 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

CricketAnother difficult day for the 2nds as having batted first on a two paced wicket they subsided to 117 all out from 41 overs. Several batsmen got in, with Gypps getting to 30 before getting caught and bowled and Smith 14 before holing out at fine leg, but aerial shots proved the undoing for others as Wilden held their catches.

In reply the game reached quite a climax as Wilden having lost eight wickets limped over the line, in one of the overs gifted by the Bray. McCarthy with 3-19 proved the pick of the Bray bowlers, but in a tight game the bowlers giving up 12 wides and 7 no-balls between them, gave the oppo too much assistance.


  • Result: Wilden CC, Beds - 1st XI Won Batting Second by 2 wickets
  • Date: Sat 25th Jun 2011
  • Start Time: 13:30
  • Type: League : Four Counties Cricket League - Division 3
  • Scoring: Standard
  • Toss: Wilden CC, Beds - 1st XI won the toss and decided to bowl

Source: Eaton Bray Cricket Club

Butcher's Shop Invests in New Services

This article was published in June 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

ButcherThe butcher's shop in Eaton Bray is investing in new services and improvements.

D&E Hines (High Street, Eaton Bray) are planning to open a new cookroom and bring on new products to go with their Derek Bunker handmade traditional pork sausages.

The produce sold in the shop is bought from local farmers, including traditional mustards, preserves, free range eggs, oven-baked bread and fresh fruit and veg.

D&E Hines makes their own cooked meats & ham, and also sell pies, cured bacon and traditional meats like corned beef.

The shop has been in the same family hands for 15 years, and also gives advice on different cuts of meat and how to prepare it.

Vegetarians won't be left out either and the shop is looking at making quiches and veggie pies.

Emergency forum helps locals save water

This article was published in June 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

RingmasterA local resilience forum is helping locals save water after the Environment Agency recently confirmed that parts of Bedfordshire are experiencing drought.

Despite recent rain, the county is experiencing one of the driest six month periods across East Anglia, since records began. As a result the Bedford and Luton Local Resilience forum (BBLRF) is urging locals to save water by issuing tips which could saves households thousands of litres of water per year.

The forum, made up of Bedford and Luton councils, The Environment Agency and the bluelight service are asking locals to take simple measures such as not leaving the tap running when brushing this teeth, this alone can save up to six litres of water per minute which arcoss the country is enough to fill over 1,400 Olympic size swimming pools.

For more information on ways to save water and what the drought means for you visit:

Source: Ringmaster Bedfordshire

St Mary's Village Carnival 2011

This article was published in June 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

St Mary's Village Carnival 2011The Carnival Queen, Carnival Princess and Attendants have now been chosen for the main event on 2nd July!

  • Carnival Queen – Rebecca Baldwin
  • Carnival Princess – Stephanie Tate
  • The Attendants – Melanie Tate and Chloe Tough

The four young ladies will lead the procession from the Orchards to the Green in a Bentley convertible. Follow the procession and cheer them on their way.

The Carnival theme for this year is – "Pirates" – So come and join the procession representing anything associated with Pirates; Buried Treasure, Dastardly Deeds, The Skull and Cross-Bones or anything else that might push a happy reveller to the end of the plank .. let your imagination run wild !!

Why not decorate your house as part of the Carnival Theme and brighten the route as the procession makes its way through the villages. Could you transform the outside of your house into a Caribbean galleon, will there be a plank out of your front bedroom, will Black Beard be adorning your front door, does the "X" mark the spot in the front garden where the buried treasure lies? For the less faint hearted (me hearties .. Haaa Haaa !) just how large a "Skull and Cross –Bones" can you fly from your chimney stack, I mean mast?!

This year it looks like there will be a superb number of stalls on the Green, with more exciting entertainment and activities than ever before.

  • A whole range of entertainment and spectacles will take place throughout the afternoon in the Grand Arena, starting with the arrival of the Carnival Procession led by the Carnival Queen and Princess accompanied by their Attendants
  • Look out for the special techniques and contraptions used at the worm-charming event as contestants pour water, jump up and down, dance and play music into the ground to entice as many worms from the soil as they can in the allotted time.
  • Listen out for the silent auction with the huge list of items to bid for.
  • Watch out where you put your feet when Clarabelle the cow decides where to drop her special load which will provide a lucky person with a special cash prize. Be sure to buy your Clarabelle square on the Green; don't miss out or man'ure going to be sorry.
  • There will be a wide range of tombolas and raffles for adults and children with instant prizes and non-stop fun. Make sure you get tickets for the Grand Draw too with extra special prizes!
  • If it's breath taking thrills you are after be sure to try the giant bouncy castle and slide that will be on the Green on Carnival day.
  • Are you a budding young artist? Be part of the massive picture that will be put together on the Green made from many individual paintings; all coming together on Carnival day.
  • Don't miss the dog show! Whether you have a pooch or a pedigree the dog show is a don't miss event at the Carnival. This year wonder at the pooch and owner sausage eating competition; the canine that wins this is going to be a really "Hot Dog"!
  • If your garden needs that final splash of colour or you wish to nurture something for summer salads you can pick up beautiful plants at the charity plant stall.
  • Be entertained and amazed by the wood carving demonstration and perhaps you'll head home with a carving of your own.
  • Whatever your taste buds might fancy there will be something for you at the Carnival. Homemade cakes, sponges and sandwiches of all kinds with a cold drink or a cup of freshly made tea from the Tea Tent. Perhaps you would prefer something hot from the barbeque with an ice cold soft drink! There will be something for everyone at the various food stalls.
  • Be sure to visit the newly introduced Coq au vin Corner where a portion of France will be available providing the freshly prepared classics, Coq au vin and Boeuf Bourguignon, to tingle your cosmopolitan taste buds.

Carnival 2011 will be a day out for the whole family to look forward to; free entry, free entertainment, and free parking. Various hot and cold foods and drinks will be available throughout the day on the Green, from the early hours until close down with non-stop entertainment. Make this a date in your diary!

Would you like to help at the carnival? - Contact Gordon

For example:

  • Can you provide prizes, of any sort, for the various raffles and tombola stalls.
  • Items for the silent auction.
  • Can you assist with transport or provide the use of a lorry or van?
  • Can you provide help on the day of the carnival at any of the many charity stalls, even for a few hours?
  • Can you provide help with the early morning crew setting up tents and facilities on the Green? Egg and bacon rolls are served from about 7am!!

Charity Stalls - If you want to book a charity stall at the Carnival, contact Chris Banks.

Classic Cars - If you have a Classic Car you would like to show off for all our pleasure, contact Roger Wilkinson .

Notes from the Chairman

  1. The event relies on hundreds of people volunteering to help in various ways in the period from 6pm on Friday 1st July to 8pm on Saturday 2nd July. Please consider offering your services and if you can help please contact me.
  2. Many families have children who are participating in the Carnival Procession. If your child is joining a float please do not attempt to drive a vehicle into The Orchards. Instead, please park in Northall Road and walk to the Orchards via The Comp. We will arrange for the children's floats to be conveniently positioned so that the walk is not a long one.
  3. If your organisation / good cause could benefit from a donation from the Carnival Committee then please send a request via the Carnival website –
  4. Four members of the Carnival Committee will be standing down this year; they share around 50 years of experience in running the Carnival and will be greatly missed. However, this may be an opportunity for you. Do you have good organising skills that could be put to good use on behalf of our village community next year? If so please get in touch with me.

I look forward to sharing another wonderful day with you all. See you at the Carnival.

-- Gordon

Your Number's Up!

This article was published in June 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

RingmasterRingmaster have recently published three articles from Bedfordshire Police regarding Vehicle Crime.

Vauxhall Wing Mirrors Flying Away in Bedfordshire

Bedfordshire Police are investigating a string of wing mirror thefts across the county. Reports have been received over the last six months of exceptionally high numbers of colour-coded wing mirror casings being stolen from cars.

The predominant targets are Vauxhalls, mostly from Bedford and Luton. In fact, 81 offences have been reported between January and June 1 this year. Fifty three of these thefts were from Vauxhalls, with Mark 4 and 5 Astras being the most commonly stolen type.

"We've noticed a significant upturn in these type of thefts in the last few months," said Det Con Vicky Willett, from the Intelligence Unit. "The mirror casings are not cheap to replace and because they are not marked by the manufacturers, even if we find them it's difficult to trace them back to their rightful owners and prove they are stolen. That means the criminal could get away with the crime and continue stealing."

"We're investigating the spate of thefts but we also really need the public's help. We'd like as many people as possible to write their postcode and house number on the bottom outside edge on the casing. That means we can identify the stolen parts if we arrest those suspected of stealing them," she said.

We have free ultraviolet markers to give away to people to do this and they are available from Greyfriars, Luton, Dunstable and Ampthill police stations. The UV pens can also be used to mark all household property such as electrical items, mobile phones and bikes etc.

If people who would like an indelible marker which is completely unique to their household they can buy Smartwater from Neighbourhood Watch for a £20 fee, call 01234 275165.

Campaign Means 'Number's Up' for Car Criminals

The number is up for thieves who persist in stealing registration plates and other valuables from vehicles.

That is the hard-hitting warning from Bedfordshire Police who next month (July) are launching a new overt and covert campaign aimed at driving offences down – and putting offenders behind bars.

Called the 'Your Number's Up' campaign, it comes in response to figures that show there have been more than 660 thefts from motor vehicles across central and south Bedfordshire since the beginning of the year.

They include nearly 150 "smash and grab" offences where thieves have broken into vehicles to steal valuables like sat navs and lap-tops and nearly 90 where registration plates have been taken.

They are often used to hide the true identity of vehicles used in crime, such as stealing fuel from filling stations where registration plates are routinely filmed.

'Your Number's Up' will be launched the week commencing Monday, July 4 when officers will stage several roadshows across Central and South Bedfordshire under the Car Accessory Protection Scheme (CAPS) banner.

During the roadshows local policing teams will secure motorists' registration plates with tamper-proof screws free of charge and hand out crime prevention advice.

CCTV images of those wanted in connection with forecourt crime will be increasingly hosted on a new section of the Force web site. They will also be forwarded to social media sites and other media.

Police and PCSOs will be stepping up warnings to drivers who leave valuables on show, either by speaking to them face to face or, if that is not possible, by sending letters to their home addresses.

Teams will be paying particular attention to town centre car parks and to local beauty spots, which thieves are known to target during the warmer months.

A new hotline with 24 hour answering machine has been set up, meaning anyone with information about vehicle crime can leave it in the certain knowledge it will be reviewed by a dedicated vehicle squad intelligence officer.

All useful information gained will help with the planning of overt and covert operations, including those that involve the early morning execution of warrants at offenders' homes.

DCI Greg Horford, who is leading the 'Your Number's Up' campaign said: "Tackling vehicle crime is a force priority and we will leave no stone unturned in the hunt for those responsible for it.

"The public can help by taking the appropriate crime prevention measures and by contacting us the moment they have information that could assist police. By working together we can send a clear message to thieves that 'your number's up'."

Anyone with information about vehicle crime can leave a message on the dedicated 'Your Number's Up' hotline on 01582 473241. Alternatively telephone the main switchboard on 01234 841212, text to 07768 20011 or contact Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

Thank you for your support.

White Seat Leon involved in burglaries

Police are seeking assistance from the public across Aylesbury Vale to look out for a white Seat Leon which is suspected of being involved in 4 burglaries across the Vale and into Hertfordshire. The offences have been committed since the 31st May when the car was stolen from a house in Bierton.

If you see a white Seat Leon in suspicious or unusual circumstances (parked outside neighbours house or on their driveway when they don't use such a car, of if they aren't home etc) then please record the registration and call police immediately informing them you believe the vehicle to be in suspicious circumstances and have been asked to call in with the registration following an appeal on Community Messaging. This will enable police operators to conduct further checks and deploy police officers if this is necessary.

Any information can be passed to the Police via the 24 hour Police Enquiry Centre on 0845 8 505 505 or if you suspect a crime is in progress dial on 999.

Source: Ringmaster Bedfordshire

St Mary's Village Carnival: Road Closure Notice

This article was published in June 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.





NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Central Bedfordshire Council intend not less than seven days from the date of this Notice to make an Order the effect of which will be to prohibit any vehicle from proceeding along the following lengths of road;

  1. High Street, Eaton Bray for its full length
  2. The Orchards, Eaton Bray for its full length
  3. Totternhoe Road, Eaton Bray from its junction with Northall Road to its junction with The Rye
  4. Northall Road, Eaton Bray at its junction with the High Street
  5. Bower Lane, Eaton Bray at its junction with the High Street
  6. Moor End, Eaton Bray from its junction with High Street to county boundary.

These temporary closures are required to facilitate the holding of the St Mary’s Village Carnival and Parade.

The closure will be operative on Saturday 2 July 2011 between 10.00am and 3.00pm.

The alternative routes available for vehicles affected by the proposed Order are:-

Proceed on Bower Lane to roundabout with B489 Icknield Way. Take 3rd exit and continue on Icknield Way to roundabout with A4146 Leighton Road, Eddlesborough. Take 3rd exit and continue on Leighton Road to junction with Stanbridge Road, Billington. Turn right and continue on Stanbridge Road to junction with The Rye, Eaton Bray. Turn right and continue on The Rye to junction with Totternhoe Road and site and vice versa.

The proposed Order will come into operation on 2 July 2011 for a period of one day.
(Access may be allowed from time to time according to local timings)

For further information please contact Heidi Head, Eaton Bray Parish Council; Tel/Fax: 01525 221464.

DATED 15 June 2011

Basil Jackson
Assistant Director for Highways and Transportation
Central Bedfordshire Council
Technology House, Ampthill Road,
Bedford MK42 9BD

High Sheriff's Cricket Initiative - Twenty20 Charity Match 24 June

This article was published in June 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

CricketThe High Sheriff of Bedfordshire, Andrew Slack, has organised a Twenty20 Cricket Match for Charity (Youth Cricket in Bedfordshire) to be held at Bedford School on Friday, 24 June: entry is free and there will be players from the Old England Test Team.

For more, please see High Sheriff's Cricket Initiative.



High Sheriff's Cricket Initiative - Twenty20 Charity Match 24 June

Beware of Jewellery Scammers

This article was published in June 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

RingmasterBedfordshire Police are asking local residents to be on their guard after at least five people were victims of theft in Luton and Dunstable in the last two months.

The latest incident took place on Wednesday June 1st between 11.30am and midday in Eldon Road in Luton, when the offender approached a man loading his vehicle on his driveway and placed a gold chain around his neck offering it for sale. He asked them to leave and they removed the victim's real chain, without his knowledge, leaving theirs behind.

The thieves have previously targeted victims in and around Dunstable and Luton. Two thefts occurred in Sainsbury's in Dunstable Road, Luton and Boscombe Road, Dunstable.

Two further thefts occurred in residential roads near to the Luton and Dunstable Hospital usually targeting elderly victims.

Investigating officer, Ruth Melnykowicz said: "On all occasions the offenders have been described as females of eastern European appearance, wearing long skirts and head scarves."

"We would urge people to remain vigilant to people approaching them on the street offering jewellery or other items of value for sale. We would also like to hear from anyone else who believes they may have been a victim of this type of theft."

Anyone with information can contact Ruth Melnykowicz on 01582 394022, Bedfordshire Police on 01234 841212, text 07786 200011, or call Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

Let's Talk Together

This article was published in June 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Central BedfordshireLet's Talk Together: Community Meeting for the Leighton Rural area

Date: Thursday 30 June
Time: 7-9pm
Location: St Nicholas Church Hall, Barton-Le-Clay, Beds, MK45 4LA

Visit the market stalls anytime between 7 - 7.45pm to talk to a range of public service providers, meet your local policing team and your Parish and Ward Councillors.

From 8pm join the conversation with other residents to decide the community safety priorities for the area, discuss local topical issues and what can be done together to make things work better.

The meeting will be chaired by a Council Executive Member

For further information please visit

Cricket: Away trip ends in bore draw

This article was published in June 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

CricketThe 1sts lost the toss and were put into bat on a good batting pitch at Biddenham CC.

Openers Hosking and skipper Norris got off to an excellent start with a partnership of 128 before Hosking fell for 62. Another strong partnership moved Bray onto 190-2 when James Flecknell was bowled for a well played 32, skipper Norris made the first Bray century of the season, as 68 was put on for the fourth wicket partnership and he continued to strike regular boundaries until he was out for 130 chasing quick runs, which allowed Bray to declare with only 40 overs bowled on a mammoth 272-4.

It was to prove too much for the home side, who as visits before show, soon after the beginning of their innings, batted for a bore draw despite the efforts of Bray's sharp fielding and bowling efforts of Pearson 1-24 from 8 overs, Flecknell 2-26 from 10 and 1-38 from Jarrett.

Number 3 Godfrey batted for most of the innings, falling in the final over for 94, as Biddenham closed out on 203-6, giving the 1st XI 18 points for their efforts.

-- Josh Peacock


  • Result: Eaton Bray CC - 1st XI WDNW 50
  • Date: Sat 11th Jun 2011
  • Start Time: 13:30
  • Ground: Biddenham Pavilion
  • Type: League : Four Counties Cricket League - Division 1
  • Scoring: Standard
  • Toss: Biddenham CC - Saturday XI won the toss and decided to bowl
  • Highlights: Eaton Bray : Andy Norris 130, Wes Hosking 62 Biddenham : Richard Godfrey 94, Alan Brown 47no

Source: Eaton Bray Cricket Club

Cricket: Bowling spell destroys Bray 2nds hopes

This article was published in June 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

CricketSet 199 to win on a challenging wicket the Bray two's were hopeful of causing an upset against high flying Willen and after a comfortable start to the chase there was no hint of what was to come.

A collapse from 14-0 to 15-5 in the space of four overs as S George wreaked havoc with the top order (finishing with 6-24), is the stuff of nightmares and is no doubt keeping long suffering Bray captain Kerins' (golden duck) awake at night!

Only a resolute display from 'stonewall' Harris (54*) and Ian 'cat with 9 lives' Jones' (16*) secured the draw and it was pretty painful stuff as the final 22 overs were negotiated with the Bray finishing on 106-7.

Earlier Willen had raced to 100-0 before the introduction of Kerins' (4-29 and two runouts) slowed the scoring rate down as he took regular wickets to have Willen 138-7, but a late order rally saw the game taken away from the Bray and the battle to stay in Div 3 looks set to be a long a hard fight.


  • Result: Willen CC - Saturday XI WDNW 50
  • Date: Sat 11th Jun 2011
  • Start Time: 13:30
  • Ground: The Rye Gardens
  • Type: League : Four Counties Cricket League - Division 3
  • Scoring: Standard
  • Toss: 2nd XI won the toss and decided to bowl

Source: Eaton Bray Cricket Club

Bedfordshire Police: Making Contact eNewsletter: June 2011

This article was published in June 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Bedfordshire Police Authority: Making Contact
Issue 11 - June 2011

The Authority has just held its AGM, heralding the start of a challenging, and possibly the last, year for the Police Authority. This newsletter looks at the new appointments for the Authority, Police Performance and the way we are driving down crime, and the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill.

If you have any questions about any of the articles in this newsletter, or indeed any other area of our responsibilities, then please get in touch.

Peter F Conniff, Chair, Bedfordshire Police Authority
Stephanie McMenamy, Chief Executive, Bedfordshire Police Authority

Peter Conniff Re-elected as Chair of the Police Authority

At the Authority’s AGM, held on 20 May 2011, Peter Conniff was unanimously re-elected as Chair of the Authority. This will be Peter’s seventh year as Chair.

Peter said that he was proud to be re-elected and that the coming twelve months promise to see new challenges on top of those with which everyone is well acquainted.

Residents will therefore pay £144.77 per annum (which works out at 40p a day) in 2011-12 for a Band D property, which is the same rate as last year.

Talking about the financial situation he said that the next four years will be very difficult for Bedfordshire Police and this is why the extended collaboration programme is so important. He said: “Collaboration with other forces, in particular Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire, will help us to maintain the numbers of our Neighbourhood Officers for at least another year.”

Reflecting on the last twelve months, Mr Conniff acknowledged that the merger debate early in the year had had a clear impact on the Force’s focus and performance. “Once the ‘will we, won’t we’ merger debate was over, whatever your point of view on the merits or otherwise, we all moved on,” he said.

“Since then the Authority has appointed a new Chief Constable and Deputy Chief Constable who have refocused work on police performance and now we are seeing some optimistic results although we, and the public, need to be confident that these improvements can be sustained.”

Working with Partners

Linda Hockey, another Independent Member, was re-elected for a second term as vice-chair. This role has special responsibility for partnership working which sees Linda in close contact with our statutory partners. She also is the Authority’s representative on the Local Strategic Partnership.

Penny Fletcher (Independent Member) was appointed Chair of the Performance Scrutiny Committee and will also represent the Authority on the three local Community Safety Partnerships.

John Williams (Independent Member) will be the Authority’s representative on the Safeguarding Children Boards.

Other Committee Chairs have also been appointed:

  1. Resources Scrutiny – Fiona Chapman (Cllr Member)
  2. Compliance and Risk Management – Tony Brown (Independent Member)
  3. Standards – John Jones (Independent Lay Member)

Post Election News

Following the local elections we welcome some new appointments to the Authority. Bedford Borough Councillor Colleen Atkins returns to the Authority after a two year break, while Doreen Gurney and Iain MacKilligan from Central Bedfordshire have been appointed for the first time.

At the time of writing this newsletter, we are waiting for confirmation of the Luton Borough Councillor appointments.

All Councillor appointments to the Authority are made by the Joint Appointments Committee and are not the responsibility of the Police Authority.

We would also like to wish outgoing members, John Mingay, Alison Graham, Christina Turner and Lakbir Singh, well in the future and thank them for their contribution to the work of the Authority.


By the end of the 2010-11 year the force had recorded a disappointing increase in overall recorded crime of 3.5% (1495 more crimes compared to the previous year).

Members of the Authority agreed that the year had been a year of two halves, with the merger debate contributing to the downturn in police performance in the first six months. However, the noticeable up-swing seen over the last six months of the year has continued into the first month of the current year.

To ensure the momentum is maintained, the Performance Scrutiny Committee has asked for a report on Serious Acquisitive Crime, looking at areas where crime has increased the most.

We know that, across all three local authority areas in Bedfordshire, anti-social behaviour (ASB) continues to be a key concern for residents. When considering the Force’s performance the Police Authority was therefore particularly pleased to see a reduction in reported ASB incidents of 13% (over 5000) in 2010/11.

All three authorities have identified tackling ASB as a priority area once again for the coming year, and our ambition is to improve on this performance and provide residents with positive outcomes and reassurance. We are grateful to the number of partners who have been involved with the Operation Vision days that have been taking place across the county, details of which can be found later on in this newsletter.

It is also satisfying that criminals have learned the hard way that their ill-gotten gains can be taken away from them. Bedfordshire Police recovered nearly £1.5m in the last 12 months! A proportion of this is awarded to the force to help reduce crime.

The upward trend in performance is illustrated on the chart below, which shows the recorded crime figures for April 2011 compared to April 2010:

  1. Violence Against the Person – 828 offences, an increase of 13.4% (equating to 98 more victims)
  2. Sexual Offences – 27 offences, a reduction of 42.6% (20 fewer victims)
  3. Burglary Dwelling – 235 offences, a reduction of 27.0% (87 fewer victims)
  4. Burglary Other – 227 offences, a reduction of 15.9% (43 fewer victims)
  5. Robbery – 63 offences, a reduction of 13.7% (10 fewer victims)
  6. Theft of a vehicle – 62 offences, a reduction of 34% (32 fewer victims)
  7. Theft from a vehicle – 301 offences, a reduction of 13.3% (46 fewer victims)

Three-force Collaboration saves £20M

The AGM also saw members agree a formal three way Strategic Policing Alliance with Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire, which will help all three forces to reduce the impact of the funding cuts on frontline policing services. All three Police Authorities have now signed up.

This Alliance aims to provide savings £20M across the three areas, which is the equivalent of 400 police officers. When you consider the current financial climate when officer and staff numbers are being reduced, you can see just how significant this agreement is.

The strategic alliance will reduce the impact of the cuts on the number of police officers providing visible local policing AND improve the effectiveness functions designed to prevent crime.

Areas where we think the Alliance will provide most benefit include Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Contact Management, Criminal Justice, Firearms and Dogs. The aim is to design the most economic service delivery model for this type of activity across all three forces.

Local Policing

The major changes in our structure, highlighted earlier in the year, are now being developed. Over the coming months we will arrange one-to-one meetings and Partner Practitioner Days to help us work through the detailed design of these changes with you. The new structure is likely to be fully operational by the beginning of October 2011 and these meetings will form part of our engagement and consultation between now and then.

We plan to keep you fully informed of our progress and development after the partner practitioner sessions have helped us shape the final design. Look out for various consultation events over the next few months.

Every possible effort will be made to make sure that partners, and more importantly still the public, are aware of any changes they can expect to the policing service they receive, especially if it affects the local policing teams.

If you would like to know more about your local Neighbourhood Policing Team, please use the link below:

Listening to Local People

In our consultation over the last year people told us that they felt policing should be focused on reducing crime and the offences which cause most harm. As a result we are working with the Force to identify and address the issues associated with:

  1. Crime ‘hot spots’
  2. The most prolific offenders
  3. Repeat victims

This work is helped tremendously by Operation Vision when police officers, PCSOs, cadets and support staff are all mobilised into an area. The aim is to talk to as many residents of a particular community as possible – by knocking on doors and asking questions about what the main concerns of the community are.

Typically, around 1000 homes are visited in a day – and other activities such as enhanced patrols by Special Constables in the evening and targeted phone calls to previous victims of crime from volunteers working in the police control room also take place.

One such day in Biggleswade recently saw over 750 homes and farms visited, when 248 people were spoken to about their issues and concerns, the majority of which focused on thefts involving outbuildings and metal. Around 50% of those contacted have signed up to the Ringmaster messaging service to enable them to receive alerts and information about crimes in their area.

The day also saw three people arrested for crimes such as money laundering, drugs offences and burglary, while British Transport Police issued 32 fixed penalty notices for fare evasion. In the evening, a team of specials returned to the streets of Sandy to carry out patrols around anti-social behaviour.

Operation Vision will be in action again throughout the year on the following days:

  1. 23.06.11 - Bedford
  2. 19.07.11 - Luton
  3. 14.09.11 - Central
  4. 13.10.11 - Bedford
  5. 15.11.11 - Luton
  6. 13.12.11 - Central

A number of partners have been involved in these operations to date, if any organisations would like to support future events please contact [email protected] in the first instance.

Operation Vision will be featured in the Crimewatch Roadshow during the week commencing 20 June.

Update on the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill

This Bill has had a somewhat rocky ride over recent weeks. After more amendments than any previous Bill, it was finally presented to the House of Lords at the end of April.

Firstly Lady Hamwee recommended that the concept of directly elected Police and Crime Commissioners was piloted instead of the proposed big bang approach. Then Nick Clegg, even though confirming that Commissioners are still on the cards, added that ‘how’ is open to discussion. Next, Baroness Neville Jones (the former minister of state responsible for security and counter-terrorism who has since resigned), ruled out pilots in her response to the Lords debate on 27 April.

Then, in a surprise move, after two weeks of heated verbal ping pong Baroness Angela Harris put forward an amendment which won support by 188 votes to 176. The Baroness proposed that Police Commissioners should be appointed (not elected) by a police and crime panel, in much the same way that the Chairs of Police Authorities are selected.

Baroness Harris said directly elected police and crime commissioners posed "great risks to policing" and raised doubts about who would have the power to hire and fire chief constables. "I am very concerned that the evidence base for making this change is incredibly thin and the consequences of implementing it have not been thoroughly researched or properly thought through," she said.

Clearly, the Government will endeavour to overturn this decision when the Bill returns to the Commons later this year. However, with the Bill still to be debated clause be clause in the House of Lords, timescales for its return to the House of Commons are uncertain. What is clear though is that there is still a lot more work required on this Bill and more public debate needed. Meanwhile, we will have to wait and see what impact, if any, the Lords intervention will have.

We will need to work with our partners to make the transition from Police Authorities to Police and Crime Commissioners and Police and Crime Panels successful. Once we have a clear picture of the implications of the national debate we will start working with you to make this work for Bedfordshire.

Tell us what you think!

The circulation of this newsletter is growing all the time and we try to ensure that it contains information of interest to you. If you have any comments, or specific information that you would like to see included please let us know.

And finally...

If you have any questions about any of the articles in this newsletter, or indeed any other area of our responsibilities, then please get in touch.

For further information or to contact us

Bedfordshire Police Authority
Bridgebury House, Woburn Road, Kempston, Bedford, MK43 9AX.

Tel: 01234 842066
Email: [email protected]

Bedfordshire Police Authority

Source: Bedfordshire Police Authority

Cricket: Studham @ home

This article was published in June 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

CricketBack to basics

The 1st XI got back to winning ways with a 47 run win at home to Studham. Bray were inserted and at 48-4 were struggling, until a partnership of 113 between Josh Peacock (70) and skipper Andy Norris (35) got Bray going again. Jaco Jacobs (36no) hit some lusty blows to get the score up to 216.

The visitors scored quickly at the start, but regular wickets began to take their toll. At drinks Studham were 109-5 with Chris Thorne (61) well set.

The rye wicket played its part and wickets continued to fall, allowing Bray to ease to victory.

-- Andrew Norris


  • Result: Eaton Bray CC - 1st XI Won Batting First by 47 runs
  • Date: Sat 4th Jun 2011
  • Start Time: 13:30
  • Type: League : Four Counties Cricket League - Division 1
  • Scoring: Standard
  • Toss: Studham CC - 1st XI won the toss and decided to bowl

Source: Eaton Bray Cricket Club

Cricket: Sunday XI take HCCC close in rainy thriller

This article was published in June 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

CricketThe Bray Sunday Superstars travelled to the picturesque Hawridge and Cholesbury CC on Sunday, hoping to build on their good efforts from the previous week.

Bray won the toss and fielded first, and good bowling efforts kept HCCC to 208-5, a very short boundary on one side meaning boundaries were easily scored throughout the innings. Good bowling performances from Joe Roff, 0-25 from 8 overs, Louis Peek, 2-18 from 5 overs and Ryan Peacock 2-19 from 4 overs.

An excellent tea followed, (easily the best tasted, as told by Jacob) and then it was Bray's turn to bat. An opening stand of 44 from Peacock and Barker meant things got off to a good start before Jacob was out for 4. Enter Adam Harvey, with no cricket in him for over a year set about scoring quickly as another strong partnership (57 runs) was made between him and Peacock, until the latter was stumped on 59.

Harv ended up with a Bray best of 33, and a few quick wickets followed, until numbers 6 and 7 Ryan and Matt put on 51 between them. Both batsmen fell in quick succession with 31 being needed off 3 overs as the scoring slowed somewhat.

A few good late hits from Louis Peek took Bray to 185-8, just coming up short once again! Another very good performance from the young Bray lads, where only one player was over the age of 25.

-- Josh Peacock


  • Result: Hawridge & Cholesbury CC - Friendly XI Won by 23 runs
  • Date: Sun 5th Jun 2011
  • Start Time: 14:00
  • Ground: Hawridge & Cholesbury Cricket Club
  • Type: Friendly
  • Scoring: Standard
  • Toss: Friendly XI won the toss and decided to bowl
  • Highlights: S. Knight 107, J. Peacock 59

Source: Eaton Bray Cricket Club

Creative thinking to maintain creative services

This article was published in June 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Bedfordshire Youth MusicCentral Bedfordshire Council is developing fresh thinking as it prepares for the launch of a new Music Service later this year.

Government grant reductions have required the Council to reduce its costs by £19.2m during 2011/12. Redesigning the former Bedfordshire Music Service and operating it on a cost neutral basis is part of the Council’s response to its budget challenge.

“We want to make sure that Central Bedfordshire children can continue to develop their musical potential so we’ve been consulting with young people, their parents and schools.

"Following this we have reconfirmed our commitment to the four Music Centres in Ampthill, Biggleswade, Dunstable and Leighton Buzzard” said the new Executive Member for Children’s Services, Cllr Mark Versallion.

Cllr Versallion also said “Originally we planned to reduce funding to the music centres and we expected that at least one of them would need to close. However, as a result of a further review of our overheads and back office costs, we’ve been able to extend funding to all four of the music centres in the short to medium term. This gives the Music Service time to work with its customers and potential partners to work up our new service programme before the national introduction of regional hubs in 2012.

The Council has been allocated a reduced grant for music provision from national government of £394,000. With this it will introduce a new and more flexible model of music tuition. At the moment fees have been high from April but by working more efficiently, it is hoped that fees will reduce for parents as the year goes on and more young people access the service.

Central Bedfordshire Music Service will be launched in July, supported by a newly designed marketing plan. There will be clear goals to put a greater focus on advertising existing and new activities and responding more flexibly to the identified needs of the young people and parents.

As part of the service re-design a series of workshops are being held with schools, external partners in the business and the voluntary sector, pupils and parents to join Central Bedfordshire Council in developing plans for the future.

“If we work together we can find ways of not only protecting these important services, but to develop them for the talented young musicians of current and future generations” added Cllr Versallion.

For further information please contact: Tom Skinner on 0300 300 5738.

Source: Central Bedfordshire Council News Release

"Absolutely Brilliant" Beer Festival

This article was published in June 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Eaton Bray Beer FestivalThe Eaton Bray Beer Festival attracted its biggest ever crowd last weekend.

The warm weather and sunshine on Friday and Saturday meant more than 560 people turned up to enjoy the eighth running of this annual event.

Live music, good food and of course numerous ales chosen by CAMRA members, plus ciders and a perry were enjoyed during the event, held at the village hall.

Organiser Ross Bagni said: "It was absolutely brilliant. We had a lot more people than last year and I’m sure we sold more beer.

"We started with 25 barrels and ended up with about eight. The aim of the beer festival is to sell everything so we did well.

"The lighter summer beers were most popular because of the heat, but there was very little left."

The money raised by this event will be put towards improving Eaton Bray Village Hall.

Open Gardens - 12 June 2011

This article was published in June 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Open GardensNine gardens will be open next Sunday (12 June 2011) to raise money for St Mary's Church. In addition, there will be an Art Exhibition (including work by Leigh Glover who is currently exhibiting in the National Portrait Gallery) and live music in the marquee.

Do come and enjoy what has proved, in previous years to be a most enjoyable afternoon - Roving Tickets are £5.

Any help that you can offer would be appreciated - helpers will have their own private tour of the gardens on 14th June. We would welcome donations of cakes/raffle prizes.

Central Bedfordshire Libraries

This article was published in June 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Central BedfordshireLibrary Service Review and 'Big Library Debate'

Residents in Central Bedfordshire are being encouraged to take part in the ‘Big Library Debate’ which will look at shaping the Library Service, making sure it meets the needs of future generations and offers best value for money.

Central Bedfordshire Libraries are at the heart of local communities and provide a gateway to information, learning and resources for all ages and the Council wants to ensure that the service is fit for the 21st century, making best use of modern technology and allowing easy access for all to benefit.

Between the 1 June and 13 July, the 'Big Library Debate' display stands will be based at Libraries across Central Bedfordshire on the dates listed below and we would be delighted to see you there.

1-10 June 15-28 June 1-12 July
Dunstable Library Leighton Buzzard Library Biggleswade Library
Ampthill Library Flitwick Library Toddington Library
Sandy Library Potton Library Stotfold Library
Shefford Library Barton Library Houghton Regis Library

We also want to hear from people who don’t use the library service so we will be out and about in town centres and the Let’s Talk Together meetings talking to local people too. Details of all activities will be available online from Wednesday 1 June. If you have any ideas of local community events we could attend or ways of promoting the 'Big Library Debate' then please let us know.

Additionally, we will be holding some discussion groups to hear in more depth how service users and non users think the library service should be developed for the future.

The feedback from these engagement activities will help inform the Library Service Review and options for the future model of the library service. Further consultation with the public, stakeholders and partners on these options will then begin in August.

If you want to find out more about libraries in general or the Big Library Debate please email Kate McFarlane or Nicola Avery.

Yours sincerely,
Nicola Avery
Library Services Manager
Central Bedfordshire Council

Jamie's Charity Challenge

This article was published in June 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Jamie RawlingsThe memory of a much-loved brother has inspiring Jamie Rawlings to overcome health problems for a charity challenge.

Jamie, 24, has epilepsy and slight cerebral palsy, and has set his heart on completing a nine-mile fundraising run. He would like to hear from big-hearted runners who could raise sponsorship and take part in his event.

Jamie, who lives in High Street, will be holding the run from Eaton Bray, through central Dunstable, and then back to the village, on Saturday 23 July.

The event is being organised in memory of his late brother John, who had epilepsy, to raise cash for the Epilepsy Society; John Rawlings was a familiar figure in the Dunstable area, who also contributed articles to the local Dunstable Gazette paper, about the history of pubs in the area.

Jamie said: “It will be an experience, I will be pushing myself to the next level. I want to prove to everyone that I can do this. I think it’s going to be really exciting, I can’t wait.”

Jamie’s left side is affected by slight cerebral palsy and when he is tired this affects his pace, but he is determined to complete the course. The run is hoped to also boost awareness of epilepsy. “Even though people have epilepsy, it doesn’t stop them from getting on with their lives,” Jamie said.

Family and friends will be taking part in the run, and Jamie is keen to stage future events for the charity too.

Proud dad Alan said: “I think it is absolutely fantastic. For him to do this is a big challenge. It is the achievement of a lifetime.”

You can sponsor Jamie online via

Source: Dunstable Today

Cricket: 2nds suffer heavy defeat

This article was published in June 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

CricketThe Bray 2nd XI succumbed to a heavy defeat against high flying North Crawley on Saturday.

Fielding first Crawley racked up 280-3 with a club record 169 from batsman Mitford and 71 from Goss being the stand out innings. Joe Roff was the only bowler to retrun figures of credibility with 2-34 off 8 overs.

In reply, despite Ollie Wilson's defiant stand in attempting a draw, the only other players to hit double figures were skipper Kerins (19), former captain David Wheeler (10) as the home side took frequent wickets to leave Bray 69 all out.

-- Josh Peacock


  • Result: North Crawley CC - 2nd XI Won Batting First by 211 runs
  • Date: Sat 4th Jun 2011
  • Start Time: 13:30
  • Ground: The Recreation Ground - North Crawley
  • Type: League : Four Counties Cricket League - Division 3
  • Scoring: Standard
  • Toss: 2nd XI won the toss and decided to bowl
  • Highlights: North Crawley - Paul Mitford 169 (equals club record), Marcus Goss 71*, Richard Braybrook 3-5, George Gresty 3-4

Source: Eaton Bray Cricket Club

Cricket: Bray 1's soundly beaten by MK opposition again

This article was published in June 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

CricketBray travelled to Mk City hoping to improve on the heavy defeat that was suffered at the hands of Mk Village the week before.

City batted first and some moments of brilliance were mixed in with some dropped catches and poor ground fielding allowing City to rack up 251-9 off of their 44 overs. Club stalwart Michael Jarrett bowled beautifully in returning figures of 3-30 and James Flecknell was amongst the wickets as per usual taking 3-50.

In reply, despite skipper Wes Hosking's 44, MK took wickets frequently in dismissing Bray for 113, even with Joe Roff and Jarrett's defiant last wicket stand as a draw was attempted.

The lads will be ever more desperate for a win this week, as they take on Studham at The Rye Garden's ground.

-- Josh Peacock


  • Result: Milton Keynes City CC - 1st XI Won Batting First by 138 runs
  • Date: Sat 28th May 2011
  • Start Time: 13:30
  • Ground: The Pavillion
  • Type: League : Four Counties Cricket League - Division 1
  • Scoring: Standard
  • Toss: 1st XI won the toss and decided to bowl

Source: Eaton Bray Cricket Club

Cricket: 2nd's get lectured after loss to Open Uni

This article was published in June 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

CricketThe Bray 2's knocked up a modest 147-9 from their allotted 44 overs with the only notable contributions being 46 from opening bat Gypps, 18 from Ryan Peacock and 13 from vice skip Bob Warner.

In reply The OU romped to victory within 35 overs with 70 from Basil Lall, and 23 from Parkin, although there were good efforts from bowlers Dave McCarthy 3-36, Nicko Pearson 0-5 from 6 overs.

The 2's returned a lowly 3 points from the game and will hope to bounce back strongly against North Crawley this Saturday.

-- Josh Peacock


  • Result: Open University CC - Saturday League XI Won Batting Second by 7 wickets
  • Date: Sat 28th May 2011
  • Start Time: 13:30
  • Type: League : Four Counties Cricket League - Division 3
  • Scoring: Standard
  • Toss: Open University CC - Saturday League XI won the toss and decided to bowl

Source: Eaton Bray Cricket Club

Wildlife Trust - Flit Vale Local Group - Talks and Walks

This article was published in June 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Central BedfordshireA reminder below of our next two walks in June.....

Would you like to get more involved with reserve monitoring? In a new project started this year the Wildlife Trust is looking for local volunteers to help with monitoring and management at Cooper's Hill and Flitwick Moor nature reserves.

Both these reserves lie along a geological feature known as the Greensand Ridge yet contain vastly different habitats. Cooper's Hill at Ampthill is a remaining pocket of lowland heath whilst Flitwick Moor is a valley mire next to the river Flit. This project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, will involve increased habitat management at both sites and includes trialling different management options. Surveys of plants, animals and also reserve visitors will be carried out to ensure that the best management practices are being used.

If you would be interested in finding out more about this project and maybe getting involved please contact Gwen Hitchcock via email at [email protected] or telephone on 07872 418281

Wildlife walks in June

  • Saturday 4th June, 10.00 am
    'Totternhoe Quarry - Guided walk with John Comont'* :: Come and see the developments at the quarry. A 'field' follow-up to Graham Bellamy's March talk. Meet in the National Trust Car Park and Picnic Site at Totternhoe (2 miles west of Dunstable) - directions as follows: Head west out of Dunstable on the A505, across the A5 onto the B489 towards Tring. Turn right at the mini roundabout towards Totternhoe. After 1 mile, turn right in Totternhoe up track to National Trust car park.
    *£1 per adult
  • Monday 20th June, 7.00 pm
    'Flitton Moor wild flower walk with Chris Boon'* :: Now an annual event.- Chris will lead a short walk over the moor identifying the flowers and plants - at last year's walk over one hundred different species were spotted. Meet at the Old Shed on Flitton Moor, at the bottom of Brook Lane Flitton.
    *£1 per adult

The walks are open to all, but please reserve your place as space is limited. For additional information, or to reserve your place, please email [email protected] or ring Kathy on 07890 347327 after 6 pm or at weekends.

The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Peterborough Registered charity number: 1000412 Wildlife Trust BCNP Flit Vale Local Group

If you wish to receive topical and lively e-news from our parent organisation, BCNP, please go to their website and click on "Get e-mail updates".

Eaton Bray farm theft

This article was published in June 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

RingmasterThis is a Countryside Watch message issued by Ringmaster, on behalf of Bedfordshire Police.

Bedfordshire Police ask residents in Eaton Bray and rural business owners to be vigilant, and to report any suspicious vehicles, after a theft took place from a farm in Eaton Bray, on Friday the 27th of May.

The offence took place at 8:15 a.m.

A witness saw a White van arrive at the location.

A gate was forced open and a number of tractor and vehicle engine parts were stolen.

The vehicle was seen leaving the location being driven by a white male in his 30s.

The vehicle is described as a Transit style van, with the part registration V P B.

If you have any information about this crime or other suspicious incidents, please call the Police Control Centre on (01234) 841212, and quote crime reference, J,D,/,2,2,0,9,2,/2011.

Alternatively text your message to (07786) 200011 or email your message to [email protected]

Thank you for your support.

Source: Ringmaster Bedfordshire

Cricket: Sunday XI lose cruelly by 2 runs

This article was published in June 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

CricketBray won the toss and put RR's into bat on an overcast afternoon at The Rye Gardens, which paid dividends as Ryan Peacock took the wicket of Rock for 6, in the 6th over, courtesy of an excellent catch by keeper Ringsell.

RR's struck together a worthy partnership after that as opener Rymer knocked up 66 and Wiggins 56 until James 'Professor' Greene knocked back Rymer's middle stump. This sparked a middle order collapse as Greene, 2-15 off 4, J Peacock 2-18 off 6 and Kerins bowled well in recording 0-21 off 8 overs, helping restrict RR to 174-6.

In reply the sunshine came out, things were steadily progressing, when JMC was caught in the 8th over. Peacock and Kerins came together and scored aggressively off the bowling, when Kerins was bowled for 33, Charlie Tickell came in at 5 and set about hurting fielders fingers, the chase was well and truly on.

An excellent partnership of 78 followed until Charlie was out for a very well 35. Josh hit 55, but in a quick turn of events, was run out in a mix-up with Ryan who played his way to an aggressive 24 until being run out also, then Barm and Paul Davies were in and gone in a flash.

It was left to the ever defensive Joe Roff and Pro. Greene to try and hit 3 runs off 3 balls as the match went to nail-biting mode. In typical fashion Roff blocked the first two and was bowled on the last ball, as the team looked on, gutted at how the wheels came off.

A great effort in all 3 aspects, but it was just not to be.

-- Josh Peacock


  • Result: Roving Reporters CC - Friendly XI Won by 2 runs
  • Date: Sun 29th May 2011
  • Start Time: 14:30
  • Ground: The Rye Gardens
  • Type: Friendly
  • Scoring: Standard
  • Toss: Friendly XI won the toss and decided to bowl

Source: Eaton Bray Cricket Club