Our first June Sunday service Melvin Corby reminded us that in the week of Ascension Day we are remembering....
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Eaton Bray Methodist Church

Posted on August 1, 2014

This article was published in August 2014. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Our first June Sunday service Melvin Corby reminded us that in the week of Ascension Day we are remembering the departure of Christ and the arrival of the indwelling spirit. He used the metaphor of the trapeze artist to emphasise that, like the leaping acrobat, we can do nothing to affect our own salvation but must trust implicitly in the strength and care of God who 'catches' us and saves us from falling.

The following week, at our cafe worship we celebrated the birthday of the Church. Both children and adults were spell-bound as Steve Jones formed and lit a 'tissue' birthday cake that rose heavenwards as it burned; an analogy of the spiritual link between earth and heaven that was created at Pentecost.

On Sunday June 15th we joined our friends in Edlesborough to give a warm welcome to a much-loved former minister, Nicola Jones. The packed congregation enjoyed a characteristically challenging sermon and heard about her work with Christian families in Palestine. A delicious buffet lunch was served after the service.

Our monthly communion service was wellattended and led by Rev Nigel Wright who gave us a moving and thought-provoking sermon on forgiveness, an act we often find difficult to do ourselves but are constantly grateful that God does readily all the time.

Date for your diary: Harvest Festival on 28th September. The service will be taken by Hyacinth Taylor. Packaged and tinned goods may be brought on the day to add to our harvest display.

After the service we will be providing a 'thrift' lunch, i.e. soup and dessert, reflecting the situation of those in our society with very limited means. Donations will be welcomed and all received will be sent to the Dunstable Food Bank run by the Trussell Trust, to help the growing number of people who depend on their support. To book a place for your FREE meal, please contact Graham Carter (see Focus for his contact details)

Source: Focus, August/September 2014

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