Charitable Giving In the SALVATION ARMY we have two major 'money' collections each year. One in September....
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Salvation Sound - April 2012

Posted on April 1, 2012

This article was published in April 2012. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Salvation ArmyCharitable Giving

In the SALVATION ARMY we have two major 'money' collections each year. One in September when we ask you, the public, to donate all that you can spare to help people in the U.K. who are in desperate need. And yes! there are people, some locally, who are in fi nancial diffi culties, and who are not able to cover the ordinary expenses of day to day living. They are living below the bread line; Hungry; and cannot afford to pay for heating for their homes. They cannot afford new clothing. They are, in other words, needy people!

The second collection is from Salvationists, Adherants and friends, during March, to support the work that takes place overseas. We call it Self Denial.

In many parts of the world Salvationist missionaries cope with situations that could be thought of as impossible. But with God, nothing is impossible. So year in and year out, in faith, they minister. In my minds eye, I can see the hundreds of children being fed. Arriving with a bowl and spoon and standing in line waiting in expectation. Their thin gaunt faces make their large eyes stand out like illuminated marbles. Apathy of movement, quietness, and swollen protuding bellies make you aware of starvation. Will there be food enough for them?

What did you give up for Lent? And what did you do with the money that you saved?

Jesus celebrated the Passover with a meal, sharing food with the twelve disciples.

A gentleman questioned me regarding our policy of not administering the Sacrement. To us all life is sacramental, everything we do we offer to God.

The practical spirit of the Founder of the Army, William Booth, has been passed down through generations. In the very early days a young lad was asked by his teacher whether the Salvation Army did or did not administer the Lords Supper. The boy looked at him, thought for a moment, then said "please Sir, they give us poor children breakfast''!!!

Still in this day and age there are people starving in all areas of our world. To feed the body is good, but to make people aware that the gift is given in the Name of the Lord is satisfying to both body and soul. We are asked to help in so many areas that we become bemused. However when we respond, either with our money or our lives, we will be astonished at what the gifts given can accomplish. We live in throw away society. During the last, "39-45" war, there was a slogan: "waste not, want not". Why not apply that policy today. 1.Cor.13 v 3 "If I gave everything I have to poor people but did not love others, it would be of no value..."

At the end of Lent we arrive at Good Friday; the day that Jesus died. So what's good about it? On that day Jesus gave His all, His Life, to save us. He took punishment for our sins. He died but He rose again on Easter Sunday, and He lives today. We are so fortunate, that we have enough; enough to give back a little of what we own. Remember the words from fi ction that Dickens wrote, those celebrated last words: "It is a far, far, better thing that I do, than I have ever done."

The Gospels are crammed with every kind of giving from the widow's mite to Christ's all, and all this giving would not be there if a tremendous purpose did not lie behind it. Acts 20:35, "He himself said: "It is more blessed to give than to recieve."

Charity  Just what do you give?

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