Ahoy there me hearties! The Pirates of Edlesbray (The Curse of the Village Hall) sets sail at the end....
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Set sail with the Pirates of Edlesbray

Posted on January 9, 2012

This article was published in January 2012. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

The Pirates of Edlesbray

Ahoy there me hearties! The Pirates of Edlesbray (The Curse of the Village Hall) sets sail at the end of this month and a good time is expected to be had by all.

This year's festive family show at Eaton Bray Village Hall is based on a theme of pirates in response to requests from the public after this year's St Mary's village carnival when the theme was also buccanneer based.

It has been written by director Bekka Prideaux and her partner Joe Butcher who many will remember from past productions and many successful appearances for Dunstable Rep at the Little Theatre.

Pirate captain Jerk, played by Matt Flitton, is tired of pirating and is looking for a replacement to take charge of the infamous pirate ship The White Opal.

A motley collection of characters from a selection of pantos turn up to audition for the job. A variety of tasks is set to weed out the wheat from the chaff, and those who fail will be forced to walk the plank. Those who triumph go through to the next round. Unfortunately, as with all pantos, nothing is straightforward and Davey Jones (played by the larger than life Jo Butcher) wants the ship for himself. He doesn't want to go through the selection process and has his own plan to take over the ship! As the cast sing and dance their way through the show there should be plenty to entertain all ages and tastes.

The Pirates of Edlesbray runs from January 26-28 including a Saturday matinee. There is a licensed bar in the evenings run by the new Eaton Bray & Edlesborough Lions group, with all bar profits going to the charity Medical Detection Dogs which uses dogs to detect cancer, warn of the onset of epileptic attacks, the onset of low blood sugar for diabetics.

For tickets call the box office 01525 222283.

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