CHRISTMAS What does Christmas mean? Celebrating, food, and wine, parties, presents, yours and mine.....
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Salvation Sound - December 2011

Posted on December 2, 2011

This article was published in December 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Salvation ArmyCHRISTMAS

What does Christmas mean?
Celebrating, food, and wine, parties, presents, yours and mine.
Cards, crackers, holly, and mistletoe, snow, frost, faces all aglow.
Laughter, gaiety, lots of mirth, BUT,
Does anyone think of the Saviour's birth?
In the bible, the stories of old, tell of a star,
Myrrh, frankinsense and gold,
Of Mary and Joseph, and stable bare, BUT,
Does anyone listen, does anyone care?
Do you at this festive time of year, really listen with your inner ear?
To the message from above, that tells us all of God and His love.

When bells ring out this Christmas time, stop, listen and hear
of what they chime; and then as when men in times gone by
Told the world where Jesus did lie; Let each of us spread the message on,
For although two thousand years have passed and gone,
This is still the headline news; talk to your neighbour,
Tell him your views, that as we holiday and feast
We should think of Him who had the least, but gave so much,
His life in fact, so that we this scene could enact.

Do you, just once a year, give thanks, when you participate
in childish pranks, do you, just once in a while
put on your face a cherubic smile and walk along to sing His
praise as with your voice a carol raise?
When will you give your life to Him, the babe, the man,
who will save you from sin? for that is the reason why He came.
So that all men Gods blessings could claim.

When this year you gather around the tree, and on the top,
the shining star do see, remember, the ox, and ass, and wise men three,
The angels, and shepherds, who worshipped on bended knee,
Then voice a prayer, and to Him say,

Happy Christmas Everyone and God bless you


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