You are superb. Thank you to everyone in the four villages that has donated to The Salvation Army's....
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The Salvation Army's Annual Appeal

Posted on October 9, 2011

This article was published in October 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Salvation ArmyYou are superb. Thank you to everyone in the four villages that has donated to The Salvation Army's Annual Appeal. You have raised £460 and I am extremely grateful to you for that sum. This goes towards the total we have been asked to raise in the area of £2700.

My thanks go to the proprietors/owners of the four businesses in the villages that very kindly agreed to have a collecting box. Without their agreement we could not have done this collection in this way. They are:

  • Munns in Dagnall
  • The Post Offi ce/Stores in Edlesborough
  • Trading Faces in Eaton Bray
  • The Swan Inn at Northall

As you were kindly donating to the appeal, we were experiencing the riots in London and other areas. Teams from Salvation Army churches were out on the streets supporting the emergency services by providing drinks and food to keep them going through long shifts. The South London Emergency vehicle based in Croydon could not be driven out of his car park due to cars being set ablaze in front of it, but the Salvation Army folk still provided that back up that was needed. Haringey Council asked The Salvation Army to set up and run a refuge centre in Tottenham Hale for residents and their advice and support is still being provided. So, as you were donating, funds were being used to continue to provide care and practical support at a time of great need. I must also say thank you to the Focus team that have allowed us to set up the appeal this year in this way. My thanks to you all.

Captain Jenny Dibsdall
The Salvation Army/Eaton Bray

Source: Focus, October 2011

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