AUGUST...Marks the time of high summer... SEPTEMBER...Brings the start of autumn... Harvest time...When....
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Salvation Sound - August/September 2011

Posted on August 3, 2011

This article was published in August 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Salvation ArmyAUGUST...Marks the time of high summer...
SEPTEMBER...Brings the start of autumn...

Harvest time...When we visit our local supermarket we are met with such an abundance - fruit and vegetables, meat and bread, tins and packets - aisle after aisle of plenty. Plants, flowers, seeds; - we make our purchases and leave, with never a thought as to how all that produce came into being. There is a scriptural admonition in Hebrews that says, "Be content with such things as ye have." Still though we search for and cannot resist that which we think is a bargain. There is, however, the beauty of a harvest in our surroundings, the sunset, a blaze of heavenly glory, a painted scene that would be hard for an earthly artist to copy, wild flowers, trees bearing fruit, the fields where horses, cows and sheep graze, barley waving in the breeze, the flight of birds in formation. As the wonder of the handiwork of God unfolds before our vision, and the miracle of growth and renewal becomes evident, remember to say a prayer of thanks to our Creator. Phil 4:8. "Whatsoever things are lovely...think on these things" Mark 4:29 "When the grain is ripe the man starts working with his sickle, for harvest time is come"

"Where are the gentle horses, that one time worked our land;
Pulled the reaper and the binder, when the stooks were built by hand?
Where are the many farm workers who started early morn,
And led home horse drawn wagons, piled high with sheaves of corn.
The thresher then was fed all day to separate the grain,
And men and horses worked 'till dark in case of falling rain.
The straw was made into a stack, neat roofed with thatch and pin,
And corn in sacks for flour or feed, all safely gathered in;
We do not see the sheaves of corn on stubble anymore,
Instead, the combine harvester moves forward with a roar;
revolving blades cut down the ears which disappear inside
the body of the great machine and are threshed and cleaned and dried.
Soon from a chute, a stream of grain into a trailer falls;
It is tractor driven home and stored within the granary walls.
The straw is bailed and stacked away 'neath plastic, black and thin.
With speed of automation:- all is safely gathered in

Source: Focus, August/September 2011

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