A child was painting a picture - the usual square box of a house with “Mummy, Daddy, and Me”,....
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Salvation Sound - June 2010

Posted on June 2, 2010

This article was published in June 2010. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Salvation ArmyA child was painting a picture - the usual square box of a house with “Mummy, Daddy, and Me”, in the foreground, but it was a little different in that the colours were not quite right. The sky was pink - the grass bright blue - “Why blue?” I asked. “Because I like it.” was the reply.

Do you think that God thought about and liked the colours when He created the earth, and all that is in it and on it and under it?

As I walked through our village I looked at the beautifully tended lawns in some of the gardens, and watched the man from “Green Thumb” tending one of them, Then I noticed a verge alongside the road which had numberless tiny blue speedwell plants covering it - weeds?, well maybe, but they looked just like blue grass! Tiny, delicate, fragile fl owers, painted by 'The Master'.

Blue - the colour of the heavens above. The children of Israel were told to make tassels on their garments with blue threads in them, a sign to remind them to be holy, to keep God's commandments, (Numbers 15: 38-40) for the colour spoke of His love and immeasurable power.

We still need reminders today; I write things down, lists of things to do - things to buy etc. otherwise I forget. We all so easily forget God and His love for us, we forget that He died for us, and yet He lives in us and around us today, Blue the colour of the for-get-me-not flower, now that is a good reminder, a good sign, yes, blue, for it can jog one's memory, so that we are not unmindful of the fact that God is above us in the sky, all about us in the plants and fl owers, He is unseen, but as real as all we survey.

So think blue, think of God's love, especially His love for you...

Blue - the colour of sunny skies,
And of a new-born baby's eyes;
Of magic distances and space,
Of placid seas and a dress of lace.

Feathers of Kingfisher and blue-tit too,
Who proudly fl aunt their heavenly blue.
Of smiling bluebells in a wood
On a summer eve, when life feels good.

No other colour is so kind, as blue
For bringing peace of mind...

“My soul is warmly caressed
By a blue splashed sunlit sky
Untethered from bonds of stress
Immersed in happiness am I.”

Source: Focus, June 2010

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