In the days of 1906 when Edith Holden wrote her diary, she talked of the “very hard frosts”....
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Salvation Sound - December 2009

Posted on December 3, 2009

This article was published in December 2009. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Salvation ArmyIn the days of 1906 when Edith Holden wrote her diary, she talked of the “very hard frosts” and the snow falls of December. I quote, December 14th. Heavy fall of snow. December 20th. Rapid thaw. December 25th. A snowy Christmas morning - sunshine later - sharp frost at night. December 26th, Another heavy fall of snow. December 27th. In the paper today it reports that all Britain lies under snow, from John o' Groats to Lands End. It is not diffi cult to sense a thrill of excitement on her discovering snow on Christmas morning. Our seasons in this day and age have changed so much - plants are fl owering that shouldn't be, bulbs are already pushing their spurs through the earth - the bible tells us that there will come a time when we will not be able to tell one season from another; but one thing does not alter, that is, that Christ starts Christmas... So what is Christmas all about? A happy mix of seasonal charity and magic? The brilliant glittering fairyland of “the lights”? The shimmering tinsel? The visit to 'Santa's Grotto',? with its elves and automated animals? The everlasting (well from October to December) Christmas music in the stores? the presents, the tree, the carol singers, the brass band, the food? NO - it's all about: “The babe who against his mothers breast was curled; And those who said “He was to be king of the world, Who would grow and reign in the heart of man, For this was part of God's great plan”. Men, who will tell the world of His birth, For He was sent to redeem the earth.— On a cold winter morn, To a young couple was the child born, Into this world it came, A boy, Jesus was his name.” “It's good in troubled times to share The tranquility of that espoused pair - May their joy in your homes abide As you celebrate this Christmastide; With love and blessings untold for The Christ of Christmas is worth Far more than gold... The message of love is as meaningful now as it was on that long-ago night when shepherds followed the light of a star to the stable in Bethlehem. God gave us this child for our encouragement and to teach us the way to fulfi lment of life and hope for eternity. She...laid him in a manger. Luke 2 : 7. He was a baby, he became an adolescent and grew to be a young adult. He wasn't a ready made prophet, but he was and is The Christ of Christmas. May God Bless You...

Source: Focus, December 2009

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