I know our twice yearly quiz (held jointly with the Eaton Bray Tennis Club) is popular, but can you believe....
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Sold out 4 weeks in Advance

Posted on October 7, 2009

This article was published in October 2009. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

I know our twice yearly quiz (held jointly with the Eaton Bray Tennis Club) is popular, but can you believe it as I write this, on September 8th, we are already sold out for the Quiz on October 10th! What can we say, but thank you to all our fabulous supporters who have rallied round and done the business. And a really big SORRY to those of you who had wanted to come, but, we are unable to fit in.

See you there, don't forget 7.30 for 8.00pm.

On a very sad note I am sure many of you know of the passing of Mary French. She had been a keen supporter of the hall since its building and was, until only very recently, a trustee. She taught me a lot when I joined the trustees, as she was a “doer” not a talker and did many things to support us.

Recently she gathered many members to the 200 Club and collected their monies on a regular basis and I hope that they will continue with their support for the “Club”. She always organised a team for the quiz which, always managed to come last! We are sure they only did this to collect the special booby prize, which is usually some nice confectionery! We are delighted that Mary's ladies are coming to the quiz and we wish them the best of luck in trying to maintain their record!

You may have noticed that the inside of the hall has been repainted and that we have a new sign over the front door. We are really trying to make sure that the hall is kept in excellent condition. We will hopefully start work on redoing the paving at the front, so the entrance is user friendly and a lot smarter than at present.

We know that the car park needs a lot of attention, but that will be very costly so we need to keep fundraising. We will be announcing further fund raising events next month, do keep a look out for more information. If you have any queries or just want a chat about the hall, contact me, Ross.

Source: Focus, October 2009

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