NOTICE OF VISIT BYANDREW SELOUS MP 17th September 2009, 11:30am-12noon At The Coffee Tavern, Eaton....
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Notice of Visit by Andrew Selous MP

Posted on July 24, 2009

This article was published in July 2009. Please see Latest News for more recent information.


17th September 2009, 11:30am-12noon

At The Coffee Tavern, Eaton Bray

Andrew Selous MP would like to meet as many constituents as possible.

Reader Comments

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August 7, 2009, Sam Hannaby says:

Re your recent comnplaint to the Rspca that I'm keeping 8 to 10 dogs in my conservatory!!!! Did you actually bother to check the file to see that my neighbour is currently undergoing investigation for harrassment before filing your inaccurate complaint? I invite you to pop in and check my 'outstanding and excellent facilities', as described by the rspca. I'd be interested to hear your intentions on action to be taken against my neighbour.
I will send my full response in writing. Perhaps you will have the decency to give me some of your time to justify my actions, before I go to the papers to report my side of the story.

August 9, 2009, Resident of Knights Close says:

Dear Sam,

While i am not your neighbour i am making an educated guess as to whom you are.If you are the person with dogs that constantly bark keeping all awake at night especially during the summer months where we have to have our windows open then can you please keep you dogs under control? we are fed up with being woken in the early hours each days and as for the stench of their waste fermenting in the sun it makes it impossible for us to invite friends over for a BBQ. I know you mean well but please for once, consider those around you. Waking up to the smell of dog mess each morning is not nice!!

August 9, 2009, Mr E says:

If Andrew Selous Mp "would like to meet as many constituents as possible"(above) why is he only visiting for half an hour? (11.30 - 12 noon). Does he have to get home to get his moat cleaned.LOL

August 11, 2009, Sam Hannaby says:

In response, no it is not my dogs that bark at night, and I'm sick of being blamed for it! I too am kept awake by barking dogs, but I can assure you they are not mine.
I disinfect my patio with industrial cleaner twice daily, and have had both the council and RSPCA verify that I am a responsible dog owner with 'excellent facilities'.
I'd be interested to know how you come to decide that it's my garden that smells. If you are not my neighbour, how could you possibly know that the smell is coming from my garden?! There is certainly no dog waste fermenting in my garden, as it is removed from my property daily. I have managed a few bbqs this year, and none of my guests have complained, despite me asking them if they can detect the odour of dog waste.
I agree on the dogs barking at night being annoying, but mine wear anti bark collars, and I keep them in the conservatory and utility room at night, with the air con on, and windows shut so that they won't hear the other dogs barking, and respond.
I am sick of getting the blame for the behaviour of all of the local dogs, and their owners. Feel free to pop round. You are welcome to view my garden. Perhaps then you'll realise the smell is not coming from us!!

August 12, 2009, Kay says:

Re your recent comnplaint to the Rspca that I'm keeping 8 to 10 dogs in my conservatory!!!! [From your original email]
and I keep them in the conservatory and utility room. [From your last email]

pls tell me which one is a true staement as the mails contradict each other]

On another note Andrew Selous is not going to read all of this as it's the village site for past & present announcements. and how about we stop publishing in public our issues. next time i see you i shall make myself known and we can discuss this in a civil way.


August 12, 2009, Sam Hannaby says:

Hi Kay.
Please do make yourself known. I didn't contradict myself... I was reported for keeping 8 to 10 dogs locked in a steaming hot conservatory. I have 5 dogs, who sleep in my conservatory and utility which has over £1000 worth of air con. The RSPCA dropped the report, as they already visited me after a report that I'm involved in dog fighting! It was them that state that I have excellent facilities. I'm just angry that an mp can report me falsely, with no knowledge of who I am.
I would very much like to discuss this. I am upset and insulted that you think it's me leaving dog mess fermenting. I even drive it round the corner to the dog bins every morning.
Hopefully we can discuss this sometime.
Regards, Sam

August 15, 2009, Jacqui Hargreaves says:

I would like to comment on the above emails.I live next door to Ms Hannaby and have done so since she and her family moved to the village. I have never been able to smell anything from next door and we are always in our garden. I can see into Ms Hannabys garden and can vouch for the fact that she cleans her patio twice a day and even before she cleans it there is very little dog mess in evidence as she takes all her dogs out every day. As for the barking yes her dogs do bark but don't all dogs! Ms Hannabys dogs bark a lot less then some around the close and in the summer we sleep with our windows open and I am not disturbed by her dogs barking. I do feel that Ms Hannaby seems to be being blamed for any noise or smell made by any dogs anywhere in the vicinity of the close and it seems very unfair to me. Ms Hannaby keeps her dogs in very good clean facilities. she has even had her conservatory air conditioned for them and spent hundreds of pounds on anti bark collers, for dogs that bark no more than anybody elses anyway! Its seems rather sad that some people would rather go behind the backs of others and complain to outside agencies rather than speak to Ms Hannaby and see for themselves how her dogs and her garden are being looked after. Ms Hannaby is a good neighbour and not only am I very happy to live next door to her but feel very safe having her dogs next door. So please whoever you are please stop picking on Ms Hannaby and let her get on with living her life!

August 28, 2009, Mr. J says:

To Whom it may concern.

There is a very strong smell of industrial strength cleaner in this village...any idea who is causing it? :-)

Pls all - we are all neighbours in one respect or another, so please lets just get on and if a neighbour has an issue then do the decent thing and try and find a compramise that works for both parties. we all have differing views as to what is acceptable or not...find a solution and while we are on the subject of solutions, would you mind Sam adding some lemon fragrance to you cleaner. :-)

September 9, 2009, Sam Hannaby says:

Hi Mr J
I absolutely agree with you. If only my neighbours had approached me, rather than report me to the local MP, council, and RSPCA!
And I'm sorry you don't like my lime smelling cleaner. Will start squeezing lemons asap.....!!

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