On February 23rd we held the official opening of the hall, I hope some of you came along, it was a great....
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Been & Gone

Posted on March 2, 2009

This article was published in March 2009. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

On February 23rd we held the official opening of the hall, I hope some of you came along, it was a great do (bearing in mind it takes place 13 days after I wrote this article!).

We have also had our Food, Humour & Dance, another great do held in the future (Doctor Who, eat your heart out). Our offer of a discount worked well as we sold 90 tickets before the end of January and we hope it was a sell out by the 28th February.

Seriously, it is good to see the Hall being put to good use and lots of villagers enjoying themselves. Apart from these social/fund raising events, the hall is used regularly by many groups and associations throughout the week.

Obviously the old GI s enjoy the work involved in ensuring that we continue to enhance the hall and we work closely with the Trustees, very closely, as they are mostly trustees themselves, to see what needs doing next. We each have ideas as to what would improve the hall for the best and soon we will get a list so we can plan for the next few years!

Just to keep the momentum going, we are holding a Quiz on April 18th, you know the format, just £8 same price for the last 3 years, fabulous food, incredibly easy questions (providing you know the answers) and a great time to be had by all. I have just taken the first booking, do let me know how many tickets you want so that I can get you booked in - Tel 221411 or email Ross.

That's all from me except to say congratulations to Kathryn Coad, who rang me with the correct page number of the advert in the February Focus. She won two tickets to the dance on 28th. However, I did persuade her to buy another couple at full price!

Thanks for your continued support.

Source: Focus, March 2009

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