* Nobody knows the trouble I'm in, Nobody knows at all...* Well, I think the line of the Negro Spiritual....
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Salvation Sound - June 2008

Posted on June 9, 2008

This article was published in June 2008. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

* Nobody knows the trouble I'm in, Nobody knows at all...*

Salvation ArmyWell, I think the line of the Negro Spiritual goes something like that. Where do you turn when in trouble ?

Some people hit the bottle; they turn to drink in the hope that they may find a way of drowning their troubles. Others turn to some other drug in the vain hope that the magic potion will bring them peace. They escape - but only for a short time; the problem doesn't go away. All that happens is that the power to deal with it has diminished.

Some turn to other, stronger people; that's good, for there they may find solutions to help them. Some turn to the Church - and why not ? After all one of the functions of the Church is to comfort people in trouble, to help them to find peace of mind.

Well, where should I turn ? Where do you turn ?

Psalm 121 Good News Bible begins,

"I look to the mountains, where will my help come from ?
My help will come from the Lord, who made heaven and earth."

The writer of the Psalm asks the question, and then answers his own question. The hills tell us something about God - they have been there as long as anyone can remember.

Geologists say millions of years. God has been 'there' for even longer than that!!

Hills have a solid permanence, they are not here today and gone tomorrow. Neither is God. He never changes. So when trouble troubles you, look to the hills, press on to the summit, find the way, ask, pray.

Psalm 120 : 1 says; "When I was in trouble I called to the Lord, and He answered me.

Church or Chapel, Cathedral or Abbey, in a garden, or on a hilltop, it does not matter; what does matter is that you acknowledge your deep need of God; intuition tells you that there is a God, and that with His help you can be forgiven, restored and healed.

Remember the old saying, "A trouble shared, is a trouble halved."

Follow your instinct and you will come to a God who is the source of all goodness, truth and joy.

"There's always another tomorrow,
However dark the day.
There's always an end to sorrow,
Time wipes your tears away.
There's always a reason for living,
Though sad your heart may be.
There's always another horizon
Beyond the one you see."

Charles Wesley wrote,

Help us to help each other Lord,
each other's cross to bear;
let each his friendly aid afford,
and feel his brother's care...

Source: Focus, June 2008

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