EB Lions U8 Blues - 1 St Josephs U8 - 5 The opening goal for Lions came seven minutes in, as Connor....
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Youth Football: Eaton Bray Lions

Posted on April 24, 2008

This article was published in April 2008. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

EB Lions U8 Blues - 1
St Josephs U8 - 5

Eaton Bray Lions AFCThe opening goal for Lions came seven minutes in, as Connor Tough set up Matt Kennel) for a deft finish.

More good runs came by way of Toby McGee to keep the pressure on a tough St Joseph's side, who were forced to play defensively.

The occasional attacking burst was quickly dealt with by a steadfast back line comprising Bradley Hicks and Robert Bunting, who stopped every forward play made by the visiting team.

Following the break, St Joseph's reapplied themselves and pressed forward, inspiring Ollie Mulcahy to bring out his finest work. Sam Bramston switched to a forward position and put together a string of attacking plays, while Jack Reynolds in midfield moved forward with vigour to further harry the St Joseph's defence.

A sequence of needless goals trickled in during the final ten minutes to overturn the game and an impressive Lions team were left perplexed at the final result.

EB Lions U10 - 0
AFC Shillington U10 - 1

MOM Mason won the ball with some relentless tackling and picked his way past a resolute Shillington defence, while an impressive Charlie swept down the wings time and again to deliver a host of shooting opportunities.

Tom and Chris formed an impressive attacking partnership, outfoxing their opponents with some accomplished one-two passing, culminating in some stunning attempts on goal.

The opening ten minutes belonged to the Lions as they kept the ball tightly wedged into the Shillington half, Adam and Aarin charging through a determined opposition.

Shillington picked up towards the end of the half, forcing defenders Ben and James into some tricky clearances, either by their trademark scything kicks or else via breathtaking runs from end to end.

Shillington increased the pressure during the second half, and Dan continued with the exquisite saves that have become his trademark. A cruel ball rolled in before the final whistle though, handing Lions a bitter defeat.

Source: EB Lions

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