It was December the 15th, the frost lay heavily on the roads and cars, 12 very cold GI's walked alongside....
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Old GI's Take the Long Road

Posted on February 1, 2008

This article was published in February 2008. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

It was December the 15th, the frost lay heavily on the roads and cars, 12 very cold GI's walked alongside Dunstable Round Table's Christmas Float. The carols (well King sings Christmas actually) were coming out at a fair rate of decibels and we all felt that wonderful feeling when the children look up at Father Christmas with absolute trust and belief. The last 3 hours of freezing feet and hands is all forgotten and the thought of that young GI's (Katrina) chicken casserole waiting in the warmth oilier and Paul's home kept us going for the next half hour or so. It really does seem to put a little belief back into Christmas after all the commercialism that exists in this day and age. Talking of which, by helping Round Table on two nights and standing outside Asda for two half days we will benefit the village hall to the tune of nearly E1,000. Huge thanks to all the villagers who came out and helped. Like all organisations we are nothing without people like you. Thanks! The Village Hall Fund Raising is coming on. As you know we need to raise £10,000 by June of 2008, to add to the Wren Grant of £37,800 which we have been promised. We have had the Quiz and the 200 Club has put £2,000 into the coffers, Thanks you all who are members, December's winners are listed elsewhere in this esteemed publication.

We are then running a bar at the Panto Thursday 24th January through to Saturday 26th January. After that we are holding our bi-annual joint Quiz with Eaton Bray Tennis Club on Saturday 26th April. Book early as we sold out last time!

Then we have the Beer Festival in June, Friday 6th and Saturday 7th, similar format to the last 4 years. Why change something that everybody seems to enjoy. Bring on the burgers I say!

Well before the end of the summer, we will have completed the majority of the major refurbishment on the Hall. I am sure everybody in the area will be delighted with the results.

Following on from that, we still need to do the car park, a new partition, and many smaller items that will keep us fundraising for a few years more but perhaps not with the ferocity of the last 4 years!

We hope you all enjoy the various events we hold and we really enjoy organising them.

P.S. Honourable Chairman of the Village Hall did everything right this year, did not run out of fuel or get his key stuck in the ignition lock on the lorry. So I cannot even have a dig at him. Or can I? He did forget to bring the money bags at the end of one night, so we had loads of piles of cash with nowhere to put it. Does that count? Answers on a postcard please to...........!

Source: Focus, February 2008

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