They say, "the young never feel the cold". Well it may be true but us old GI's certainly do. Along with....
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Ever seen the Chairman hot wiring a truck?

Posted on February 13, 2007

This article was published in February 2007. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

They say, "the young never feel the cold". Well it may be true but us old GI's certainly do. Along with a lot of helpers from our community we took over the Round Table Float for 3½ nights/days to help raise money for the Round Table and the Village Hall refurbishment.

To be honest it wasn't that cold and walking round the houses seeing all the children so delighted to see Father Christmas outside their homes was worth the odd 5 mile walk. We have raised over £1250 from the efforts put in by many people. You know who you are but we again say thank you!

What's this about the Chairman hot wiring a truck? Well it all started 3 years ago when the same gallant GI forgot to check the diesel in the lorry and we had to hang around while he and an elf went to get some. This year he went one better. As I was arriving, a little late at Asda, a couple of Saturdays before Christmas, I rang the said person to say sorry for being late. He told me not to worry as he was locked out of the lorry with the float on and the key was broken in the ignition.

Some two hours later a "very nice man" came from a breakdown company and got the key out and showed Nor... oops sorry nearly gave the name away there, how to hot wire the lorry. This, he has been doing ever since!

Since this bit of education, I have been locking my car in the garage (and I don't even have one)) you can't be too careful.

All GI's, old and young(ish) would like to thank everybody who has helped us in Fund Raising during 2006 and wish all villagers a very Happy and Healthy New Year.

Don't forget our next events. These are, the Joint Quiz with Eaton Bray Tennis Club Friday 20th April, in the Village Hall, Tickets £8 from either: ROSS or KATRINA

The 4th Annual Beer Festival, similar format to previous years, Friday June 1st and Saturday 2nd June, in the Village Hall. More info to come. Just put the dates in your diary and get extra aspirin in!

Last, but by no means least; the Villagers are holding a Race Night on Friday 4th May 2007. All proceeds will be going to the Village Hall refurbishment fund. So if you fancy a little flutter look out for further information later on.

Source: Focus, February 2007

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