Brook End Girls U12 - 0 Eaton Bray Lions Girls U12 - 0 Lions got off to a good start and a well worked....
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Youth Soccer: Eaton Bray Lions

Posted on April 26, 2006

This article was published in April 2006. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Brook End Girls U12 - 0
Eaton Bray Lions Girls U12 - 0

Lions got off to a good start and a well worked piece in front of the goal between Abi and Kim should have seen them take an early lead.

A corner gave them another opportunity and Kim narrowly missed with the ball almost trickling under the goalie's body.

Strong play continued with Lions' midfield pushing forward in support and more near misses from the two main strikers. Megan had very little to do in goal and when Brook End did make a break, Eloise made crucial big clearances.

Lions had a lucky escape in the first few minutes of the second half when Brook End blasted a shot against the cross bar.

Emily and Hannah M worked well in defence with Hannah pushing forward at every opportunity. A direct free kick from Abi just scraped over the bar. Christine also had a good scoring opportunity when she came on during the second half.

Unfortunately, in spite of Lions having far more possession and shooting chances they couldn't get the ball in the back of the net.

Woman of the Match to Eloise for her crucial tackling and clearances in defence.

Eaton Bray Lions U14 - 4
Memorial Park U14 - 4

Despite the promising start made by Lions, Memorial Park soon took the lead.

A defensive error let Memorial tap the ball in from close range. This stirred the Lions into a comeback. A long range shot by Rob Gadsden made it 1-1 and good tackling by Ben Turner ensured this was the score at half-time.

The second half saw the Lions take the lead - Sam Blumsom made the Memorial net billow when he rocketed in a ball barely saved from a Lions' free kick.

Memorial tried harder now and their midfield was very adept at winning the ball. This led to them equalizing and eventually going ahead, but Rob Gadsden had goals on his mind. A curling long range shot made it 3-3.

It was a roller coaster of a game. Memorial went ahead 4-3 with a well worked goal but the home crowd knew Lions could equalize and spurred them on.

Never one to score a boring goal, Rob Gadsden made another long shot from the right wing, using his opposite foot this time. This wrong footed the Memorial goalkeeper and the score was now equal at 4-4 - the final result.

Joint MOM - Rob Gadsden and Ben Turner.

Source: Leighton Buzzard Observer, 25 April 2006

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