Details of the road safety and traffic calming measures that have been discussed and implemented since....
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Road Safety and Traffic Calming in Eaton Bray

Posted on April 12, 2006

This article was published in April 2006. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Details of the road safety and traffic calming measures that have been discussed and implemented since 2002.

Mid 2002Gateways were erected at two entrances to the village.
May 200330mph roundels at the gateways repainted due to traffic wear.
Jun 2003Kerbs dropped for safety of push chairs and electric chairs.
Jul 2003PC Pollard advises more people caught speeding during the past year.
Sep 2003Councillor attends Chilterns Road Transport project for prevention of speeding through villages.
Nov 2003Road humps considered. Advised cost by Traffic Management at County Hall to the PC could be up to anywhere between £2,000 to £25,000 depending on what was found at the site of the humps plus consideration must be given to the emergency vehicles responding to a call. No one wants the humps installed outside their property!
Jan 2004Beds police advised no regular speeding activity will be provided by them until at least April.
Jan 2004Investigation of Chicanes along School Lane, information gathered suggested road not wide enough.
Feb 2004Police reported 4 people dealt with for speeding.
Mar 2004Meeting with Rep. of Raynesway to discuss state of road sensors monitoring speed of vehicles.
Apr 2004Traffic sensors repaired. Beds CC to evaluate stretches of road to receive 30mph repeater signs.
May 2004Beds Highway report that 30mph repeater signs could not legally be provided as roads have sufficient street lighting.
Jun 2004Meeting with Raynesway to discuss reinstatement of road sensors.
Jul 2004Parish Council writes to County Councillor to liaise with Beds Highway to ask again for 30mph repeater signs.
Nov 2004After Raynesways visiting the village again now confirm that 30mph repeater signs are necessary and supply map of possible locations.
Dec 20043 Councillors in consultation with village residents and sites identified for erection of 30mph roundels.
Jan 2005PC Clerk has instructed work to commence on 30mph repeater signs.
Feb 2005Dates & volunteers organised for Speed Indicator Device (S.I.D.) for use at various sites in the village.
Mar 2005Speed assessment with S.I.D. taken at five locations in the village over 4 days by 5 councillors and 4 concerned village residents totalling over 13 man-hours given freely and readily.
May 200530mph signs now installed.
Jul 2005Increased activity of HGV training vehicles noted, address sought for writing to training centre to stop/reduce use of village.
Aug 2005Police advised of youths lying in centre of road at dusk playing 'chicken'.
Sep 2005Clerk writes to HGV centre requesting them to stop/reduce use of village.
Nov 2005HGV centre advises they are not able to remove the village from their routes but instructed examiners to avoid Eaton Bray whenever possible.
Dec 2005'Public meets Parish Council' meeting in Coffee Tavern, attended by 12 people. Concerns expressed were Speeding, Youth Nuisance and Hedges/Trees overhanging pathways.
Jan / Feb 2006PC Johnson completes random speed checks, two cautions given.

PC Smith's team requested to attend village for further speed checks. Barry Fields and Beds CC invited to attend village and advise councillors on further traffic calming measures.

Cameras are in place in the village but speed checks are not normally carried out now by traffic police unless specific complaints are made, currently we are waiting for complaints made by the Parish Council to be dealt with. There are only three police officers in the county who carry out these operations. Village folk can help by making traffic/speeding complaints direct to the police.

Source: Focus, April 2006

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