Eaton Bray Parish Council met with Eaton Bray School Council on Thursday 23rd February at the School. The....
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Council Counsels Council!

Posted on April 1, 2006

This article was published in April 2006. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Eaton Bray Parish Council met with Eaton Bray School Council on Thursday 23rd February at the School.

The arrival at School of the Parish Council generated so much excitement! The School Council consists of elected members representing each class from Early Years to Year 4. Three members of the Parish Council were present as well as the clerk.

An agenda composed by the children was followed. After introductions and a description of roles, we moved to questions from both councils. The children (with a little help from parents I suspect) raised the issues of the position of the bottle bank, the equipment in the park, and litter bins in the village. The Parish Council answered all the questions in detail for the chidren. The bottle banks were placed in their current position because of its central location in the village. They have considered other sites but there have been objections each time. The equipment in the park is being inspected by park equipment specialists. There are litter bins in the village but often these are not used. The children are going to design some posters encouraging people to use the bins that are provided.

It was decided that the councils would meet twice yearly; once in the autumn term when the School Council would have newmembers, and once in the spring term to see how they have developed.

I would like to thank the Parish Council for their time, patience, and understanding in developing this new idea.

Mrs S Hounslow

Source: Focus, April 2006

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