People living in an Eaton Bray road are demanding council action to clamp down on fly-tipping that is....
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Fly tippers make road a mess

Posted on March 1, 2006

This article was published in March 2006. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

People living in an Eaton Bray road are demanding council action to clamp down on fly-tipping that is turning the area into an eyesore.

Residents of Northall Road fear that some of the material being dumped may be hazardous waste and they have accused South Beds Council of dragging its heels in clearing it up.

A group spoke out at February's meeting of Eaton Bray Parish Council, claiming that some parts of the road, which runs past the Chiltern View gipsy site, were no no-go areas for pedestrians.

A report from the meeting said that home-owners felt the local authority wasn't fulfilling its commitments to keep the area clear.

They called for more street lighting and security cameras in the fight to catch the fly-tippers.

But SBDC spokeswoman, Clair Thomas, said action was being taken to halt the dumping of waste.

She said: "We do know there is a problem in that road and we are working hard to combat it. There is no evidence to suggest that the material is being dumped by anyone from the travellers' site.

"The problem we have had is that because Northall Road is a long, straight, flat road we haven't been able to mount surveillance cameras as there's nowhere to hide them.

"We would appreciate the public's help. If anyone sees waste being dumped they should call us immediately.

"We are as keen as the residents to catch those responsible and they will be prosecuted."

Anyone with information or evidence of fly-tipping should call 01582 474040.

Source: Leighton Buzzard Observer, 28 February 2006

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