Information about Mary Mayne's Winston Churchill Quilt which hangs in Bletchley Park
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Mary Mayne

Winston Churchill Quilt

An eye-catching display on one wall of the Bletchley Park Mansion is the Winston Churchill Quilt made in 1987 by Mary Mayne.

Winston Churchill QUilt

It was originally a prize-winning entry in the Great British Quilt Festival at Harrogate, where it represented the Birth Room at Blenheim Palace in a competition to design a quilt for a bedroom in a Stately Room. It measures 7 x 5 feet, appliquéd and hand-quilted, and took nine months to make.

A notice alongside recounts that when making the quilt Mary had difficulty in finding a piece of fabric suitable for Churchill's overcoat. In desperation she raided her husband's wardrobe and cut off a large part of the leg from a pair of his trousers! He found out, so the cost of the quilt included a new pair of trousers for Mr. Mayne!


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