Archives of Eaton Bray News for November 2016.
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November 2016

EBPC Neighbourhood Plan - November 2016 Update

This article was published in November 2016. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Last month we mentioned that we had engaged the services of rCOH, a planning consultancy that has been helping many parishes to produce their Neighbourhood Plans (NP). rCOH are also supporting the Edlesborough NP and will try to achieve a consistent approach between both Plans. New houses in Edlesborough and Eaton Bray have implications on both villages; a good example of this is one shared doctor's surgery.

Some of our Steering Group, together with rCOH, met with Central Bedfordshire Council to discuss and understand the current position of the work CBC have done or are currently working through during development of the Local Plan and the role CBC's Community Plan plays in effecting our NP and the analysis and conclusions they have reached so far in providing us with information that will help us develop our NP.

Earlier in the year, in a Call For Sites request, CBC asked landowners if they wished to offer up land as potential development sites. The site assessment criteria CBC will use will be issued by the end of November (this article was written before confirmation that the publication date has been met). Once they have carried out the assessments their conclusions will be made available to us. This will also include a review of the Green Belt around the village for possible "roll back", in other words land that may be taken out of Green Belt classification. We understand that the quantity of new homes that could be required by CBC may be in the region of 150.Therefore, including the AVDC requirement for Edlesborough, the potential number for our two villages may be in the region of 300. In the coming months, the steering group will be working on identifying sites that will accommodate CBC's growth requirement and will be asking the village you for your views on the possible location of new homes in Eaton Bray.

A Neighbourhood Plan is not all about new houses we have not forgotten the environmental and infrastructure implications resulting from development. We are working on a number of topics that will provide useful information in the development of the NP. For example, in December you may have seen some of the team carrying out a traffic survey in the village at rush hour. This information will help identify which direction traffic leaves and comes into the village at peak times helping us minimise traffic disruption.

We will be engaging with the villagers over the coming months to seek views and input. We are currently focussing on having the draft plan ready for the village to review during the first half of 2017.

We hope you found this update useful and in coming months we will provide information of the further work of the Steering Group. If you feel you can offer any support, it doesn't need to be attending monthly meetings, perhaps you have the time to help a sub group in data collection/ research, please contact the Parish Clerk at - please feel free to attend the next Steering Group meeting.

Source: Eaton Bray Parish Council

Eaton Bray WI - November 2016

This article was published in November 2016. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

WI logoThe November meeting of the Eaton Bray WI was well attended.

We were looking forward to our speaker for the evening as it was an unusual topic; Poison as a Medicine. This proved to be a very interesting subject. Graham Harrison was suitably attired in tweed suit and he donned a bowler hat, explaining that in the nineteenth century little regulations were given to medicine. Cocaine, Opium, Morphine, Arsenic and Heroin were all used medicinally. There was much advertising for products to relieve many ailments. As doctors were very expensive this was an adequate and easy way for anyone to obtain medication. Collis Brown and Epsom Salts are two items which are still used today.

Following this very interesting subject, tea was served and notices read.

A member of Eaton Bray WI would be laying a wreath on Remembrance Sunday at the Memorial.

A Birthday Dinner will be held on Thursday 17th November at 7.30 pm when all members of Eaton Bray WI are invited. This has been subsidised by our summer afternoon tea and coffee morning.

The Group Christmas evening will be held on Friday 9 December in Caddington It will be a traditional Christmas evening this year, Eaton Bray WI will arrange a Bring and Buy stall for the evening.

Members signed their names on a tablecloth to be embroidered to celebrate our 95th Birthday.

The next meeting of the Eaton Bray WI will be our Christmas gathering on Monday 5th December at 7.30, when a special raffle and scrumptious food will be served. Member were asked to bring their cards for members for the Post Box.

Meetings are always the first Monday of the month (except Bank Holiday when it is the second Monday), commencing at 7.30 pm in Eaton Bray Methodist Hall.

The contact for Eaton Bray WI is: Margaret Jones. A warm and friendly welcome awaits new members. At each meeting there is an interesting speaker or demonstration, followed by social time and refreshments.

EBPC Neighbourhood Development Plan

This article was published in November 2016. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

EBPC's Steering Group are writing a Neighbourhood Plan (NP) in order to try and protect our village from unwanted housing development. You only have to look at neighbouring villages to see the effect of uncontrolled expansion. Through the NP we are looking to influence future Planning Approvals by controlling the number of houses, location and size. Other very important considerations are: Sustainable development, traffic, flood risk, biodiversity, heritage assets, landscape; including the 'gap' between Eaton Bray and nearby villages.

Working with Central Beds Council

CBC are developing their Local Plan which is similar to a NP but covering a considerably larger population and area it is a much bigger task. Our Steering Group met with CBC on 2nd November with the aim of working together to best suit the needs of EB.

Vision and Objectives

We are working on describing a vision for our plan:

  • Remain a Green Belt Village
  • New homes will minimise the effects of growth on the open character of the Green Belt.
  • Broaden the housing stock to meet local needs.
  • Special Character of the Conservation Area and Moore End are sustained.
  • A more accessible and biodiverse network of green infrastructure established around the village.
  • No greater risk of flooding or from inadequate facilities.
  • Thriving Community facilities.

The Steering Group will be reporting progress through the Focus Magazine so that residents can keep up to date. If you would like your voice to be heard, please feel free to attend the next Steering Group meeting. Meetings are planned for the last Monday of the month at 19:30hrs at the Coffee Tavern, Eaton Bray.

Please send your suggestions / comments regarding Planning Issues only to The Clerk.

Notice of Road Closure - Sunday 13th November 2016

This article was published in November 2016. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Notice of Road Closure - Sunday 13 November 2016

Notice of Road Closure
Remembrance Service, Sunday 13th November 2016
War Memorial, St Mary's Church, Eaton Bray
Section of High Street, Eaton Bray from 10.50am to 11.15am