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September 2008

What Would You Do?

This article was published in September 2008. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

I am frequently reminded of how dying without an up to date Will can leave families with unnecessary stress, in conflict and financially much worse off.

Angie and Bob had been together for over 20 years when Angie, in her mid 50's, suddenly died. Bob had meet Angie shortly after she had tragically been widowed at a young age. Angie inherited her house from her late husband and raised her two children with Bob as her common law partner. The children, Graeme and Emily, have both left home and are happily married with their own children.

As Angie and Bob never married all of Angie's estate including her £350,000 house is inherited by her children. Bob is left with nothing. Bob at 66 is potentially homeless. Graeme and Emily are aware their Mother wanted Bob to continue to live in the house. However, both children have significant mortgages, Graeme has his own business that is struggling with mounting debts and Emily's eldest daughter Jo is due to go to University in October. Bob has a state pension and few savings. What should they do?

It does not take much to imagine the type of discussions Graeme and Emily will need to have between themselves and with their spouses. Bob's future is in their hands. If only Angie had recorded her wishes then Bob would have no uncertainty and Graeme and Angie would be free of the dilemma that faces them now. How can they achieve what is best for each family and the best for Bob? A decision has to be made.

There is a further complication: Angie's estate is £360,000 and unless documentary evidence is available to confirm that all or part of Angie's late husband's 'nil rate band' tax free entitlement was not used up at the time of his death, £19,200 inheritance tax has to be paid. (40% of £360,000 - £312,000).

This could mean the house has to be sold or money has to be raised in other ways as the £10,000 cash in Angie's estate is not enough to cover the tax due let alone the funeral and other expenses that also have to be met.

Graeme, Emily and Bob would not be facing this torment if Angie had left a Will, whilst had Bob and Angie married and their Wills included an appropriate trust no inheritance tax would need to be paid.

If you are a couple, married or not, without Wills that include a trust then you are likely to leave your loved ones with uncertainty and your home exposed to a possible enforced sale to meet future long term care fees. If you are married and have an estate over £624,000 trusts can enable all inheritance tax to be avoided.

-- Tony Duke: 01525 229644

Source: Focus, October 2008

Youth Football: Eaton Bray Lions

This article was published in September 2008. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

EB Lions U8 Blues
Sacred Heart U8 Sapphires

Eaton Bray Lions AFCLions received an early wake up call as The Sapphires slammed home a loose ball within a few minutes of kick-off, forcing defenders James Glover and Joe Thorne to draw together and effectively seal the gaps.

A string of fine saves from Cameron Burchill cut off any further efforts at goal for the remainder of the half, freeing an adept Lions attack force to go on the offensive. Ollie West and Toby McGee both saw some goal mouth action, but it was Sam Carter that sliced an incredible ball past the keeper. Midfielder Sam Bramston doggedly stuck to Sacred Heart forwards as they upped the pressure, and Lions continued to press, making some potent attacks.

The midfield trio skipped past the Sacred Heart defence to leave them ball watching.

Ultimately though, even Lions steadfast defence and Cameron's acrobatic saves could not prevent a Sacred Heart goal in the last few minutes.

EB Lions U11 - 4
Barton Rovers U11 - 5

Lions went 0-3 down within 25 minutes, but throughout the opening half maintained a goal threat, which Sean would eventually capitalise on minutes before the half time whistle. Still it had been a torrid 30 minutes, with an under-pressure Dan parrying hard to salvage a scoreline which might have swung much further in favour of the visitors.

Following the break, Lions found a new gear and defenders James, Tom, Charlie and MoM Aarin refused to capitulate, holding off any further strikes and firing shots deep into the Barton half, where they were expertly fielded by forwards Adam and Will P, as well as mobile mid fielders Chris, Aaron G, Alex P, Sean, Will J and Ben.

A brace of searing goals from Adam and Charlie had the Lions on level pegging, and the team looked set to capitalise on a new found impetus. Still the Barton side were not finished, and returned fire with two of their own, pulling ahead. A final strike from Sean brought the scoreline almost level, but ultimately the clock ran down and the home team were forced to concede a narrow loss.

Harlington Juniors U12 - 6
EB Lions U12 - 1

Lions were well beaten by league leaders Harlington who maintained their 100% start to the season.

The boys were 0-2 down within ten minutes but then matched Harlington for the remainder of the first half. Captain Scotty Mercer went close with a well hit free kick. Just before the break keeper Harry Rogers made a great save tipping a shot over the bar. Harlington added a third early in the second half before Scotty immediately scored an amazing goal for the Lions.

From the restart the ball was passed back to Scotty who hit an unbelievable strike from well inside his own half. The ball took one bounce over the keeper and into the net. Both Matt Bramston and Ed McBrearty went close but the Lions could not match the strong play of Harlington.

Lions MoM was Jayden Newman for an energetic gutsy display on the Lions right.

Source: EB Lions

Van chase ends in hedge crash

This article was published in September 2008. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Police have been hunting a driver who fled from the scene of a one-vehicle crash in Eaton Bray Road Northall, in the early hours of Friday.

A grey Ford Escort van overturned into a hedgerow and burst into flames but the motorist escaped the vehicle and ran off before police or firefighters could talk to him.

Leighton firefighters used thermal-imaging equipment to search the nearby undergrowth to check that he hadn't fallen injure.

Anyone with information about the crash, which happened shortly before 2am, should contact Leighton Police on 01234 841212.

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Source: Leighton Buzzard Today

Reconsideration of Post Office closure?

This article was published in September 2008. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Post Office Network Change ProgrammeThe fate of Eaton Bray post office now seems sealed, after the Post Office's decision to axe it as part of a nationwide cull.

Closure of Eaton Bray post office is expected in late October, although the Village Store which houses the post office will remain open as usual.

Following Wednesday's announcement that Eaton Bray Post Office, along with 63 others in the region were set to close, South West Beds MP Andrew Selous said: "It is a sad day for Dunstable. People will have to travel further, it is going to cost them more money to get to a Post Office, in bus fares and so on, and it is going to take them longer. The effect on small businesses is also going to be quite marked."

Now South Beds District Council is calling for the "highly regrettable" closures in the Dunstable area to be reconsidered. Councillor Philip Penman from the district council said that, although they recognised that people had had a chance to voice their views, "we call on Post Office Limited, even at this late stage, to consider the effect these closures will have, and think again."

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Source: Dunstable Today

Youth Football: Eaton Bray Lions

This article was published in September 2008. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Eaton Bray Lions Reds - 5
AFC Luton B - 0

Eaton Bray Lions AFCLions continued their strong start to the new season with a good result against a busy and determined opposition. After three minutes, Tom Barbato put Lions into the lead with a long range shot, but it was not until two minutes before half time that Dax Roe scored the second, which saw some good passing and movement from Lions.

After making substitutions at half time, it was only four minutes before Roe got his second from a well placed shot and then four minutes later Jack Nevitt added the fourth.

Lions made their final substitution with five minutes to go and Jack Quigley came on and made it five.

Eaton Bray Lions U13 Girls - 1
AFC Kempston Colts - 3

A great match with Lions taking control from the start. Nancy Oliver did well in goal coping with a very long throw-in.

It was from a long throw that there was a forced error that gave Kempston the lead. Lions changed keepers due to an injury and Shannon did well to cope with the long throws for most of the remainder of the match. Lions controlled defence and midfield with a great performances from Katy Thiel and GoM Darcy Ashby.

Ten minutes into the second half, Megan Viljoen scored a well deserved equaliser and from then on it was all Lions until, against the run of play, Kempston's long throws caused more problems and Lions conceded two goals in the last five minutes. Lions were the stronger and better team so this was disappointing.

Woburn Lions U15 - 5
EB Lions U15 - 0

The first half of this County Cup match was a close fought affair. Dear and Moriarty worked hard for the visitors in midfield whilst MoM Gus Thorne and Taylor in defence thwarted the challenges of Woburn.

Even when Woburn managed to break through they found Ali Thorne just too good for them in goal and it was goalless at halftime.

Early in the second half a long shot from Woburn sneaked into the top corner despite Thorne getting a hand to it. EB responded quickly but a great cross from Audouard was kicked over the bar by Moriarty. EB failed to clear the ball from their area quickly enough, allowing Woburn to score their second, and then EB lost Audouard through injury.

This gave Woburn the edge they needed and they went on to score a further 3 goals as they overwhelmed a tiring EB team in the closing stages.

Source: EB Lions

Cricket: Bray Beaten in Season Finale

This article was published in September 2008. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

CricketBray went down to a strong side from Great Gaddesden in the last game of the season. Batting first, Bray were soon in trouble at 2-2 off 6 overs after openers Wilson and Hearn had thrown their wickets away offering easy catches. Skipper Peacock and Kerins set about restoring order with a 50 partnership, but tight bowling and good fielding ensured that the scoring rate was still slow.

When Kerins went to an unplayable delivery, more cheap wickets followed with Peacock, McDermid & Salmon all offering more easy catching practise for the fielding side. Salmon added to his ever impressive and growing list of getting out to bowlers who shouldn't be bowling!

Some lusty blows from Shepherd ensured a final total of 138-8 off 40 overs but at tea, it was genearlly felt this was not enough.

And so it proved as the visitors' openers despatched some wayward early bowling from Warner, and at one point it looked like the runs would be knocked off before drinks!

A moment of international standard fielding from Kerins resulted in the first wicket going down, a direct hit on the stumps at the keepers end from mid on running out the batsman.

Roff was introduced into the attack just as his Mum turned up at the ground. Keeper Peacock had the ball and threw it high in the air back to Roff. Unfortunately Joe wasn't looking and turned around at the exact moment the ball smacked him in the face. Pleased to say that he's ok, but he does a great Mick Jagger impression at the moment!

This seemed to inspire Roff, who took 2 late wickets thanks to 2 well held catches from Kerins and there was still time for Salmon to do his David Seaman impression (Nayim form the halfway line) in dropping a catch.

Gaddesden cruised to a 7 wicket win but given the glorious weather in which the match was played in, should we carry on playing? I'm ready for the start of the season!!

-- International Standard Fielder

  • Result: Great Gaddesden CC - 1st XI Won by 7 wickets
  • Date: Sun 21st Sep 2008 @ 13:00
  • Ground: The Rye Gardens
  • Type: Friendly
  • Scoring: Standard
  • Toss: Friendly XI won the toss and decided to bat

Source: Eaton Bray Cricket Club

Eaton Bray Post Office decision

This article was published in September 2008. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Post Office Network Change Programme

Post Office Ltd today announced its decisions on the future of Post Office branches in Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and South Lincolnshire.

The plan confirmed today (Wednesday 17 September 2008) means that 64 branches will close in the Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and South Lincolnshire, including 11 in the Luton and Dunstable area, with all changes expected to take place by the end of 2008. These branches were detailed in the Area Plan proposal published in July 2008.

Eaton Bray Post Office is one of the 64 branches that will close.

Full details of the decisions and the issues raised during local public consultation are available by visiting or by writing to Post Office Ltd at Freepost Consultation Team (no stamp needed) or by emailing [email protected]

Source: Royal Mail press release

Traffic signs in Britain - Biggest review in 40 years

This article was published in September 2008. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Government Office for the East of EnglandTransport Minister Rosie Winterton yesterday called on motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, highway authorities and road organisations who are keen to have a say in how our streets will look in the future, to take part in the biggest review of British road signs for 40 years.

The review will ensure that traffic signs keep pace with the latest technology, help to cut congestion and emissions and keep traffic moving safely and efficiently without cluttering our streets.

The review's aims include:

  • To consider new powers to reduce street clutter - and ensure out of date signs are removed
  • Look at using new traffic sign technologies that can provide new ways of managing traffic flow
  • Provide better road information - such as up-to-date travel news - to give motorists informed choices about their journeys
  • Demonstrate how effective signing can provide safer roads and reduce accidents
  • Improve road users' understanding of traffic signs and signals.

Rosie Winterton said:

"Road conditions have changed dramatically over the years - and road signs need to keep pace with that change to provide the best information possible to all road users.

"It is vital we help motorists, cyclists and pedestrians understand how to use our roads - improving road safety and helping reduce congestion and CO2 - without cluttering our streets with unnecessary signs."

Road users, highway authorities and organisations interested in streetscape will play a key role in the steering group leading the review.

AA President Edmund King said:
"Clear, concise, relevant road signs help reduce congestion, CO2, frustration and accidents. Confusing signs do the opposite so we welcome a root and branch review of the UK's traffic signing system and will seek the views of AA members to help the Department for Transport come up with signs fit for the 21 Century."

Source: Government Office for the East of England

Youth Football: Eaton Bray Lions

This article was published in September 2008. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Brache Sparta Spartans US - 2
EB Lions US Blues - 3

Eaton Bray Lions AFCBack from the break and into the game as if these players had not once taken their eye off the ball, the Blues launched into play spurred on by their fervent supporters.

Mid-fielders Sam Carter, Joe Rabey and Ollie West slotted some accomplished passes between Brache Sparta's defence, delivering effective balls to centre forward Myles Frederick.

First half goals from Joe and Ollie saw the Lions end the opening twenty minutes on level pegging with a talented home side, but the Spartans had no answer to a third goal after the break, courtesy of Myles.

Taking turns in goal, Toby McGee and Cameron Burchill pulled out a string of stunning saves, aided by a sturdy back line consisting of Joe Thorne, James Glover and Sam Bramston.

A fine opening start to the season and a promising performance from a bunch of talented young players.

Luton Borough Dragons U9 Whites - 5
EB Lions U9 Blues - 1

The match started in emphatic style with both teams playing an open game. Ollie (captain) Mulcahy in goal made some outstanding saves and was protected well by some decisive and brave takles by Daniel (flip flop) Challis and Bradley Hicks. Unfortunately, the EB Lions were 2 nil down at half time.

MoM Connor Tough was pinnacle in midfield along with Robert Bunting and Luke Jearrad aiding in providing cover to the defence and feeding the attack.

But it took a great majestic solo run by Matthew Kennell to put the Lions on the scoresheet to make it 3-1. Other great performances were by the versatile Jack Reynolds who played out of position to cover injuries and David Wood upfront who relentlessly came back searching for the ball to try and get the Lions back in the game.

The only disappointment from a great team performance is they went down 5-1, but the season looks bright with the commitment they showed alone.

EB Lions U9 Reds - 4
Bushmead U9 - 1

Lions were away for the first match of the new season and what a start. Only having played one previous match as a full squad this was always going to be a good match against a strong opposition.

Lions started well with a goal after three minutes from Jack Quigley then after fourteen minutes George Oliver got their second. The match was evenly balanced with both teams playing open, high tempo football.

Lions made their first substitution at halftime and scored a third goal after a great run from Dax Roe, two minutes later Bushmead scored and the pressure was back on as they pushed forward looking to get back into the game. With five minutes remaining George scored his second and Lions finished 4-1 winners.

Birthday boy Tony Barbato put in a superb display in defence and was unlucky not to score.

This was another great team performance from the Lions.

Barton Rovers Youth B U12 - 1
EB Lions U12 - 6

Lions recovered from a poor first half to emphatically win their opening match of the season.

Midway through the first half Barton deservedly took the lead. Lions' keeper MoM Harry Rogers was in inspired form and made three excellent saves to keep his side in the match. William Poole's great pass set up Ed McBrearty to pull a goal back just before half time, to give the Lions a flattering interval score line.

However in the first minute of the second half Jayden Newman scored to give the Lions the lead and they never looked back. Jamie Holt blasted the third with a fantastic long range shot. Matthew Bramston scored two goals and Ed got the Lions sixth and his second to wrap up a great win.

Harry made more great saves in the second half and Jakob Knappitt was superb throughout in the Lions defence.

EB Lions U13 Girls - 2
Dunstable Colts - 0

This was it, the first time Lions had played together this season and what a great start. With both sides playing well it was 24 minutes before Emily Hodson put Lions in front. With most of the pressure coming from Lions they were unlucky to be only one up at half time.

During the match Lions made lots of substitutions to try and find the right balance for the team.

Ten minutes into the second half Darcy Ashby scored Lions' second from a corner. Although the Lions were always in control Dunstable got a goal on the break with ten minutes left but three minutes later Devon Ferguson went on a run and scored Lions third.

This was a good match and a great team effort. GoM - Eden Scott.

Source: EB Lions

Cricket: Thousand Island for Aussie Hosking

This article was published in September 2008. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

CricketThe penultimate game of the season against Simmonds turned out to be an exciting one. Simmons batted first after Bray once again lost the toss.

Lucky Singh smashed the ball to all parts in his quickfire 87, but it was the introduction of skipper Jones to the attack which left him bemused. A rank long hop left him playing his shot far too early, and as the ball gripped, turned and bounced at record slow speed, it came down on the stumps.

A well taken skier by Hosking and a wonder catch from Wilson in the deep gave Jones his 2nd & 3rd wickets and the skipper ended his spell with 3-21 off 6 overs to end his season on a high. Good catches from McDermid and Harvey kept wickets falling and Simmonds ended up on 176.

Aussie Hosking needed 62 runs to make 1000 runs for the year - clearly his lacklustre performance in the field was to ensure that a decent total was set by the visitors. He survived one sharp dropped catch and then proceeded to make hay, hitting 3 sixes in one over into the farmyard, causing the farmer to lose his temper. Sensing trouble, the Aussie promptly got out, for 83, thus ensuring his objective was reached.

Bray looked to be cruising, but the quick fall of Peacock, Harvey (golden) and Flecknell sent jitters in the team. One man was standing firm at the other end, Joe Roff. With his now solid defensive technique he was ensuring that the collapse that threatened to happen, did not, and in Kerins he had a partner who paced the innings to perfection, the two of them ensuring victory with 1 over to spare.

Roff ended up hitting the winning runs to finish on 9 not out and he batted for 22 overs. This was by far his best innings for the club and went someway to compensating for his two dropped catches, one of which my 3 year old nephew would have had difficulty in dropping. Obviously attempting to ensure he wins the Friendly bowling cup this season!!

-- The Finisher

  • Result: Eaton Bray CC - Friendly XI Won by 4 wickets
  • Date: Sun 14th Sep 2008 @ 13:30
  • Ground: The Rye Gardens
  • Type: Friendly
  • Scoring: Standard
  • Toss: Simmons CC - 1st XI won the toss and decided to bat

Source: Eaton Bray Cricket Club

Eaton Bray WI Report

This article was published in September 2008. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Womens InstituteOur President welcomed the members and one visitor to our September meeting, and apologies were received from several people who are still on holiday. The minutes were read and signed. Jerusalem was sung before we got down to business.

Our summer coffee morning raised £125 for our funds, and the summer outing to Wisley Gardens was thoroughly enjoyed by all who went on the trip.

Several social evenings are planned one will be our harvest supper in October, followed by the Dunstable Group autumn meeting which will be hosted by Dunstable Downside WI.

An invitation has been received from Studum WI for Eaton Bray to join them for an autumn outing and canal cruise.

The WI Croquet tea party held at Hockliffe raised £600 for the McMillan Nurses.

We welcomed our speaker Mel Rees. Mel is an author, who, over the past nineteen years has written and self published four titles three of which have been autobiographical and one a novel and has also written and narrated a 'look at life' talking book, he has been giving talks for the past six years that look at the characterisations and situations from everyday life in a very humorous way.

Mel was very entertaining and extremely funny with his observations of people and everyday situations his talk was chatty and light-hearted and similar in style of the TV show 'Grumpy Old Men'.

Our next meeting is Monday 6th October at 7.30pm in Eaton Bray Village Hall friends and new members are always very welcome for more information contact (01525) 221185.

Source: Eaton Bray WI

Parish Council Minutes - September 2008

This article was published in September 2008. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting: Monday 1st Septemer 2008

The next Parish Council meeting to be held at the Coffee Tavern on Monday 6th October 2008 at 7.30pm. Items for the October agenda to be requested no later than Thursday 25th September 2008.

£13million Grassroots Grants scheme for small voluntary and community groups

This article was published in September 2008. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Government Office for the East of EnglandThe Government's groundbreaking Grassroots Grants scheme declared itself open for business yesterday (4 September 2008) and called on small local voluntary and community groups across the East of England to come forward and get their hands on £13,574,255 of essential funding.

Whether it's helping local clubs get hold of new kit, coaching new volunteers or simply giving the village hall a fresh lick of paint, Grassroots Grants aim to make a real and immediate difference to the work of the East of England's small and local community groups.

In keeping the process as simple and easy as possible for applicants, the money is being distributed directly through six local funders across the East of England - slightly larger local organisations already based in the community and selected because they are familiar with the needs and causes in each area.

Funded by the Office of The Third Sector in the Cabinet Office and run by the Community Development Foundation, the programme is offering a total of £13,574,255 to local funders in the East of England to start making grants of between £250 and £5,000 to voluntary and community groups with annual incomes below £20,000.

Businesses across the East of England were also invited to get involved through investing in the scheme's innovative endowment match challenge - the first of its kind in England.

Within the £130million national programme, the Government has set aside a £50million pot from which it will match endowment investments from local businesses - offering them the chance to contribute directly to supporting and sustaining the communities in which they operate.

Each local funder has a match fund target that it must reach in order to release an endowment allocation from the Government.

The endowment element - which is also open to individual investors - aims to ensure that Grassroots Grants remain available for many years to come. It is estimated that with match funding and sound investment this £50million will be worth £150million when it starts paying out in 2011. In addition, as Gift Aid can be claimed on donations to a charitable cause, a £1,000 match-funded contribution from a business would be worth £2,560 to the fund.

Phil Hope, Minister for the Third Sector, said:

"The East of England is full of small groups and individuals who work tirelessly to tackle local problems and this £130million fund is dedicated to supporting their efforts. Grassroots Grants will put essential cash in the hands of small local voluntary groups without all the paperwork required for larger grants.

"I urge local leaders and businesses to make an investment in the future of their community by contributing to the new endowment funds. Every penny that goes in will return a much greater value, particularly as donations will also be eligible for Gift Aid."

Alison Seabrooke, CDF Chief Executive said:

"Grassroots Grants is exciting as it provides funding for community groups now and into the future. Grassroots Grants reach out to grassroots groups that may have never even considered applying for grant funding before. The endowment match challenge enables local funders to continue this funding over the long-term, giving small community groups a real future.

"Grassroots Grants are all about building a strong, independent third sector, and the Community Development Foundation is delighted to be administering such an innovative programme."

There are 66 local funders who are ready and able to start taking donations and distributing grants directly in local areas across England over the upcoming years.

Source: Government Office for the East of England

Eaton Bray take league title

This article was published in September 2008. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

CricketEaton Bray are the new champions of the Morrant Four Counties League Division One.

They beat North Crawley by eight wickets on Saturday and finish seven points clear of their closest rivals New Bradwell.

North Crawley totalled 162 and Eaton Bray got the runs for the loss of two wickets with Josh Peacock scoring an unbeaten 67 and Paul Harris 56 not out.

Stoke Hammond won Division Four and Cublington 2nds finished top of Division Five. Ivinghoe and Pitstone topped Division Six South.

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Source: Leighton Buzzard Observer, 2 September 2008

Bedfordshire Youth Opera proudly presents... Carmen by Bizet

This article was published in September 2008. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Carmen will transport you to a world of Spanish gypsies, soldiers, bullfighters and smugglers and is one of the most famous operas of all time. A tragic love story with an outspoken, brash female lead, it is filled with musical highlights, including the famous Habanera and Toreador songs.

Bedfordshire Youth Opera - Carmen - 1st-6th September 2008

1 September - 6 September 2008, 7.30pm

University Theatre, University of Bedfordshire, Polhill Campus, Bedford

Tickets £10 and £8 from Central Box Office Bedford 01234 269519
Group discounts available

Excluding 3 September which will be the successful schools' tour 'Fairytales without Fairies' with performances by acappella singing group Peculi8 Tickets £5, group discounts available

For more details, visit

Source: Bedfordshire Music

Cricket: WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!

This article was published in September 2008. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

CricketEaton Bray are the Morrant Four Counties Division 1 Champions once again, edging out New Bradwell by just 7 points. Needing a win against North Crawley to secure the title, highly strung captain Andy Norris called correctly and had no hesitation in inserting the opposition.

Bray bowled and fielded very well, although dropped catches by Norris and Ellerton kept nerves jangling, but in bowling Crawley out for 165 in 42 overs, a job was well done. The wickets were shared around amongst bowlers Norris, Ellerton, Jarrett, Pearson and Flecknell who all bowled economically but the score could have been much higher if it wasn't for a wonder catch on the boundary by James Flecknell to dismiss dangerman Phillipson.

Hosking dislocated the same finger twice keeping wicket and showed his true metal when team physio Dave Hopkins offered to put it back in to place by asking whether it would hurt! Typical Australian!

At 43-2 nerves were jangling, but then came the partnership we all wanted to see. Peacock started off by sledging the bowlers and fielders but was his fluent best in making 67 not out, ably supported by Geoff Boycott, sorry Paul Harris who made 50 odd off 200 balls.

An 8 wicket victory was secured with 4 overs remaining and the fact that New Bradwell also won was meaningless for them.

Everyone played their part, John Salmon made some stunning dives and stops in the field, and Kerins was there to accurately write this report and ensure he was eligible for a winners trophy.

The night rolled on to the social club with "We Are The Champions" being played endlessly and then on to the nightlife of Dunstable.

Congratulations to all who have represented the 1st team throughout the season, and roll on our title defence of 2009!!

-- Trophy Collector

Source: Eaton Bray Cricket Club

Cricket: 2s show fight but lose again

This article was published in September 2008. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

CricketAnother game another loss for the 2s in the last game of their 2008 league campaign. The game followed the usual trend for the 2nds this season. Some very good cricket interspersed with some poor cricket, eventually leading to a lose! 2 wins, 3 draws (2 of which were washed out) and 13 losses not really what Kerins was looking for when he took on the reigns this year.

Two suicidal run outs accounted for both of the Bray openers (Lester and Brian) early on, this was followed by dogged knock of 39 from Hearn, a few cameo innings in partnership with him but the continued loss of wickets left the Bray 114-7 with 8 overs still remaining. This brought together the partnership of Jones and Shepherd. Given the somewhat precarious situation they set about playing themselves in for the first 5 overs followed by a bit of biffing from both in the last 3 overs (which yielded 40 runs!) brought up the 50 partnership and led to a total of 167-7.

Spirited bowling and fielding from the Bray, combined with some youthful enthusiasm from Harv and Ollie (as always!) kept the game interesting, though Crawley were always up with the run rate and they eventually won with 2 overs to spare. Tidy figures from 4 of the Bray bowlers continued the usual trend for the season, reasonable bowling but a lack of wickets hindering the cause. Jones (2-22 off 10), E Barker (1-32 off 10), Shepherd (2-34 off 10) and Roff (1-43 off 9) being the pick of the bowlers for the home side.

Well bring on 2009 I say, Div 4 shouldn't be as tough as Div 3 has been this season!!

-- Tail End Biffer

  • Result: North Crawley CC - 2nd XI Won Batting Second by 4 wickets
  • Date: Sat 30th Aug 2008 @ 13:00
  • Ground: The Rye Gardens
  • Type: League : Four Counties Cricket League - Division 3
  • Scoring: Standard
  • Toss: North Crawley CC - 2nd XI won the toss and decided to bowl

Source: Eaton Bray Cricket Club

Quiz - Village Hall - 11 October 2008

This article was published in September 2008. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Quiz Village Hall Saturday 11th Oct 2008

This fabulous quiz with quizmaster Keith Blackburn

Will still include
a Free supper with the questions.

Bring you own glasses and drink.

7.30pm for 8pm

Just £8 per person.

Teams of up to 8 people
Fabulous prizes!

This event is organised jointly by
Eaton Bray Village Hall Fundraising Committee
Eaton Bray Club

For bookings contact Ross on (01525) 221411.