Central Bedfordshire Council are asking dog owners to be responsible and bag and bin their dogs' waste....
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Pick up after your pooch

Posted on April 30, 2013

This article was published in April 2013. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Golden Doodle "Fred" 4 years old 2012 by jenknoxCentral Bedfordshire Council are asking dog owners to be responsible and bag and bin their dogs' waste to keep the area clean and healthy.

Not only is dog mess a nasty business, it also poses serious health risks. It can carry roundworm - containing the parasite Toxocara canis which can cause blindness, epilepsy, asthma and infections. So it's vital to reduce dog fouling to protect others and particularly children.

Keep Britain Tidy's latest report (2010) suggested that the UK dog population was estimated to be 8 million, with dogs producing approximately 1,000 tonnes of excrement each day.

Failing to clean up after your dog when in a public space is an offence and you could face a £75 Fixed Penalty Notice or a court imposed fine of up to £1,000. The Council is stepping up its efforts to tackle the problem and Dog Wardens are actively patrolling the area and can issue on-the-spot fines to owners for dog-fouling offences.

Councillor Brian Spurr, Executive Member for Sustainable Communities, said: "Dog fouling is anti-social behaviour which we take extremely seriously. We know that it is a matter of concern to lots of local residents too because they have been letting us know. Unfortunately the problem lies with a selfish minority of people who don't take the legal responsibility of dog ownership seriously enough.

"We're working hard to ensure that Central Bedfordshire continues to be a great place to live and work and have upped the Dog Warden patrols and made sure that there are around 625 easy to find dog waste bins around the area. We would encourage anyone who witnesses an incident of dog fouling to report it immediately by emailing Customer Services or by calling 0300 300 8302."

So if you're walking your dog please take a doggy bag, pick up after and use the dog waste bins provided. Remember you can also use the normal litter bins if there are none nearby, or alternatively bag it and bin it at home - there are no excuses!

To report a dog fouling incident or to suggest a location for a dog waste bin please email customer services on or visit the Council's website for further details. You can also call 0300 300 8302.


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