Trading Standards is warning residents to be aware that the Top Roof Coating and First Choice Property....
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Top Roof Coating & First Choice Property Maintenance

Posted on June 11, 2012

This article was published in June 2012. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Trading Standards is warning residents to be aware that the Top Roof Coating and First Choice Property Maintenance have been cold-calling at homes recently.

Chris Holden from Buckinghamshire Trading Standards states that "The companies have both attempted to deceive consumers into believing that they need urgent or unnecessary work carried out on their roofs and failed to provide written cancellation rights, as required by law.  Subsequent inspection of the work has also found it to have been unnecessary and very over-priced."

If you are approached by anybody purporting to be from either of these companies, or indeed any company making similar claims, you are advised to decline any offers of work until you have had the opportunity to seek a second opinion. Trading Standards would be grateful if any such approach is reported to them, or if you have had work done by either company and have concerns, call them on: 08454 04 05 06.

Source: Thames Valley Police bulletin

Reader Comments

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December 20, 2012, CHARLES BENDLE says:

Are these also known aslo known as TOP ROOF Restoration and Protection Specialist. Based at 20 Murdock Road, Bicester. OX26 4PP.

March 7, 2013, Anna Austin says:

Top Roof have called twice at our home this week offering a survey and quotation and my husband agreed they could take photographs, etc.
They phoned last night to make sure we would both be there but I said we wouldn't and that I couldn't see why it was necessary just to provide a quote but they said they then had to go through their findings with both of us - obviously going for the hard sell !! So I said we weren't interested.

March 21, 2013, lynette bell says:

just been visited by 2 members of this company and were subjected to a subtle but definite hard sell. We live in North Staffs so it would seem that the company is targeting our area. We made it clear that we would not agree to anything without thinking hard about it . Did not like this and were quite put out, offering yet another low price, had a cancellation etc all the usual. Needless to say we will not use them!

March 24, 2013, christine aspin says:

Grateful thanks to Anna Austin and Lynette Bell. We had a cold caller yesterday (23rd March) in Swindon. My husband signed something called "Appraisal Entitlement" but regretted it after the caller had gone. We'll tell them what we think of them and their methods when they 'phone.

April 6, 2013, Andrew Gibson says:

I have just read the comments on here and I am a little confused. I had Top Roof round to my home in Hartford, Cheshire the other day and found the person to be knowledgable about the roof in general and even took pictures to help explain what could happen if certain areas where left. Yes they wanted the business on the day but doesn't every business? (you go and look at a new kitchen or a new car or even a new pair of shoes it is exactly the same!) I have taken up their offer and even taken it on finance because it was interest free and although I have the money I liked the idea of the extra guarantee and only putting a small deposit down.
I know a lot of people will think that i am foolish because i am having work done that isn't perceived as urgent but my Moto is "prevention is better then cure". i will obviously report back when the work is completed and let you know how it all went.

April 17, 2013, Andrew Gibson says:

The work was completed last week and I am over the moon with it, the team did a fantastic job and cleaned everything up when they were finished, I would certainly recommend them!!

May 8, 2013, Hilary Riley says:

I had someone at my home this afternoon and he stayed for 2 1/2 hours after telling me at the beginning that he would only stay for 20 minutes.

I would not sign up with him and he brought the price down to £2975 if I would have the work done within 30 days.

He did the give the hard sell and told me my roof was definitely in need of their services.

He was very disappointed that I would not accept his offer and threw in "its my one off discount that I can give and if you don't take it up, I will give it to the next person I see".

May 13, 2013, Philippa Slinger says:

This company called at my house today, GU170PR. Thankfully I have checked them out and found your warning.

May 30, 2013, Sylvia Gregory says:

I am a pensioner living on SRP and the company called on me today in BA14. I informed him right from the start I would not even consider having any work done because I (truthfully) have major work planned for the house later this year. Their representative called on me last year leaving an Appraisal Entitlement form, but no one ever contacted me. When I questioned this fact today he told me they were 'understaffed' at the time.... mmmmm! I also made it clear that I would not give my consent to anyone coming inside the house. If/when they telephone to make an appointment obviously I will be refusing after reading these comments. Thank goodness I checked them out and found your warning.

May 30, 2013, DENIS HOLDCROFT says:

A salesman came to visit me after a cold caller knocked on my door. I explained to the caller that I wanted a complete new roof, tiles felt and lathes, he explained that it was an option with Top Roof, hence the salesman. He convinced me after a lengthy discussion and a survey in my loft that the best way to go would be to repair and spray...He whent on to show me a dated (2011) price list showing me that a new roof would cost me over £8000 and he could do the job with a 15year guarantee for £6500, if I was to have it done within the next few weeks he could do it for a one of price of £4500...which I eccepted and he took £1500 there and then as a deposit. Installation rang a few days later to comfirm a start dated the following week, I booked a weeks holiday, no one turned up on the Monday I waited till 12 o'clock Tuesday then phoned to see what was going on, installations appologised and said the would get a team there asap. The team turned up mid afternoon climbed on the roof (no scaffolding) and began to jetwas the tiles, I questioned the fact that they had not sheeted insided the loft as the salesman had informed me they would..(the loft was full)they informed me that they never sheeted in the loft but were giving up anyway as the tiles were beyond repair, they called someone at the office and said a surveyor would be out on Wednesday....The surveyor turned up checked the damage caused by the jetwash,broken tiles all over the drive..and inside the loft which was now flooded with water..causing damage to personal effects stored there. He said he would make a report for his boss and someone would be intouch the following phone call...Friday no contact so called installations who but me through to the top man....he said he was the expert an was going to come and have a look as soon as he had got time..I explained to him that I was not happy, having just wasted a weeks holiday,having a flooded loft,and having to brush up broken tiles lead flashings and cement loosened and dislodged by his team on a daily basis he said he would try to get there within the next two weeks I said that it was not ecceptable and that I would hold him responsible to any damage caused to my car, he told me to park it in the street, i told him that was not an ooption because of the terms on the cars insurance..he said in that case he was terminating the contract under section 8!!! and would return my deposit.. I was left with a leaking, dangerous roof, with personal effects, that cannot be replaced ruined..I have since had a local roofing company to reroof the entire roof and the bay window with new, felt,lathes, lead and tiles...they have also repointed the hole of my chimmney for £4200. It has also cost me £80 to have the drains cleaned as the were blocked with broken tiles..Top Roof...TOP BODGERS

June 27, 2013, Edward says:

I work for top roof, I must say that all of you barring mr Andrew Gibson have not got a clue what you are talking about!! Cold calling is defined as doorstep selling and does not stop people knocking and asking if you want a free appraisal, if you don't want the work done then don't have it done!! don't get it done and then feel hard done by and batter the company for the simple fact you don't know how to say NO and also for those complaining about the assessor being there to long!! Personally if I don't want someone in my house I will chuck them out if they don't go when told to therefore instead of bitching about it on here maybe you should grow a backbone and do the same!!

July 11, 2013, Amanda Muchardt says:

We had our roof done by Top Roof in it's all flaking off and it looks awful.
I'm trying to get them to respond to my requests to get this put right but they aren't very co-operative once they have your money. Fortunately we paid using credit card so we will probably end up trying to claim the money back through section 75 of the consumer credit act and get the roof done properly.
I can't recommend this company to anyone, avoid!

October 8, 2013, W Walsh says:

Had roof done in 2010, it looked brilliant at first, and all cleaned up afterwards, however last winter it all started to flake off, rang Top Roof, spoke to someone and they assured me they would be back in contact, have rung and left messages since February, no one has rang back at all. Would NOT recommend this company at all... there is no one to contact if there is a problem...stay well clear

November 13, 2013, ian plimbley says:

we had the roof done 18 months ago.We noticed after 6 months the paint started to wash off they had not replaced damaged tiles every day we are brushing tile up off the yard because the tiles are flakeing.they came back 6or7 months ago to repair the roof and re-spray where they could because we have had solar panels put on the roof after they first sprayed it.So the panels will now afto be taken off and replaced again.We have tried to get in touch by phone ,email but no responce.we have been trying know 6 months.the job is absolutely rubbish.A rip off and ive got pictures to prove it so beware of TOP ROOF.

November 23, 2013, Mr. and Mrs. Istead says:

5 December 2012 Mr. Wheeler from Top Roof called, same format as above. Cost £6528.00 reduced to £4,400 as they're in the area. Work carried out 19th Dec 2012. Tiles were broken, so called experts totally unprofessional, no scaffolding, leaked into loft used for storage causing damage, paint damage to windows, surrounds and sills and a terrible mess to clear up around the property. By March the paint was flaking from the roof. So much for a 15 year guarantee! I wrote and emailed my complaint and was lucky enough to receive a visit with a promise that the work would be rectified. Phone calls, empty promises and many excuses, a 2 man team finally arrived at 1.30pm on 25th April 2013. The guys worked really hard and replaced damaged tiles and cleaned solar panels and sills etc., but would not be able to finish that day. They would be back but no date or time specified. A call advised they would be here on 30th April. 29th April at 8.45 they arrived to spray the roof without warning. Work completed fine but a bit of clearing up for us to do. It is now November 2013 and the patches of roof where the paint has flaked has grown and grown and is still growing and like Ian Plimbley, emails etc are totally ignored. Avoid this company like the plague. Rogue Traders had them in their sights in Dulwich but the complaints only referred to their sales techniques. Now it is their sales technique and their product that is a problem. Some of their staff are also questionable.

March 24, 2014, patricia Taylor says:

hoping this might flag up for anyone who is trying to contact Top Roof, they are no longer trading you need to contact andura coatings the number is on the website

November 13, 2014, Ian Weemes says:

Same problems it seems as everyone else on here, bar a few. Wife's mum & dad had their roof done in 2012 & cost £4,000. Paint peeling within weeks, broken tiles etc etc. A director visited with a sob story that they had gone bust........Has anyone ever got anything back?

November 26, 2014, Barbara.miller says:

I had Top Roof 2 years ago and at first the work was very good. Now however, the coating is coming off and the ridge tiles are loose. I have written to Top Roof and the letter has been returned marked "gone always"

Does anybody know where they are now trading from.

July 7, 2015, jennifer carr says:

we had top roof in december 2011 we tryed that many times to contact them but no reply there r a few tiles off the roof we have a 15 year guarantee but cant get anythink done about this why

January 5, 2016, jacqueline dennie says:

We had top roof after cold call sell in 2011 .Not impressed with how the work was carried out, no safety precautions taken.Had great difficulty contacting them when water started appearing in corner of bedroom wall.15 year guarantee useless.cost way over the top.Got to get a roofer in as still a problem with the damp wall.

March 3, 2016, Marcia Blackman says:

Had Top Roof done September 12, and now have problem with water leaking. Tried all phone numbers, e mail etc. to get assistance under g'tee all to no avail. Friend researched last night and referred me to this site. I did go on to Top Roof web site initially,but after reading the above reports, should have done more research. Cold callers with Top Roof leaflets called at my house in Chippenham, Wilts in August 2015. Be warned.

May 13, 2016, Kevin Charman says:

We had our roof done in 2011 and have had no problems with it. It was done by TOP ROOF and they were based in Middlesex. Can you tell me if they are still based there as have tried to phone and number is unobtainable??

December 11, 2016, Tony Pitcher says:

I had Top Roof, then based in Bicester, refurbish my roof. I was unhappy with it so I had an independent report done on it. They said the work done was useless and probably did more harm than good. I took Top Roof to court. Won my case and never got any money back as they disappeared from Bicester. Do not have any work done by these people. They still owe me £5500.

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