It's that time of year again…..Christmas parties, office functions and so much food you don't....
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Make Sure You Stay Safe This Christmas and New Year

Posted on December 21, 2011

This article was published in December 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

RingmasterIt's that time of year again…..Christmas parties, office functions and so much food you don't know which way to turn and of course alcohol.

Bedfordshire Police would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy New Year but would also like to take the opportunity to warn party goers about the dangers of excess alcohol.

"Many of us don't really indulge during the year as much as we do during the festive season and the consequences of drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can be severe", warns Superintendent Dave Boyle, who is heading this year's Christmas and New Year safety campaign.

"I would like to remind members of the public not only to consider the drink drive laws and driving the day after a night out, but to take extra precautions about their personal safety when they are out enjoying themselves," he added.

Here are some easy safety tips that members of the public can follow to help keep them safe over the festive period:

  • We all like to plan a night out but make sure you also plan how to get home safely.
  • When out with friend's stay with them, stay together and stay safe.
  • Watch what you are drinking – keep an eye on how much and what you are drinking.
  • Always use a reputable taxi service and never get into a taxi which has not been ordered by you or is not displaying the Hackney licence details.
  • And don't forget a good night out deserves remembering, have fun, be safe, hold on to your smile and walk away from any trouble.

Bedfordshire Police will be running Christmas initiatives throughout the festive season in the towns and busy areas throughout the county and together with their partners will crackdown on those being anti social whilst keeping an eye out for anyone who has over indulged and needs help.

Source: Ringmaster Bedfordshire

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