In July a party from Elf made a trip to the Industrial Heritage Centre based at Frogmore Mill, Apsley,....
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Posted on August 10, 2011

This article was published in August 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

In July a party from Elf made a trip to the Industrial Heritage Centre based at Frogmore Mill, Apsley, which is run by 'Paper Trail' a registered charity, manned by volunteers. This is where the first commercial paper machine was installed in 1803, thus starting papers' industrial revolution, and – at a much later date – Basildon Bond was produced.

Whilst full scale commercial production no longer takes place, a small company is operating there and the whole process of paper making, from start to finish, can be seen – and one of the original 'monster' machines is still in situ, although no longer in use.

The print room gives the history of printing from Tyndale's Bible through newspapers and almost up to the computer. Our visit also included a short trip on the canal which was the main source of transportation both of the fi nished paper and delivery of raw materials to the Mill. The guides were excellent with their information and explanations – a place well worth a visit.

In August, nearer home, and indeed at the home of Alan and Val Trantum, members enjoyed 'Afternoon Tea' in the garden, with the usual array of goodies, bonhomie and chat! All good fellowship stuff! We always welcome new people; we are all retired of course (that's how we manage to do all these nice things during the day) and for more information please contact Alan or Val.

Source: Focus, October 2011

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