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Your Carnival Needs You

Posted on June 20, 2010

This article was published in June 2010. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Carnival 20103 July - Edlesborough Green
Openers - David & Barbara Marriage
Principal charity: Keech Hospice Care
Procession 12.30 - 1.30pm

Your Carnival needs you

Carnival day is the biggest day in our villages. It is a day when we create a wonderful community spirit and raise a lot of money, both for the church and for local good causes.

The Carnival Committee has been busy trying to create a great day out but now is the time for as many people as possible help. There is a great variety of jobs to be done, some physical, some sedate.

Your Carnival needs - Prizes

Among the biggest fund raisers at the Carnival are our Tombola and 'Water into Wine' stalls. These both need donations to be successful. Please consider donating tins, non-perishable items and especially bottles of wine to support these stalls. Small prizes for the tombola are always welcome.

Your Carnival needs - Donations

With an enormously popular Tea Tent and a tremendous Cake Stall we can never have enough cakes. Please consider baking a cake or some trays of cup cakes. Please inform the stall holders (Edna Moore and Christine Gray) that you are going to be cooking and bring them along on Carnival Day. Do encourage friends and family to add to the supply.

In addition, we need donations of Plants, Books, Toys, Soaps and perfumes, items for the White elephant stall. Have a clear out and please let us have good quality items we can turn into cash.

Your Carnival needs - Your favourite recipes

A new venture this year is a Recipe Swap stall. This will be located next to the Tea Tent. It would be wonderful if every family could write down - or type - their favourite recipe and pass it to Gordon.

Your Carnival needs - Your body

And not just your body - your friends and family can join in too. We need help on Friday 2nd July. Just come along to the car park at Eaton Bray Village Hall at 6.30pm and join the band of helpers to load lorries with Carnival equipment.

Then on Saturday evening help put it all back again - just turn up on the Green and join a lorry crew from 4.30pm onwards. Ideally let Gordon or Norman Lee know you are going to help.

Too much trouble? Well, how about spending 15 minutes collecting litter off the Green? We always try to leave it cleaner than we find it. A team of 30 or so litter pickers would be a tremendous help. There's no age restriction so this is an opportunity to involve some of the younger members of the church family.

Your Carnival needs - Your pick-up truck

Do you have (or do you know someone who has) a pick-up truck that you would be willing to drive around the villages from 5pm to 6pm on Carnival Day delivering items and equipment. If so please talk to Gordon Gray.

Your Carnival needs you - To sell your Grand Draw tickets

We will hand out the same prizes whether we sell 100 Grand Draw tickets or 10,000 so every ticket we sell adds to the Carnival profits. And the more tickets we sell before Carnival Day the better insured we are against possible bad weather. Please receive your tickets from Ann Lee with good grace and do everything you can to sell them to friends, family, neighbours or work colleagues.

If you would be willing to knock on the doors in your neighbourhood and sell more tickets in advance please talk to Ann or Gordon.

Your Carnival needs you - To advertise the event

With free parking, free admission and free entertainment St Mary's Village Carnival offers a great day out for families. Please encourage your friends, families and work mates to come and spend the afternoon on Edlesborough Green.

You can Contact the Carnival Committee at any time via the Carnival website.

The success of the day really does depend on YOU

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