Eaton Bray Panto is back with a vengeance!! The vengeance being in the form of Little Red Riding Hoodie....
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Little Red Riding Hoodie

Posted on March 10, 2008

This article was published in March 2008. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Edlesbray PlayersEaton Bray Panto is back with a vengeance!! The vengeance being in the form of Little Red Riding Hoodie and her naughty friends. The big bad wolf didn't really get a look in; it was the modern day youth that stole the show. (although I must say the wolf was in excellent costume, loved the detail from the hair on his head down to his hairy feet). This was a modern day version of the story which encompassed mobile phones, i-pods, mini skirts and chav speak The scenery was very professional, thanks to Pete Farrar and his team, (if you ever need any interior design done I am sure you can call on them).

The Panto opened with Gran in bed, but was it Gran from Linslade or Gran from the Catherine Tate show, I couldn't taste the difference! As soon as Rose Wood (Little Red Riding Hoodie) had conquered her nerves, she also gave an excellent performance, backed by all her young friends.

The larger than life Dame was in great form throughout, and although he tried very hard, sadly, he never found his love match. He attempted a liaison with the courier who was unfortunately "ginger beer (my favourite bit has to be the re-enactment of the potters wheel scene from the film "Ghost") and bantered with Sir John General who offered to do several things with his twelve bore (hopefully this went over the heads of the young children!) and yes, in case you were worried, Gordon Gray was once again appearing, full of enthusiasm and blow up sheep.

I know Ronnie and Pete are looking for comments as to how they can improve next years show, personally I would have liked to see a few more song and dance routines that we could all clap along to, but realise these take time to rehearse.

Thanks to Ronnie and Pete, Sonia and Brett for all their hard work.

-- Satisfied Customer

The dust has settled, the booing and hissing has died away, the makeup has been removed and the actors have all forgotten their lines. It's time to thank everyone involved in any way, however large or small, for their participation in the Panto.

First and foremost we would like to thank everyone who bought tickets and came to see the production. Without you we would have looked really stupid. We hope you enjoyed the show. Let us know if you have any comments, good or bad, and if you would be interested in helping next year's show.

There were over 50 people, plus the actors, involved in bringing it all together, so it's hard to name them all, but our thanks go to every one of them. They all worked superbly well and we could not have done without them.

Our special thanks go to Lincoln of Lincoln Design & Print Ltd who sponsored us by producing all our advertising posters, tickets, programmes and banners.

Hopefully the Panto is back for good, but we do always need people to help, however small the offer. The emphasis is always to have fun, the more help we get, the less stress there is and therefore the more enjoyable. So go on, give it a go.

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