EB Lions U8 Blues - 2 EB Lions U8 Whites - 0 The agile U8 Blues went two for two with an impressive....
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Youth Football: Eaton Bray Lions

Posted on January 15, 2008

This article was published in January 2008. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

EB Lions U8 Blues - 2
EB Lions U8 Whites - 0

Eaton Bray Lions AFCThe agile U8 Blues went two for two with an impressive win over their village counterparts in an anticipated derby match.

The Whites fought from the outset but were out gunned as the Blues hogged possession for a chunk of the game.

Several searing shots sliced just offtarget or else were absorbed by accomplished keeping.

An impressive header from Toby McGee brushed the post, while David Wood and Robert Bunting made imposing progress.

Any Blues player could have scored, with shots driven forward by Daniel Challis and Sam Bramston.

Ultimately Connor Tough placed a neat ball between the keeper's feet before the break, a lead consolidated in the second by Matt Kennell, powering in a decisive ball after ten minutes.

Guarding the Blues' net, Ollie Mulcahy made short work of occasional incoming shots, but a challenging task was ameliorated by outstanding defensive work courtesy of Jack Reynolds and Bradley Hicks.

EB Lions U8 Reds - 0
Crawley Green Tigers U8 - 2

This was the league cup semi-final and Lions did nothing wrong but not enough right.

Every time there was a loose ball or two opposing players arrived at the same time it seemed that Lions just couldn't get that final touch or even when they did they couldn't use it to their advantage. Lions were playing a team they had beaten 7-1 a few weeks ago and yet from the start it was hard going.

Lions seemed to be outnumbered (they only had seven)- maybe after the previous meeting, Tigers were more determined to get revenge than Lions were to confirm their superiority.

Lions will learn from this and become a stronger and better team.

Next week, they play the same team on the same pitch in the league so watch this space.

EB Lions U10 - 1
Brache Sparta U10 - 3

Lions were forced to swallow a bitter defeat at the hands of an erratic Brache Sparta side.

There were early indications that this would be a sapping match, with some blistering turns of speed coming from their effective right winger.

Nonetheless, the pacey hitman's attacks were well countered by defenders Ben, James and Mason, while keeper Dan scooped up any tricky balls that penetrated the rear guard.

Ultimately the shots would start landing, but it was testament to the Lion's iron-clad resolve that they retained a degree of celerity which would have undone many a foe.

Sean, Tom and Chris were as ever using the length and breadth of the pitch, along with Charlie who demonstrated adept on-the-ball turns to frustrate the Brache defenders, but efforts would ultimately spearhead in a deft pass from Mason, angled into the net by deserving MoM Adam, to at least bring determined Lions team onto the scoreboard.

EB Lions U11 - 3
Sundon Park Rangers U11 - 2

The Lions progressed to Round 3 of the Cup.

Lions took the lead early on, Scotty Mercer floating over a corner for Ben Flitton to volley into the goal.

Thomas Lancefield made a great goal line clearance from a Sundon corner.

However, Sundon equalised scoring from close range following a free kick.

The Lions regained the lead, their second also coming from a corner.

Jamie Holt crossed, Ben headed it on and Matt Bramston blasted the ball into the net.

The Lions had the better of the second half but it took until the 23rd minute of the half to score the decisive goal.

Matt Glover ran the ball to the goal line before cutting it back to Scotty who fired the ball into the net.

Sundon scored a second in the final minute.

MoM for the second week running went to Jakob Knappitt who was awesome once again.

EB Lions U12 - 3
Caddington U12 - 2

In one of the most stunning and exciting games, Eaton Bray Lions (2nd in Division 2) faced Caddington (2nd in Divisionl) in the 4th round of the Beds U12 League Cup.

Lions powered their way to a 3-2 victory with a breathtaking hat trick from James Pearce (who scored his 200th Club career goal!).

Captain Nathan Sears urged his team on and created some wonderful play from midfield to support the front two, Declan Tomlinson and Luke Dunstan controlled the defensive middle whilst Jack Bramston in goal made several stunning saves to deny Caddington.

Haydn Thomas and Tom Nevitt were superb left and right backs who both attacked the flanks in a pulsating win to leave E B Lions in the last 16 of the Cup.

EB Lions U12 Girls - 0
Sandy Colts U12 Girls - 2

Lions started strongly with good attempts on goal from Darcy and Hattie (GoM) giving them complete control of the game until against the run of play they conceded a goal.

This didn't change Lions' approach to the game and Megan, Devon and Elsa kept control of midfield giving chances to get back on level terms.

Lions' defence was solid with Katie, Beth and Abbey coping well with anything that came their way. In goal Nancy produced a couple of fine saves.

Ten minutes into the second half, Sandy scored again.

Lions continued to push forward but as the minutes ticked away they still couldn't get the goals they deserved.

Once again Lions didn't get the result that such a committed and dedicated team effort deserved but with a team spirit as strong as this and the talent that this team has there will be good results to come.

Source: EB Lions

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