EB Lions U8 Blues - 1 St Martins Orange U8 - 1 Lions grabbed a second half equaliser to retain fourth....
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Youth Football: Eaton Bray Lions

Posted on December 19, 2007

This article was published in December 2007. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

EB Lions U8 Blues - 1
St Martins Orange U8 - 1

Eaton Bray Lions AFCLions grabbed a second half equaliser to retain fourth place in the league table.

A dominant offence, made up of Matt Kennell and David Wood, supported by Connor Tough and MoM Jack Reynolds, hogged possession for most of the match. Still St. Martins found a chink in the Lions' shield-like defence, and it was enough to open the scoring ten minutes in.

Following the goal against them, defenders Sam Bramston and Bradley Hicks sealed the back line, effectively closing down the occasional St Martins forward drives.

After the interval keeper Ollie Mulcahy was sent forwards to harry the opposition's defence, his usual role adopted by Toby McGee, who was forced to make two impressive saves. Some crisp passing and intelligent dispersal opened up a string of striking opportunities for the Lions, as well as a wealth of corners, but the equaliser would finally come after a breakaway run by star scorer Matt Kennell.

EB Lions U14 - 2
Bramingham U14 - 5

Lions hadn't played competitively for three weeks and it showed. They gave away an easy goal from a free-kick within the first minute.

Good defensive play by Thiel and great tackling by Taylor kept Bramingham's persistent attack at bay for some time but Lions eventually conceded a second goal. The Bramingham goalie stopped a neat back-heel by Crace and a shot from Storey.

Lions improved in the second half with O'Connell making a couple of menacing attacks. A superb free-kick by Lions' Moriarty set up Crace to score with a header. Bramingham retaliated with a third goal but then conceded a free-kick which Moriarty curled neatly over the wall and into the net. Just when it looked possible for Lions to level the score, Bramingham dashed their hopes by scoring twice more from quick breaks.

Lions MOM was Ross Taylor for a series of fearless challenges.

Source: EB Lions

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