In July 2007, Beds Police launched a campaign called 'Second Generation', to get children, grandchildren,....
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Beware! Bogus callers

Posted on December 1, 2007

This article was published in December 2007. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

In July 2007, Beds Police launched a campaign called 'Second Generation', to get children, grandchildren, carers and neighbours thinking about older people and reminding them about the dangers of burglars and rogue traders. Posters and leaflets were distributed to relevant locations such as GP surgeries, nurseries, post offices, schools and parish councils.

Bedfordshire residents, particularly older and vulnerable people, need to be on their guard after a spate of burglaries in the county. Offenders have been pretending to be from utility companies, e.g. water, gas, electricity and phone, to bluff their way into your homes. They do this by keeping the occupier busy while an accomplice steals cash and valuables. Sometimes they even pose as Police officers.

Beds Police offer the following advice:

  • Use door chains and spy holes.
  • Always ask to see identification before letting someone into your home.
  • Do not keep large amounts of money at home.
  • Keep outside doors and windows locked.
  • Call the Police if you are in doubt about the identity of a caller.

Other nuisance callers include:

  • Cold callers: sales reps who turn up without an appointment and won't leave until you have signed a contract.
  • Rogue traders: unqualified workmen who often do jobs in your home badly and expensively. Victims are usually older people.

Anyone with information about bogus callers can contact Beds Police on 01234 841212, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111. In an emergency dial 999.

Source: Focus, December/January 2008

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