Parents who may be considering applying for places at Ashton Middle School in future years are advised....
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Ashton Middle School

Posted on November 8, 2006

This article was published in November 2006. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Parents who may be considering applying for places at Ashton Middle School in future years are advised that the Governors of the School have revised their definition of practising members of the Church of England.

In future they will require to be assured that those claiming preferential consideration in the admissions procedure have attended public worship on at least one Sunday each calendar month during the twelve months preceding the application. This will apply for admissions in September 2008, for which application has to be made by 1 November 2007. In order to qualify, therefore, parents must be able to show that their qualifying attendance covers each month from November 2006 (i.e. from now).

As in previous years, the local clergy will countersign such applications only when given documentary proof that the Governors' requirements have been satisfied, and anyone who will be making such an application should ask for an attendance card at the church, and ensure that they have it signed by the Vicar or a Churchwarden each time they attend.

I want to make it clear that, because being a practising member of the Church of England confers such a significant advantage in the admissions procedure, I shall decline to sign any application given to me without clear proof that the Governors' conditions have been fulfilled - I cannot reasonably be expected to remember everyone's pattern of church attendance over the space of a year.


Source: Focus, November 2006

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